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All Is Well

Our family wishes you all a blessed Christmas and joyful New Year!


See you all in 2008!



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The best plans, but…..

The workshop was in full force last night. The saws in the basement were buzzing and the sewing machine was humming. Carols were playing and we were on schedule.

Then Knittybaby woke up. And puked. And puked some more. And kept on puking. TheĀ  little guy is sitting on my lap right now, probably getting ready to puke. I’m really not sure which is worse, seeing my poor baby so sick and confused, (because really, how scary must it be to puke when you’re that little?) or, cleaning him and everything up after each time he gets sick. OK, seeing him sick is the worst but the mess is a close second.

Keep your fingers crossed that this passes quickly and that the rest of us don’t get it too. The word around Minneapolis is that this one lasts for days. Christmas is so close. I can handle a slight change of plans, a gift or two that isn’t finished, but puking? On Christmas? Uh-uh.

Sorry for the incredible lack of handmade goodness on this blog lately. I promise, a major show and tell really is coming!


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A Word of Caution

If you ever feel that your 4 year old has been watching too much TV, and you decide to do something about it, whatever you do, don’t hide the antenna in your yarn stash. The results won’t be pretty and will put you two nights behind on your gift making schedule.

I’m sparing you pictures because the results were too grisly. While no yarn was permanently injured, major yarn abuse did take place.

And before you think I’m totally crazy, I did close the door to the room before I hid the antenna. It just never dawned on me that he knew he can peek through the keyhole to see where I hid it.

Not much of an update rigth now as everything I’m making is a gift; I’m going to have to wait until after Christmas to show off everything. But, I do have my mom’s tam blocking so I can show that off once it’s dry. Pictures soon!


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My Brain is Full

Apparently I can only remember important things at two in the morning. Things like making dentist appointments, setting up schools tours for kindergarten, renewing library books, ordering special Christmas presents and thanking people for wonderful gifts are tasks that slip from my mind as soon as I get going in the morning. They stay gone until some small person kicks me in their sleep and I wake up and proceed to lay in bed worrying about all the things I keep forgetting to do.

So here I am, finally remembering and embarrassed at how late I am with this post!

I was lucky enough to win a contest this fall over at Tales from a Self Taught Knitter. Alisha sent me some absolutely wonderful stitch markers. I put them up high because Little Man had his eye on them and was ready to claim them as his, and then I kept forgetting to take the picture since they were out of eyesight. I even spaced out when I first won and messed up my e-mail with my address…you know, when you type up an e-mail and then hit something other than “send?” Yeah, my brain is really that full. Or maybe it’s really just because I never get to finish anything up because I’m interrupted with someone eating crayons or chasing the cat or…..well, you know.

Anyway, I now get to show off these adorable little creatures, destined for my next project. I love the kitties and I love how smooth the rings are. No catching here! Alisha, these are so awesome and I am totally hanging my head for taking two weeks to post this. Thank you so very much, you are an absolute sweetheart!!

Now off to bed I go. What will I remember at 2am tonight?


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No Coast Craft-O-Rama Highlights

Well, I managed to make it through all of No Coast, although it took me two days and two visits to do so. As usual, there was an amazing group of crafters there this year. I’m on a serious budget this month so I didn’t buy too much, but I make note of quite a few favorites that I will be shopping from later. Here is a handful to help you out with your holiday shopping!

Lemonade Bags: Okay, I admit I’m totally biased on this on as the seller is my dear friend Annik. But, she is also incredibly talented and I’ve actually hinted to the Skeptic many times that I really want one of her totes for Christmas. They are a great all purpose bag but they also would make an exceptionally good knitting bag as they have extra pockets on the inside and are much sturdier than most of the bags I’ve seen around. Plus her designs are adorable. (Annik’s also started blogging, so be sure to check in and give her a hello!)

Rectangle: Screenprinted clothing, but with more original cuts than I’ve seen around. No plain old t-shirts here! This is one seller I’m going to have to save up for. Gorgeous scarves.

Tillylula: Adorable fabric and paper earrings. I actually wanted to buy a pair and I forgot to go back, and I could kick myself for it.

Cosmo’s Collars: Cutest dog collars ever.

Biggs and Featherbelle: Lovely soaps and body products.

Green Apple Yarn: Lovely handspun. Her Etsy shop is empty right now but I’d guess she’ll have it back up now that Craftorama is over.

Aisha Celia Designs: More handspun, plus hand dyed yarns. She also had some great dye it yourself kits for sale. I bought from her last year and she really has some high quality stuff. Her hand dyed merino was amazing.

Harrilu: Oh, how I loved Harrilu. I need a shirt for both myself and the boys, and I had to really control myself to not break out the credit card for these.

Pumpkin Girl Cards: So cute. Can’t say what I bought since they are gifts, but all her stuff was just the cutest. She has lots more than cards.

Sinister Bags: I got one of these last year as a gift and it is still one of my favorite bags ever. I get compliments every time use it.

Wild Oats Diaperz: Another local mom I know; if you’re into cloth diapering this is a site for you. I bought the cutest robot diaper for Knittybaby and some boxers for Little Man. She’s also got baby shoes and some costumes.

I could seriously go on all night, but I’d better stop there. If you want more ideas go to the No Coast Craft-o-rama site and check out their list of vendors.

In the meantime, I’ll be gearing up for the Handmaiden’s Craftsmas Indie art and Craft show on the 9th in Minneapolis. Lots more good stuff!!!

Lastly, if you’re in town and you’re looking for something to do with the family, stop by the Textile Center on Sunday (the 2nd) from 12-4. It’s family day and I’ll be heading up the pre-school activity. Parents get to shop in the gallery while the kiddos make something fibery. Hope to see you there!


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