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Right now I am….


  • The 10 inches of snow we received in Minneapolis this weekend.
  • Watching my neighbors get their snow legs back .(People! Little taps folks. Never rev your tires as you will most   certainly get stuck and need to recruit people to push you out.)
  • The four people I saw biking in the city this morning, including the Skeptic and Spinner. My man obviously enjoys a challenge.
  • My parents, who officially reached full retired parent status today by calling me to give me the road report in Burnsville. They crack me up and I am lucky to have them. 🙂









Decorating and celebrating….

  • Our free range Christmas tree, which looks a cross between A Charlie Brown tree and something you might see in a hundred year old Christmas scene. This tree has soul and I love it!
  • We are using The Truth is in The Tinsel for Advent this year and we really enjoy the simplicity and ease of the projects.
  • We are also trying a Jesse Tree this year. I love the ornaments and the message that come with this PDF.
  • By the time I am on my third kid I should know better than to leave a four year old alone with glitter.










  • Christmas gifts that I wish I could share with you
  • Too many Christmas gifts. Not sure I will make it this year!
  • Baby girl items because I have a brand new beautiful niece who is one week old today!






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And Now…Three

That’s right, my long lost friends, Spinner is three!!


My beautiful, joyful little boy. Full of sunshine, full of smiles. With a really strong punch. Still the baby of the family, although if you say that his reply will be “”No, I big boy!”


As much as he wants to grow up, I’m desperately wanting to hold on to this littleness….


It’s been a beautiful summer. Busy. Hectic. But great nonetheless. We took it easy, no camps, no running all over the city.  We wrapped it up by celebrating Spinner’s birthday, then camping the following weekend. A new school year has started. Third grade for Math Boy, the big kindergarten for Knittykid and Spinner started preschool. This is a whole new era, it seems. With everyone in school now  I can feel things changing. As much as I will be missing the baby years, there are new adventures now. Going out for dinner and actually sitting there with all three kids, talking and laughing is fabulous. Seeing all three boys play together, read together, laugh together (and for the sake of reality, beat the bejeebers out of each other too) just makes me thankful for this amazing crew the Skeptic and I have been blessed with.

Hope your school year (or unschool year) is off to a good start. I’ll be back around the blogs again, and hopefully back here more often. I actually want to do some blogging about blogging. (Have you read this post over at Wise Craft?) And knitting. Sewing, spinning and of course, the boys! So anyway, say hello and let me know who’s still hanging around, I do hope you’re all still here! Plus, you know you want to wish Spinner a happy birthday 😉


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Every fairy should be well fed.

Hope your summer has been beautiful!

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Today’s agenda….

…in no particular order.

wash dishes (again, and again)
throw in laundry (underwear!!)
plant cucumber seeds (yes I know it’s getting late)
clean out fridge to make room for CSA veggies
make a yummy dessert that involves strawberries before they go bad on me
figure out what that ruckus is upstairs
play with friends, including my own
pay a few bills
get boys to try to clean at least enough of their room that I can walk in it
make supper
at least ten minutes of yoga so I can stand up straight
make three appointments
pick up CSA veggies

and I know there is more…..why do my feet hurt again?


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I must remind myself….

My scarf sits waiting to be finished, once again, as I’m stuck spending the evening paying bills and making meal plans for the week because the boys were not asleep until 9:30 tonight. So instead of feeling sorry for myself (which I’ve done the past hour now) I remind myself:

I will miss it when they no longer say “Mama, stay with me….”

I will miss it when Spinner won’t go to sleep because he’s too busy looking for the moon and wanting it to say goodnight to him.

I will miss it when Knittykid no longer follows me from room to room, trying to fall asleep wherever I might be.

I will miss it when Math Boy finally decides he’s too old to fall asleep holding his mama’s hand.

I will miss it when they no longer ask me to read them a book. Although I will not miss it when they all want three different books at the same time and spend half of bedtime fighting about who gets what book and when and who needs to “JUST BE QUIET AND LET MOM READ!!” (push shove push shove scream bite, etc)

I will miss it when I come downstairs late at night and the floor is clean and the dishes have been done and it is quiet, and tidy and a good evening for knitting.

I will miss this crazy, hectic, loud and messy life. And I’ll have plenty of time to knit then…..


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I’m not quite sure how these years went by so fast, but my Math Boy, my not-so-little anymore man turned eight this week.

I feel like this is the year that we’ve truly moved into new territory. I can look at him and start to see a vision of who he might be in five, ten years. I look into those beautiful brown eyes and see real glimpses of who he might become. It’s amazing to be at this point, to see where he might be headed, to watch his interests emerge, to watch him learn and grow in a way that is so different from watching him when he was younger. There is a young man emerging here.


And we love who we see….a little boy who feels things so deeply and imagines so much. A young man who one minute is deep into his Pokemon card collection and the next minute too engrossed in D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths to bother eating dinner. He’s my reader, my thinker, full of fire and ideas and spirit. And he teaches us something every single day.

We love you, my dear! Happy birthday!!



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Look who’s FIVE!!

My Knittykid……

(Modeling his new Balaclava that he had to have even though it is technically Spring. Because we’re all about spies here these days.)

He’s all sweetness and gentleness with the most generous heart I’ve ever seen in such a little kid. The quiet, thoughtful one,who still has his very loud moments, of course!  My little artist who loves to draw, who has also developed a remote control car obsession lately (so guess what he’ll be opening later today?).  My snuggler, who still needs to have at least one arm wrapped around me when he falls asleep.  He amazes me every single day!

Happy birthday Knittykid!!


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Guess who’s two??

My goodness, I’ve been MIA so long WordPress forgot who I was. Sad, so sad. I want to keep this blog a priority but it keeps slipping down to the bottom.

But exciting news makes me post tonight, because we celebrated Spinner’s second birthday this weekend. So shocking that my baby is two, still my baby but such a little boy now.  My spunky little one, the boy who can hold his own with his two big brothers. The boy who doesn’t hold back one little bit, who tells us exactly what he thinks in whatever way he can. The little boy who is all smiles and laughter and love, who adores his mama and won’t let anyone else near her when he wants to be on her lap. My little one, who will happily swing all day long, who loves to stare at the full moon with me before going to bed. Such an amazing little person. He melts my heart every single day.


We had a beautiful birthday. The rest of us have Spring birthdays and are always stuck inside while Minnesota is buried under the spring meltdown. Such a treat to be able to celebrate outside! And such a happy day full of family and friends!

In final randomness:

  • The t-shirt contest is not forgotten. I’ll be going through them this weekend while the Skeptic is at work. Bwaahaha!!!
  • I’m seriously tweaked about Bloglines little announcement. Guess I’ll have to give Google some more control over my life. But I hate Google Reader.
  • I think this post at Shivaya Naturals was well put and sums up exactly how I feel, so I don’t have to write it.
  • I really still knit. And I have stuff to show you, I just need to take pictures. I am however, in recovery from some serious knitting ennui. Impossible, you say, but true!!
  • A nice article about looking towards simplicity.

Thanks for sticking around despite my absence!


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Oh dear. I really wish I was going to show you pictures of my latest handspun. Or maybe the quilt top I am so close to having put together. Or perhaps the cute little knitting kits I have waiting for me in the closet, yarn and patterns all ready to go. (Don’t worry, that will all be appearing again, just not today). Instead,  I am here to talk a about the search for balance. And why I’ll be taking a little break.

This is the problem:


You see here approximately one third of the boys books strewn across the living room floor. And yes, you also see one boy on the bookshelf and one trying to join him. And of course a fight did ensue, as well as much wailing about the picking up of the books. All while I was trying to make supper.

Now, if you take the above example and multiply it by, oh, let’s just say 10 or 20 a day and you can see how I’m feeling just a wee bit overwhelmed these days. Add the fact that the kitchen is ripped up (remodeling, good!), we have to have the whole house cleaned out and ready for re-plastering in a little over a month (last of the tornado repairs) and the fact that Little Man Math Boy is on an elimination diet of no wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts or fish, which leaves me cooking constantly and well, that makes me feeling really overwhelmed.

But wait! It’s not all doom and gloom here. Life is a challenge right now, but I also know that these early, crazy years are but a blip on the radar. The boys will learn to fold their own pants, wash their own hair, find their own shoes and stay asleep once they go to bed. They will learn how to make their own lunches and do the dishes. They will learn how to not break down into a sobbing mess every five minutes when they are tired. I know this is going to get easier. But I also think I that even though life will be busy, and messy and shall I just say… energetic, I don’t think it needs to be as crazy and chaotic as it feels right now.

Here’s why:

Simplicity Parenting

Rhythm of the Home

Zen Habits

Calm and Compassionate Children

(And yes, you should click on all those links. If you don’t have time now, be sure to do it later.)

The basic question is this: what if there were only ten books on that shelf rather than the sixty plus books I picked up?

Now apply that question to every other nook and cranny of my life, and you’ll see where I’m headed.

Because I realized that the stress in my life, the craziness, the lack of time and energy is pretty much caused by the large amount of stuff, stuff and more stuff. I want the focus in this house to be on our family and not trying to trudge through and clean up the stuff that’s all over this house. It’s time for the stuff to get cleaned out.

So I’m taking the next month or so to get started on this new journey of ours. I’m going to follow the ideas lined out in Simplicity Parenting, and use the other links/books as further inspiration. I know I’ll just be  making a dent in what I want to do this month, but the break from the blog will be one less thing for me to worry about as I get started. I’ll try to take lots of photos,  and my plan is to return in late June and do a five week series on what I’ve been working on and some ways that you can do the same in your life. My hope is that as the stuff leaves, we will find more time in our house for each other as well as for the things we really want to be doing, rather than the daily drudgery of wading through the stuff.

In the meantime, take some time to read the above books or visit the sites. Let me know, what do you do to bring more calm into your life? How do you make sure you have time for the people and things that are really important? This isn’t just for frazzled mamas like myself either. I think we all can benefit from looking at life this way.

Wish me luck! I’ll see you in June….


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Not So Little….

Yesterday, Little Man* turned seven. Seven.


It’s amazing to me to even think about that fact that my little guy is seven years old. Happily, he still needs to crawl into my lap at least once a day for some cuddles, and he still asks me for “mama time” when he needs it. But this little boy is growing up. I can start to see the picture of who he might be emerging. As hard as it is to let he baby in him go, it’s so exciting to watch him grow and emerge into this person.

So happy birthday to my little man, my boy. You bring curiosity into our lives. Questions. Ideas. You are full of excitement and energy. You are passionate and full of life. Every day you make us think, and think hard about something or other. You remind us to be sensitive, to be caring, to love. To take the time that little boys need to grow, learn and feel loved. You are patient with us, because you’re our first born and we’re learning right along with you. Happy Birthday!!!

*We’ve decided it’s time for a new nickname, since he’s such a boy now! HIs faves? Cannonball, Math Boy and Mad Scientist. We’ll see what he narrows it down to…


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