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I have decided…

I will not be knitting any more Baby Surprise Jackets in fingering weight yarn. I don’t care how cute they are, babies grow too darn fast. Luckily however, he’s got lots of room left in his longies!!

Our tiny guy hit four weeks yesterday, which I can hardly believe. As all newborns do, he’s growing and changing so incredibly fast. He’s more solid now, that newborn floppiness is starting to go away and he’s turning into a sturdy little baby.

So four weeks, it’s time for a blog name for our new baby boy. I’ve struggled with this one, as I’m not the most creative in the nickname department. But his birth made me think of one. A couple of hours before he was born, he did this crazy twisty/spinning thing as he moved down the birth canal. (I’m still amazed at how aware I was during his birth!) This made me think of Spinning Babies, a web site run by a wonderful local midwife.  So, hmmmmm….spinning babies, a spinning mama….let’s call him Spinner! So Spinner it will be!!!



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