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Monthly Apparel January Check-In

Well my fellow Monthly Apparel friends, how’s your January project coming? Finished? Close to finished? Starting up in February?

Well, you can see how I’m faring. My plan to sew a bit each night went well, but I had a few hang-ups. The first was typical, I caught a cold which knocked me out of sewing mode for about three days. The second was tougher. I tried the top on and of course, had problems with fit.


I thought I was being clever and sneaky with this wrap dress. My though was that if I took really good measurements and bought some cheap linen/poly on sale at JoAnn’s I could skip a muslin and just make the dress. Lessons learned. Just like a swatch is a necessary pain in knitting, a muslin is a necessary pain in sewing.

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but I’ve got at least two extra inches of fabric on each side, even though I have the bodice wrapped and tied as tight as I can. The shoulders are also too loose and will certainly slide down. I took it off and pinned it, and I think if I sew some new seams in a few areas the dress will be okay.

But that leaves the question of, just how much do I need to rip out to do this? Do I need to partially rip out the facings too? I have a busy next couple of nights, but I should have it fixed by this weekend.

I’m looking forward to seeing some finished projects! There are already some great ones over at the Monthly Apparel Flickr site. If you haven’t joined yet, come on over! We’ve got a nice group started up already.


**Sorry for the missing photo!! I’m not sure why it disappeared and I already deleted it from my camera. Guess you’ll have to wait until this weekend now for the finished dress. Or maybe my photo will return?? Strange…..



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And I’m off….

So the big decision. What pattern do I pick to I start this journey? Something easy? Something simple? Something…..already started?

Okay, I’m confessing that my first Monthly Apparel project is a UFO. Last summer I had the idea to make myself a dress. I spent and entire day tracing and cutting the pattern. And since then it has sat in the corner of my sewing room glaring at me every time I come into the room. See, the thing that scares me about sewing clothing is the actual putting it together part. I can cut and trace all day, but putting it together? I worry it won’t fit right so I hit the denial stage and go do something else. So this month I’m taking that leap of faith and actually sewing it together.

This is “Crepe” from Colette Patterns. You see that word, “beginner” on the cover? Honestly, this should not be that hard. This does not involve the dreaded zipper nor the evil buttonhole. (I’m having nightmares about buttonholes.) And she gives great instructions. Maybe a bit of adjusting in the bust, but really, this should work, right?

I’m planning to sew on it this weekend, once I finish cleaning up the post-holiday havoc that still exists upstairs. I did not make a muslin for this one (it’s a wrap dress, come on!) but I did purchase some half-price plum linen/poly blend at JoAnn’s to use as my practice dress. If all goes well, I’m predicting another version in double gauze sometime in my future.

If you have never paid a visit to Colette Patterns before, I highly suggest that you do so. She has the longest list of tutorials I’ve seen online, as well as a huge library of patterns and a new book.


I also wanted to mention that I put a Flickr group together for Monthly Apparel. I’d love to have you share your inspirations as well as your WIPs and finished garments. Remember, knitters, you are welcome to take this challenge on too! (Seriously, I’d love to see someone knit a sweater a month.)


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