I’m not quite sure how these years went by so fast, but my Math Boy, my not-so-little anymore man turned eight this week.

I feel like this is the year that we’ve truly moved into new territory. I can look at him and start to see a vision of who he might be in five, ten years. I look into those beautiful brown eyes and see real glimpses of who he might become. It’s amazing to be at this point, to see where he might be headed, to watch his interests emerge, to watch him learn and grow in a way that is so different from watching him when he was younger. There is a young man emerging here.


And we love who we see….a little boy who feels things so deeply and imagines so much. A young man who one minute is deep into his Pokemon card collection and the next minute too engrossed in D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths to bother eating dinner. He’s my reader, my thinker, full of fire and ideas and spirit. And he teaches us something every single day.

We love you, my dear! Happy birthday!!




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7 responses to “Eight

  1. Happy Day! Youngest Child is 8 as well and spends time doing things like collecting bugs (mostly dirt, I think) and reading about super trucks and singing. Also some booty shaking (sigh!) It’s an eclectic, fun age.

  2. Julie

    Funny, my 8 year old loves his D’Aulaire’s too…has Math Boy read the Percy Jackson books? Mine gobbled them up like candy πŸ™‚

  3. Happy Birthday, Math Boy! 8 is a great age. πŸ™‚

  4. Happy Birthday, little man! Eight is a good age for boys and girls, I think – my daughter has had a great year and has grown up so much, but is still a little person at times. Can’t wait to see what 9 brings …

  5. Happy Birthday!

    It’s always so great to see how they develop and grow while still staying true to the person they always have been.

    Eat some cake for me! Yum.

  6. Eight?!? Wow! Happy birthday!!

  7. Guinifer

    I am not hurrying anything, but he’s halfway to sixteen!

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