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I didn’t mean to.

I was being monogamous, really. Diminishing Ribs was flying along, even after that cast off mess, the ribbing mess…. I was sticking with it. And I’ll I’ve needed to do is cast on the second sleeve, whip that puppy out and I’ve got myself a new cardigan.

And then I got a new coat. The cutest coat ever. A coat that was begging for new accessories. And then I happened upon Ysolda’s patterns. It was all downhill from there. Damson has been cast on.


Diminishing Ribs is now waiting patiently in the basket.



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He is a sweet little hedgehog who loves to eat mushrooms. He loves that he was given to Spinner as a birthday gift. He doesn’t mind that he is either being chewed on or thrown around like a football.

Mr. Smith

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