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Two FO’s!!

Well, I was up until one last night, but I maganed to complete two items yesterday:

First one was the lace ribbon scarf from The Little Box of Scarves. It turned out a bit short, but hey, the color is beautiful even if my cast on is, as usual, too tight, which causes the scarf ot roll in on itself a bit. But not enough to do it over…I”m happy.

Next was the baby hat for my SIL’s baby shower. Once I got used to the cotton, I actually enjoyed knitting with it and it turned out fairly even, except for where I joined it in the round. Somehow I ended up with an extra big loop which I patched up when I sewed in the tail. Rather than making the I-cord (since it was already 12:30) I crocheted the cotton along with some leftover ribbon from my scarf and tied that around the head; quick and cute! (and done) Now the only other “finishing” I have to do is go back and remove all the black hairs from my cat Arthur, who (despite being poked in the back quite often w/ my double points) insists on sitting on my lap as I knit. Usually no problem, but for some reason the 1824 cotton is a cat-hair magnet, so I need to de-cat it before wrapping. Maybe this is how eyelash yarn was invented?

Big goal tonight: finish one more baby sock (which I started about 8 rows of ribbing last night) and wrap up all these little chocolate favors for the shower tomorrow. I doubt we’ll get to MIL’s until 9 tonight, so it will be another late night for me…


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Pictures soon!

I picked up a camera last night. No, not a real digital one yet, just a disposable for now, but at least it will get me started until we decide what kind of brand to get. Anyone have a preference? Our big hang up is that since we have a toddler, the trouble w/ most digitals is that you have that little pause before you take a shot. Which means that we miss a lot of good shots. Now, some have the “burst shot” which sounds like that problem is eliminated a bit, but we still need to do some looking around before we buy.

I still didn’t get done with the hat for SIL’s baby shower this weekend, and I still have one sock to go. I was down to about ten more rows when LIttle Man woke up. He seems to know when I’m just about done knitting for the night, and then wakes up ten minutes before I’m done – and Daddy just won’t do. So off to bed I went. So for the hat, maybe tonight!

I saw the Color by Color scarf at one of my fave yarn shops last night, wow, was it beautiful! It was also gratifying to see that I am on the right track with the first ten sections. The fair isle section is a bit intimidating, so it was good to be able to see it all put together. The scarf was’t as big as I thought it would be. They were pretty busy, so I didn’t ge the chance ot ask about guage or needle size (which has been a big problem for a lot of knitters with this scarf). I ended up knitting it on 6’s. I’ll be interested to see how it compares.

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oh so slow…..

Okay, so this blog is getting started at an incredibly slow pace. I got my name up, right? Listed a few projects, and then……I’m asking myself how a working mama of a toddler who can barely find time to knit can also find time for a blog, but, I see all the beautiful pictures of everyone’s work and think, I want to share!!!! I want a stash list! I want those little ___ % complete signs! So we’ll se how long it takes me to get to that point.

Main problem and hold up number one is, NO DIGITAL CAMERA! This is a major debatable point in our house right now. I had a cheapo35mm, that my little man took over for himself (it took crappy pictures anyway). Then DH has a So Fancy I Can Barely Work It 35mm, that has a mysterious aliment that prevents us from taking any pictures. My point, let’s just get a digital camera! His point, like with any new technology, is that he is sure that as soon as we buy one, some sort of new model camera will come out that is way better than ours, and we’ll be stuck with thie old one. He insists if we just wait a little longer…..Personally, I’m ready to go buy one tomorrow, but we’ve got to compromise sometimes, right:-) I give it about another month. In the meantime, if going to pick up one of those little disposable/digital print cameras so I can show off my work. So soon, folks, pics will be up soon!

WIP: I’ve been sidelined by a baby shower. So add some tiny baby socks and the Cotton Hat from “Last minute Knitted Gifts” to my line-up. This should be a quick project, right? Well, the fist sock turned out too big and in a color combination that I know my SIL would not like. So I started again and got one more sock in green and white finished. I took a break and moved on to the hat, in 1824 cotton, off white. I have had to recast on about FIVE TIMES already. I just can not get used to this yarn. It’s so soft but I’m finding it very uncooperative and my stiches are very uneven.

So, I was frustrated and cast on the lacy scarf from “The little Box of Scarves” in a beautiful lavendar ribbon from Knit one Crochet One along with Crystal Palace kid merino in white. I got halfway done last night and would have stayed up tp finish, but Little Man woke up and needed some mama time, so to bed I went. Such is the life of a knitting mama! 🙂

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