And Now…Three

That’s right, my long lost friends, Spinner is three!!


My beautiful, joyful little boy. Full of sunshine, full of smiles. With a really strong punch. Still the baby of the family, although if you say that his reply will be “”No, I big boy!”


As much as he wants to grow up, I’m desperately wanting to hold on to this littleness….


It’s been a beautiful summer. Busy. Hectic. But great nonetheless. We took it easy, no camps, no running all over the city.  We wrapped it up by celebrating Spinner’s birthday, then camping the following weekend. A new school year has started. Third grade for Math Boy, the big kindergarten for Knittykid and Spinner started preschool. This is a whole new era, it seems. With everyone in school now  I can feel things changing. As much as I will be missing the baby years, there are new adventures now. Going out for dinner and actually sitting there with all three kids, talking and laughing is fabulous. Seeing all three boys play together, read together, laugh together (and for the sake of reality, beat the bejeebers out of each other too) just makes me thankful for this amazing crew the Skeptic and I have been blessed with.

Hope your school year (or unschool year) is off to a good start. I’ll be back around the blogs again, and hopefully back here more often. I actually want to do some blogging about blogging. (Have you read this post over at Wise Craft?) And knitting. Sewing, spinning and of course, the boys! So anyway, say hello and let me know who’s still hanging around, I do hope you’re all still here! Plus, you know you want to wish Spinner a happy birthday 😉



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6 responses to “And Now…Three

  1. You know, I wasn’t going to go out on the blogs tonight but then I found this!

    Happy Birthday Spinner!

  2. Happy Birthday Spinner! Hope you had a great day 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, Spinner!

    Much as I feel nostalgic for baby days, you’re quite right – all being able to go out for meals and laugh together is wonderful 🙂

  4. Guinifer

    Wow – has it been three years already? I can tell you one of the biggest battles of my life has been with my husband! It seems he can’t wait to move onto the next stage – always. I tell him all the time he will be so sorry that he was in such a hurry to keep moving them on to the next stage!

  5. Happy Birthday, Spinner.

    Our little girl doesn’t like to be called a baby any more either…time goes by too quickly.

  6. Happy Birthday, Spinner! What a cute little guy he is!

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