Look who’s FIVE!!

My Knittykid……

(Modeling his new Balaclava that he had to have even though it is technically Spring. Because we’re all about spies here these days.)

He’s all sweetness and gentleness with the most generous heart I’ve ever seen in such a little kid. The quiet, thoughtful one,who still has his very loud moments, of course!  My little artist who loves to draw, who has also developed a remote control car obsession lately (so guess what he’ll be opening later today?).  My snuggler, who still needs to have at least one arm wrapped around me when he falls asleep.  He amazes me every single day!

Happy birthday Knittykid!!



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4 responses to “Look who’s FIVE!!

  1. Guinifer

    Oh my heart! Those eyes!

  2. I love that balaclava! Do you have the details on your Rav page?

    And I cannot believe he is five! He’ll be loosing teeth before you know it. I can say that because my five and a half year old has TWO loose teeth!

  3. Happy birthday, Knittykid!

    That’s a wonderful shade of green. 🙂

  4. Cute cute! Happy Birthday for yesterday, Knitty Kid!!

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