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Popping in to say….

Have you seen THIS???

Oh my, Brooklyn Tweed…nothing makes me want to lock myself in a room full of wool quite like you. And now I am officially done with summer. The heat, the humidity and now the temptation of a wool cardigan makes me wish for fall now.

I’m hoping to be back soon with something, anything. I have been getting things made but my lack of camera batteries that last longer than a minute, or say… having a free minute to take a photo seems beyond me these days. Let’s just say summer is fun but busy, and I’m ridding myself of blog guilt and will surely be feeling it more come the cooler weather.

In the meantime, what are you making this summer?


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Today’s agenda….

…in no particular order.

wash dishes (again, and again)
throw in laundry (underwear!!)
plant cucumber seeds (yes I know it’s getting late)
clean out fridge to make room for CSA veggies
make a yummy dessert that involves strawberries before they go bad on me
figure out what that ruckus is upstairs
play with friends, including my own
pay a few bills
get boys to try to clean at least enough of their room that I can walk in it
make supper
at least ten minutes of yoga so I can stand up straight
make three appointments
pick up CSA veggies

and I know there is more…..why do my feet hurt again?


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