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In Memorium

Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have my camera. Because it would break your heart to see what these darlings look like now:


Going by my newfound yarn knowledge from Ms. Parks as well as my spinning studies, I chose the wrong yarn for the project.

They were knit from a loosly spun, woolen spun, two-ply shetland. A lovely yarn for a tam or a sweater. Not a yarn to hold up to keys, car seats, door handles and kids. I tried to darn, but where I closed up one hole another emerged. I counted seven at last count, and the tip of the right mitten has all but disappeared.

Although I want to replace the pair, I need mittens fast. It’s still freezing here in Minnesota (although today was much better) and I don’t have the time for another fair isle project.

The replacement?

EZ mitered mittens from Knitters Almanac, in some very sturdy blue Peace Fleece. Let’s see what that car seat strap does to these babies.



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