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I Have a Secret

So I’ve been keeping a secret from all of you. A big secret. A secret that will explain the sloppy knitting, the lack of knitting, the fewer and fewer blog posts, my inability to even manage to comment on all the blogs I barely can manage to keep up with these days…

“What secret?” you all ask. “What could possibly keep a person from knitting?!”

I’ll give you a hint.

Picture 002

I inherited these vintage patterns from the Skeptic’s great aunt. Got any ideas yet?

Still not sure? Here’s another….

Picture 001

Okay, maybe this one will really clue you in….

13 weeks

Got it now? If you guessed that there will be a new addition to our family, you are right!! 🙂 Exciting news for us,  baby number three is on his/her way!!!

This has been the most brutal first trimester I’ve ever been through. Sick to my stomach 24 hours a day and exhausted (two little boys have helped with that.) Seriously, picking up knitting needles was too much work, they seemed so darn heavy. Plus I pretty much fell asleep with the boys each night and there was no waking me up. The last two weeks I’ve started to feel more like myself and I actually should have some FO’s to show off soon, or at least some WIP’s.

I love the second trimester, it’s the time to get stuff done and have some energy to do it. Of course, my list is laughable, it’s so long, and I know completely impossible. But dreaming about baby knitting? So gratifying!



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Birthday Contest Time!!

Thanks so much for all the excellent nickname ideas and birthday wishes for my little guy. I’m still pondering which is my favorite, but I should have Knittybaby’s new big boy name for you all very soon.

It’s finally time to get the birthday month contest going. All four of us have birthdays in a four week period, so it’s time to celebrate!

This contest will be a pretty simple one, but I think fun for everyone. This winter hasn’t given me much time for keeping up with my own blog, let alone everyone’s great blogs and all the wonderful knitting sites out there. I haven’t even been back over to Ravelry in a month, eeek! I’m feeling a bit out of the loop right now.

Here’s where you come in. All you have to do is give me the link to the best knitting, spinning, or sewing thing you’ve seen online so far this year. It can be a pattern, article, great new blog, just link me up with something fabulous!

The basic rules:

1. Post your entry in the comment section for this contest post.

2. Be sure to include the link to whatever great site, pattern, or article you’ve found so far in 2008.

3. Get your entry in by April 15th. I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner.
The prizes now, of course!!!

You will have your choice of either a mini project bag (perfect for socks) or needle roll, custom made with your favorite colors. I’ve got a couple of examples below for you to see, but you’ll get to pick your favorite colors and style.

little bags
Needle roll open

That’s it!! Pretty simple, huh? I hope you all enjoy seeing all the great links, I know I will!


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Happy Birthday Knittybaby!!

Are you all ready for this? My baby turns two, yes TWO today!!!

Picture 008

I’m constantly amazed lately that this tiny little boy is now really, truly a little boy. A little boy who can climb, jump, wrestle, dance, talk, sing, color, and even sass his mama or give his big brother a smack. He is an amazing blessing, and is truly the most joyful, happy little person to be around.

Messed Up Wheel

I love this age, despite the “It’s mine!” and the “I want that!” that I hear twenty times a day, there is something very special about this transition to two. It’s that absolute cuteness in everything they say, or try to say; that realization that they can really communicate with you, even when you can’t always figure out what they are saying. (“Cresens, cresens, I want cresens!!!!” Lord, I wish I knew what that meant.) The things they say are so, so funny and so incredibly sweet. I wish I could hold on to these first sentences forever.

This birthday of course, this little baby turning into a little boy right before my eyes, brings into question the longevity of his nickname. When he was born he was this tiny little guy who would of course, be a baby forever, right? If I was Knittymama, well, he should be Knittybaby, it just fit. But now I’m wondering how much longer until it’s time to move him up to a more “big boy” nickname, but I just can’t think of one that seems to fit him perfectly. Any ideas?

This birthday also opens up contest time here at Knittymama. We’ve got four birthdays coming up in the next four weeks, so it’s time to celebrate!!! I’ll announce the contest on Monday sometime. I’ll also have another big surprise coming midweek.

For everyone that is celebrating Easter this weekend, I hope it is a blessed and happy one for you and that it truly feels like spring. Personally, I’m just hoping that we’re not going to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday in 6 inches of snow. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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When it’s clean,

Picture 011

and sunny,

my workroom is my favorite place…

Picture 012

It’ cozy, has a great view,

Picture 015

and places for my favorite little people to come inside and do their own projects.

Picture 018

Picture 017

Sometimes, they get their projects mixed up with mine.

Picture 006

But it all seems to work out in the end.

Miss Babs merino/silk

It took me a long time to get this place back into a somewhat manageable space. After Christmas it was such a mess I could barely stand to go in there. But spring is my favorite time of year to get things organized and put together, and as of today, it still looks pretty tidy and workable up there.

Weekends are always an interesting blend of the boys coming up and down all afternoon. The Skeptic has his shop in the basement and I’m on the second floor. I’d love for us to have work spaces together, but wood and electronics just don’t mix well with fiber and fabric.

The boys pop in and out all day. Sometimes the Skeptic takes them out for awhile so I can work in peace, sometimes I take them out for awhile so he can work in peace. In the end everyone gets some family time together and some Mommy or Daddy time alone. And it’s funny, as much as I love my quiet time, I also love hearing the car door slam, looking out the window and seeing the boys trot up to the back door with Dad.

I feel so lucky to have a space like this right now. On a gloomy, busy Tuesday it’s a nice thought to look forward too, especially now that I know there will be more days to open up the windows, sit in the sun and work.


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Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the loss of my grandfather. I really appreciate every single one of them very, very much. It really does help to read all of them.

It’s been a long week, but I’m ready for what promises to be a lovely, sunny weekend. Hopefully I’ll get some spinning done tonight, and I’ll have plenty of pictures to show you soon. Hopefully spring is showing itself in your neighborhood too!


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In Memory…

…of my very much loved Grandfather, who passed away this Wednesday, March 5th, 2008.

How to write, what to write, if to write…but it seems impossible to not write. Just as much as this blog is a record of all the happy blessings in my life it is also a record of the things that can be so difficult to deal with. And as hard as this is, my Grandfather was very much, and will always be,  a happy blessing in my life.

But as much as I love to write,  the words don’t come as easily in a time like this.  What do you say when you lose someone who was so full of love, and fun, and happiness all of the time? Who always gladly had every minute for you? Who every single time he saw you,  welcomed you with a smile and a hug and made sure you knew you were loved?

On Wednesday night, I looked for words for comfort, some words that would resonate with what I was feeling, something that might help me make sense of how hard it is to lose someone who is so important to you, but someone who was also very ill and ready to go.  I turned to Mark Doty, my favorite author and poet, and I found it in his book Atlantis, “Nocture in Black and Gold.” I’ll leave you with the final lines of this poem, with the words that spoke to me that night:

Doesn't everything rush
	to be something else?
		Won't it be like this,

where you're going: shore and bay,
	harbor and heaven one continuum
		sans coast or margins?

No one's here,
	or hardly anyone, and how strangely
		free and fine it is

to be laved and extended, furthered
	in darkness, while shadows
		give way to other shadows,

and the bay murmurs 
	its claim: You're a rippling,
		that quick, and you long to be

loose as air again, unfettered
	freshness, atmosphere
		and aria, an aspect of fog,

manifest, and then dissolving,
	which you could regret
		no more than fog.

A brave candling theory
	I'm making for you,
		little lamplight, believe,

and ripple out free
	as shimmer is. Go.
		Don't go. Go.


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Spinning Friday

The flu has been officially kicked out of our house, thank goodness. The Skeptic got a little sick and the boys were amazingly flu-free. So I can actually bring you a real post today!

I present to you my Loop batt, all spun up and ready to go. Earth Goddess is the colorway.

Loop and the boys


I really struggle with getting a good picture taken while the boys are around. Knittybaby dumped a bag of chips all over the carpet while this second one was being taken. Not helpful when you’re trying to take an in-focus picture without the flash.

I’m pretty happy with how this yarn turned out. It’s about a heavy worsted for the most part, with the occasional thick spot. But better consistency than I’ve had before and the batt was fun to spin.

Tomorrow is March first, which starts a fun but busy two months for us. All  four of us will have our birthdays to celebrate, which means it will be contest time soon, so keep your eyes open!

Enjoy a wonderful weekend everyone. I’m getting in the mood for spring, so I’m looking forward to some warms temps here in Minnesota. Martha’s gardening issue has me inspired….


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