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No motivation

Just a quick pop in to say I’m still around. Thanks for all the words of support about my crazy week. The Skeptic is back and thankfully taking no more road trips for work. We are back to normal every day craziness now, thankfully!

However,  my blogging motivation has been stripped down to zero this past week or so. I’ve got a ton of soakers knit, but no photos to show. Maybe later in the week I’ll get the energy up to take a few pictures and get some knitting on this blog. In the meantime I’m stressing about getting curtains made, but humidity and I don’t mix well, especially while I’m pregnant, so we’ll see what comes of it.



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I agreed to what??

“Sure honey, go ahead and go out on the road for a week. We could use the extra money and I know how much you love to work washed up rock and roll shows at county fairs. I can survive seven days with the boys, we’ve done it before.”

All I could think of for seven days was “I f$%#ing agreed to what??””” If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m pregnant right now and therefore not drinking, I would have thought that I must have been drunk to say yes.

The Skeptic is back now. Here’s the short list of what happened in our week:

-exploding plumbing under the sink

-two year molars + possible weird ear infection resulting in fever and massive screaming three nights in a row, plus intensive clinginess all week long

-the death (AGAIN, how many freaking times can I have this happen?) of my computer

-massive temps and humidity but me with no air conditioning (we couldn’t find the foam inserts that keep the bats out, I thought bats in the house would be extra, extra bad, so I said don’t put them in the windows yet)

-general bedtime mayhem plus pregnancy hormones that left Knittykid saying “Are you okay Mommy?” as Little Man hid under his blankets

-cat diarrhea

I’ll stop there, but you get the drift. There were fun moments, I managed to get both boys and both dogs down to my parents for the weekend, which helped a great deal. And somehow things managed to settle down by Thursday (maybe I was the five hours of TV I gave into for Little Man). By the time the Skeptic got home I was actually somewhat cheerful and in a good mood again. Which he was happy about, since the last time he called me I told him “If someone came over and broke both of my legs right now it would be a relief.”

Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad. But to my Skeptic: Let’s keep the shows local for the rest of the summer, okay?


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Lesson #1: Say Yes.

I think as parents, one of the most difficult challenges is to be able to let our children go to be able to be free thinkers, lifelong learners, creative people.  It’s so easy to want to stick to our own vision, the vision that means a clean house and kids who quietly play something, well…easy to clean up and non eventful so we can just make dinner in peace.

So when Little Man came to us desperate to do some sort of experiment with pipe cleaners and a bucket of bubbles, we both argued with him for ten minutes as to why he couldn’t: “too close to supper, how on earth will that work, too messy, I’m trying to cook, etc.” But’s he’s stubborn, and he was quite certain that this would be the best thing ever and we realized it was easier to just give him a little bucket of bubbles and let him go to it.

And you know what? He totally showed us because it DID work, it was lovely and he and Knittykid sat outside happy as can be for the next 15 minutes. Say Yes.

Lesson #2: It still will be messy

Of course, when they were done, no one sweetly carried the bucket up to us and asked us to pour the leftover bubbles back into the container. Nope, not at all. They poured it on their heads.

5.30 011

5.30 005

I wish I had gotten to the camera in time to get a picture of the bubbles before they went on their heads. You can see Little Man’s pipe cleaner creation. He dipped it in the bucket, held it up into the wind, and they got huge, gorgeous bubbles that set Knittykid into a fit of delight.

5.30 008

Messy? Yup?

Was dinner late? Yup.

Totally worth it anyway? Yup. And we didn’t even have to do shampoos that night.

Thanks Little Man!


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Stupid birds, stupid sun.

Despite the fact that I made heavy felted curtains to block out nearly all bits and pieces of light, Knittykid is still choosing to get up before 5am every day. The time of choice today? 4:30am. Just needed to share the agony a bit here.

Other than that, Have a Happy 4th my American friends!!!!!


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