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Three Years

And three years go by quickly. Three years since I had so much that I couldn’t even think to write a word or post a picture. Three years and yet as I look at my writing so much is still exactly the same.

Three years as I sit here with word suddenly coming back to me and wondering if I want to start to write again. Perhaps a different direction. Families, faith and hope all come to the front of my mind as I write. Knitting and sewing? Still here yet still, not so much.

I’ve got dinner to make (there is always dinner to make!!). But in the meantime, I wish you all many blessings this Christmas and New Years!


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A year goes by quickly.

I honestly didn’t mean to just abandon this blog. A month or two maybe, but things got busy, very busy and this just was left, forgotten. Which makes me sad. At one point I had a large community on online friends here, and I really enjoyed that connection. I enjoyed getting to know you all and I enjoyed the opportunity to share my voice. For awhile I didn’t miss that, but now……might be time to return.

What have I been so busy doing? Well, not much knitting or sewing, that’s for sure, for various reasons. But what have I been up to then?

Working on my health. This mama hit a hard, hard wall and realized that I needed to grab my oxygen mask or we were going to implode. Accupuncture, kettlebells, walking, playing, sticking to a paleo/ancestral foods diet, meditation and prayer have all become a part of my routine. And sleep, lovely sleep. I had pushing that off much too long.

So here I sit, a year later. I have learned so much and I still have so much to learn. And I think I’d like to share that. What this blog will become it’s hard to say. There will still be knitting and sewing with the adventures of raising three boys, but I feel that there is so much more to me now that I can’t just stick with that. So we’ll see where this goes.

I do hope that at least a few of you kept me in your feed reader. If so, say hello and let me know you’re still around! You can also find me on Instagram as Knittymama1. I have been having fun over there!

In the meantime, enjoy this little peek at my 40th birthday gift to myself. Maybe I’ll post a full pick when I get the pizza stain of the other side….;-)



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Yarn Along


Reading: A Personal Look at Autism and Asperger’s by Temple Grandin  What a wise woman she is; absolutely amazing!

Knitting: Fractured Light (hat)

Enjoying: Spring has finally come to MN!!!

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Guess where I turned up?

I’m very excited about this one folks, and it was hard to not share pictures in progress.


 I took on the designed challenge in the latest issue of Fat Quarterly



Here you see my modern take on the traditional block, “Star of the West” also known as Clay’s Choice. So take a look at Issue 13 for the directions to this block as well as many more beautiful projects to make!


I’ve had so much fun playing with all these squares and triangles, that I have plans to put together some more blocks, so stay tuned. My goal is to post a new one every two weeks or so. 



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geek craftiness

Really now…..has there ever been a better quilt-along than this?




Annik asked me if I was interested in joining. Asking was not even needed. Paper piecing and Dr. Who? Personally I think that is a brilliant conversation.  By the way, be sure the check out the scrap mania she had going on right now…)


And have you seen this quilt of David Tennant? Amazing!!!


Now we just need something for knitters. How about this shawl? Some Tardis Socks? Maybe a Dalek to keep your head warm? Do you have a favorite Doctor Who pattern?

Now, to just get those boys to sleep early tonight to I can catch up on the new season. Happy knitting/quilting. Can’t wait to show off my first paper pieced block!


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Oh, Minnesota.

Bedtime, April 18, 2013


Reading to Mama

Maybe some knitting









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Yarn Along

It’s finished!! After weeks (seriously) of casting off I dont’ know how many stitches, my Kleio is finally done. Now I just need to find a place to block it so I can show it off.


You all know how I love food books. My latest favorite is The Perfect Health Diet. Usually I am skeptical of anything food thing that says “perfect” but I have to admit these two scientists have done an amazing amount of research. I’d put this at the top of your list if you have any chronic ailments.


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