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And I’m Off

I began the Tour de Fleece with a rolling start this weekend.

A little spindle spinning in the backyard on the 4th:


I’m not smitten with this fiber. It reminds me of trying to get a really bad knot out of my hair. I’m not sure what’s up. I’ve tried spinning from both ends of the roving and it doesn’t make a difference. I picked this up a few years ago, and the other fiber I’ve gotten from this seller has been lovely. This fiber is a bit coarse, long staple length but then has all this short stuff mixed in. Not enjoyable so far, but the color is pretty.

I took my wheel for a ride and went to my spinning group at the Fiber Studio. (Psst, Pam’s having a sale!!)I thought taking my wheel for a bike ride was a fitting way to start the tour.

While I was there, I finished up this blue, sparkley fluff that I picked up at Ewetopia. Going by my plan to try different techniques, this was meant to be a singles yarn. But as you can tell by that pile of spaghetti it’s a little, shall we say… energized. I may have to find something else to ply it with but I’m not sure what. Plus, despite the absolutely gorgeous color (I wish my photo was better) it is a pretty coarse yarn. Not good for the neck or head. So I’ve got to think about this one.

Lastly, I finished up the mix of Spinner’s Web Promethean and Punta that I plied together. I’m so, so in love with this yarn. It will be a sweater for Spinner for his birthday, not sure on the pattern yet. I’m open for suggestions! I have two big skeins of this yarn and for the first time I spun what I had planned on, with a project in mind. It’s a worsted weight.

Both of the above skeins are soaking and drying right now. I’m quite on track with my Tour goal of spin as much as I can, with as many techniques as I can. Oh, and take notes!



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Happy 4th of July!!!







Glitter, stars, dotters…you can’t go wrong. Although the boys were distracted by a butterfly outside, so I was left to finish up on my own. Still fun though, and I love the fact that Little Man woke up today telling everyone “Happy 4th of July!!!” Today I’ll make my last rhubarb pie of the summer, grill out and we’ll head to Powderhorn Park for the best little fireworks show in Minneapolis!

The Tour de Fleece also starts today.


Who’s in??? I found a site to live stream it on, so I’ll even be able to watch.I signed up at the last minute this morning, so I’ve got to think of some goals. I’m thinking it’s to spin massive amounts of fleece in as many techniques as I can.


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