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A Little Something for Me

I haven’t just been knitting for baby. On the way to the wedding a couple of weeks ago, I finished this:

scribble scarf

It’s the Mason-Dixon Scribble Scarf, and I have to say it’s a nice quick knit, especially when you want something cute to go with the plain old black maternity dress you just had to buy.

scribble scarf

Sorry for the lack of real life modeling shots. It did look cute with the dress. As you can see, it’s shorter than a scarf, I guess it’s more of a stole. I just kept knitting on the drive down and cast off when we got to the hotel. The yarn is Crystal Palace laceweight mohair and some sort of rayon novelty yarn from Knit One Crochet Two. As usual, the labels are lost.

I’ll be back with more soakers in a couple of days. I also purchased a diaper pattern, so we’ll see what I manage to sew up.

To be honest, I’m amazed I can manage to read and understand a pattern these days. I can’t believe what major baby brain I have this time. The other day I actually melted our camera. Lucky for me it still works, especially after all that work the Skeptic put into fixing it the last time I broke it. Little Man had swiped it, and I took it and hid it in what brilliant place? The top of our toaster over. Then I heated up some rolls in it for ten minutes. Yeah, I’m totally on top of things!



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Chicago was fun, but wore me out! I did make it to Loopy Yarns and Nina and had a nice visit at both shops. I picked up some BFL Fleece Artist to make some longies for Knittykid and a skein of Malabrigo silk and merino to make a cowl for myself.

I promised more FO’s to show off, and I’ve got a heap of soakers that I’ve finished up.

The first two are all the Curly Purly pattern. I like this pattern for babies who are not on their toes yet. It relies on just ribbing to keep them up, so once you have a toddler they may fall down. But for newborns, you couldn’t have an easier pattern!

This first one is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes.

Curly Purly Orange

This next one is Blackberry Ridge Kaleidoscope in Firecracker.  So nice and soft!

Curly Purly browns

The next one isn’t finished but the trim is in what I think is a Cascade wool/llama blend (very soft) and the dark brown is a Classic Elite tweed.
Curly Purly brown soaker

Lastly, this one is a small size using the Little Turtle Knits  Undersoaker pattern. See that bulge under the waistband? Yup, I messed up the elastic and have to go back and fix it. Bummer. But the yarn is to die for! It was dyed by Lia over at Fruity Sheep and is a super soft Peruvian. Very nice!

LTK teal soaker

Believe it or not, I’ve got more FO’s but I promised myself I’d kick myself off the computer by 10:00. Don’t want to overwhelm you all anyway!


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Just to prove I’m still here…

Wow, the last two weeks have been a whirlwind! I actually have a ton of FO’s to show you, but not any time to post them all. Here’s a little sneak of the BSJ:

5.30 024

Any button suggestions?

5.30 028

A colorway closeup. It’s the Knitpicks fingering dyed by me with onion skin and tumeric.

I’m off to Chicago this weekend for a conference. A trip like this always gives me mixed feelings. It’s three nights by myself in a swanky hotel without the boys. Just like Toronto, I’m sure I’ll love it the first night and be ready to come home already the second.

Any Chicago travel suggestions for me? The conference is out by O’Hare, but I guess there is a train station close by. Remember, you’re talking to a 27 week pregnant lady who has to rely on public transport and hasn’t been to Chicago since she was 18. I’m looking for good yarn, good food, easy to get to!


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That list…

Yeah, I’m still not to #5. I did get to bed though….

It’s been a week of absolute craziness and extreme pregnancy aches and pains, but I’m happy to report that this music teacher is DONE for the summer. Detailed pictorial update as soon as I get through this crazy weekend!


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Friday night to-do list

1. Seam up BSJ

2. Block the bonnet

3. Add elastic to soaker #1

4. Finish up soaker #2

5. Spin a bit of Spinner’s Web

6. Go to bed by midnight.

It’s 8:43. I made these plans an hour ago but go distracted by catching up on blogs. I don’t think this is all going to happen….


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A little sewing….

For my niece’s third birthday:
5.30 001

Despite the fact that I sewed the ruffle on the top of the pants rather than the bottom (eek!) I was able to recover by cutting them off, and reattaching them with a ribbon to cover the edging. Nice recovery, huh?

5.30 002

(blurry again, drat!)

I cast on for two soakers this weekend. I neglected sewing up the Baby Surprise because of it, not that it is much sewing anyway. I predict a finishing night this week if I can get motivated.


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