I must remind myself….

My scarf sits waiting to be finished, once again, as I’m stuck spending the evening paying bills and making meal plans for the week because the boys were not asleep until 9:30 tonight. So instead of feeling sorry for myself (which I’ve done the past hour now) I remind myself:

I will miss it when they no longer say “Mama, stay with me….”

I will miss it when Spinner won’t go to sleep because he’s too busy looking for the moon and wanting it to say goodnight to him.

I will miss it when Knittykid no longer follows me from room to room, trying to fall asleep wherever I might be.

I will miss it when Math Boy finally decides he’s too old to fall asleep holding his mama’s hand.

I will miss it when they no longer ask me to read them a book. Although I will not miss it when they all want three different books at the same time and spend half of bedtime fighting about who gets what book and when and who needs to “JUST BE QUIET AND LET MOM READ!!” (push shove push shove scream bite, etc)

I will miss it when I come downstairs late at night and the floor is clean and the dishes have been done and it is quiet, and tidy and a good evening for knitting.

I will miss this crazy, hectic, loud and messy life. And I’ll have plenty of time to knit then…..



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6 responses to “I must remind myself….

  1. Ah, but when they become readers, you get “the quoting.” You know, “. . . when you bring your dragon home for the first time, yadda, yadda, yadda.” I just broke the first three from this habit!

    In fact, my oldest daughter reminded me that I declared the car a “no quoting zone” at one time. Mean of me, I know, but that’s how we manage to listen to books on tape in the car.

  2. I know what you mean! I keep feeling like the time is going too fast. I need to quit fretting about outcomes and how things are going and trust the process more.

  3. Guinifer

    By the way, it doesn’t mean you are wrong for yearning for that moment to yourself. Just saying.

  4. Now that pao is quite unwell and unable to do quite a few things, I really appreciate the time I just had to sit and knit for fun. The house looks like a bomb hit it at the moment and the plants in the garden are dying from neglect but I don’t begrudge him it (most of the time!)

  5. I must remind myself, too…:)

  6. Whoever edits and pubslihes these articles really knows what they’re doing.

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