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A Story and a Soaker

So ages ago I repaired some gorgeous fair-isle mittens for a friend. I was completely in love with them, and even more so when I found out who made them.
fair isle antiques
See this loveliness? Her great-grandpa knit these for her grandmother (born 1916) when she was a young woman. Her name is even knit into these.
fair isle

I guess the story goes that he injured himself in an electrocution accident while at work. His doctor prescribed knitting as a way to get the agility back in his hands. Obviously he took to it because these are absolutely beautiful!!

Now this same friend has a son a few months older than Spinner. Continuing on with my soakermania I just finished a pair of Picky Pants for him. Now when he and Spinner are hanging out they can both be super cute together in all their wooly goodness.

He’s obviously pleased with them and knows he looks quite smart. The yarn is more Blackberry Ridge Kaleidoscope. Love that stuff, it hardly pills at all.

And now to sum it all up, despite a horrific experience with dishcloth cotton a couple of years ago, this friend has succumbed to the wool. Not only is she now knitting, but she is the proud owner of a skein of Koigu, a skein of Malabrigo, and she got her Ravelry invite this morning. There’s no going back for her now!



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Be still my heart….

Little Man is knitting.

Sept-Nov 2008 011

This happened so suddenly, and I think it is a good testament to how quickly growth can happen.

Previous attempts have always gone exactly the same:

1. “Mom, I want to knit!”

2. I get some bulky needles, bulky yarn. We cuddle up, I teach him how to hold, the little rhyme we say, we start, taking baby steps.

3. He’s all thumbs (aren’t we all?) but really all thumbs. The whole two needles + yarn is completely throwing him off. Frustration ensues.

4. “Mom? I don’t want to knit.”

5. End of lesson.

We had a little session like this just last month. So when we went to the yarn store with a friend and her daughter last weekend to buy new yarn for my friend (a newbie knitter) and needles and yarn for her seven year old daughter, I was hesitant when Little Man asked for the same kid’s beginning kitty needles that his friend was getting. He was persistent, I gave in.

Somehow in the last few weeks something changed. He got it, got it well enough that after three rows with my help he was knitting on his own.
Sept-Nov 2008 009

He’s knit a row a two a day since then, and it seems to be sticking.He loves it when we knit together. Whether or not he grows up to be fiber obsessed, an occasional knitter, or a boy who thinks knitting is dorky remains to be seen. Regardless, at least I can say “I taught my son to knit.”


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A cowl problem…

I made a cowl to match this hat, using the rest of the Posh yarn I  got from Mrs. Pao. As usual, the yarn is gorgeous! But I think I cast on too many stitches. The cowl is a little wider than I’d like, and it also has a tendency to roll despite the garter stitch I added at the end and beginning. I’d like it to stand up a bit more as well.

Sept-Nov 2008 088

So now I’m stuck with a decision. It’s not exactly what I wanted. However, it does the trickand my neck is warm (at least around the house and outside on the not-too-cold days). It looks fine, just not great. Plus I’m working on a cowl for the Skeptic now and won’t feel like re-knitting this one again, so I’ll probably leave it as is for now.  Spinner adoes ppreciate the cowl rather than a scarf, which would tickle him as he naps in his favorite  hangout.


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The Minnesota greyness has settled in for November.

We awoke to snow yesterday. The sun wasn’t even up all the way and the boys were bundled up and outside.
Sept-Nov 2008 089

Sept-Nov 2008 094

Today we have rain, wet leaves, and more grey. The greyness really doesn’t get to me until late in the winter when I really start craving sunny days and spring flowers. Until then I enjoy it. The grey feels cozy and warm, perfect for tea and sweaters.

It does make it hard to take a good knitting picture.

Blocking. (On an ugly green towel!)
Sept-Nov 2008 095

More blocking, with the close up of the area that Knittykid ripped out, I picked up and hoped it would block out evenly. It’s not.
Sept-Nov 2008 096

I’ll post more on these projects when I do have a good sunny day and can get some nice finished shots. In the meantime I’m off to make some cornbread and chili for the boys and their uncle and aunt tonight. The Skeptic (and Spinner) and I are out for our anniversary. (Which was two weeks ago and under so much baby brain fog I completely forgot to post about it.)


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A gift

I can’t wait to finish this up and give it to a very special recipient:
Sept-Nov 2008 087

Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino, “Crocodile Walk.”
Sept-Nov 2008 056


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I ripped this directly from the American Swedish Institute website:

Radiant Knits: The Bohus Tradition
January 23–March 29, 2009

The exhibit Radiant Knits: The Bohus Tradition will be on display at the American Swedish Institute from Friday, Jan. 23– Sunday, March 29, 2009. The exhibit focuses on the history of the Swedish Bohus knitting style and the Bohus Stickning industry (1939–1969), and will feature original garments knitted in the Bohus style. This will be the first time that Bohus couture garments have been on exclusive exhibit in the U.S. since the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. The Bohus Stickning organization came into existence in the province of Bohuslän, Sweden, during the Depression era of the 1930s. During this time of financial hardship, a group of women—most married to unemployed quarry workers—sought out Emma Jacobsson, the wife of the governor of Bohuslän, hoping to find a means of supporting their struggling families.

Bohus Sticking was thus born out of need and produced beautiful hand-knitted garments while helping the women support their families financially. From Sweden, the fine knitwear designs spread internationally, including to the U.S., before the operation ended in 1969. Bohus Stickning had grown from the home-based industry of its origin to become a successful business of international reputation.

During the opening weekend, a variety of opportunities to learn about Bohus knitting and its history will be offered at the ASI, including workshops, lectures, guided tours, and a film premiere. A number of special guests from Sweden and the U.S. will be present to share their expertise. For more information about the exhibit and related events click on Bohus_flyer.pdf or visit the Events page.  The registration form can be found at Bohus_registration.pdf

The Minnesota Knitters’ Guild is a proud sponsor of this exhibit.

I am jumping up and down about this one. I’ve been dying to actually knit one of these sweaters. I’m planning on attending and getting inspired to take the plunge!!

I also wanted to share this lovely letter from  Alice Walker to our amazing President-Elect Obama. I have been so full of excitement and emotion this week…tears, hope, relief. As much as I love politics I’m not a political blogger, but this is too much of a big deal to me not to say how thrilled I am and share something. I hope you enjoy her letter regardless of how you voted.


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Halloween recap and a sweater

Happy Election Day everyone!!!!

So Halloween was fun if not a bit frantic, in a busy sort of way. We always carve pumpkins on Halloween, but this along with the excitement of trick-or-treating makes for some serious craziness.
We did get the pumpkins carved:
Sept-Nov 2008 002

I completed my worst sewing project ever:
Sept-Nov 2008 054
(I think this is the worst picture I’ve ever taken too.)

My mastitis came back this week so my plans for a super-cool Robin hood hat turned into this:
1. Wrap green felt around Little Man’s head and trim.
2. Blanket stitch around top.
3. Run out of thread, oh well, it’s close enough.
4. Give to five year old who still thinks it’s the best hat ever.

We carved, had pizza and trick-or-treated down the block. I realized we are the stingiest candy givers on the block. My neighbors literally give handfuls out!! Which means that even though they only went to seven houses the boys had a huge pile of sugar, yikes!!

I finally had a nice sunny morning to take pictures of Spinner in his gorgeous sweater made by my friend Joyce from my knitting group.
Sept-Nov 2008 016
Look at that chin!!

Sept-Nov 2008 015

Sept-Nov 2008 008

Sept-Nov 2008 007

Hopefully he’ll be in a good enough mood to finally go to knitting tonight so she can see him wear it in person. I really want to get there too, I’ll need to chill out a bit before an evening of election results. I can’t believe how nervous I am about this one. I just hope I can stay up late enough to know the results.

Go Barack, go!!!!


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