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So much to say…

…and so little time! Here goes, many posts that should have been longer and seperated all now crammed into one:

1. The TC Knit picnic on Sunday was a blast! The Husband With No Nickname (thanks for all the funny suggestions, by the way. I’ll pick something soon, I promise:-) took Little Man and Knittybaby on numerous walks which left me lots of time to knit with all sorts of wonderful knitters:

Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos was on top of things and has a great list of all the bloggers there. Since this is the abbreviated post, I’ll just direct you to her. It was fun to finally meet so many of the bloggers I’ve been in touch with as well as those who frequent the list. Now if I could just make it to a knitting night!

2. I think the Harlot trip may be a go! You guys are encouraging, and you’re right, she loves babies!

3. My scatteredness (can that be a word?) is the result of my return to work. I wasn’t going to go, but decided I’d better stay with the school district for the great health insurance plan, as opposed to the “try-to-buy-your-own-for-your-kid-with-a-heart-defect-route.” Mr. No-Name works for a small business w/out insurance, but he also has flexible hours. So, I’m going part time, the boys are still at home full time, and I have to refresh myself on elementary school music. I’m excited about the school, but I teach 15 classes in 2 1/2 days, pre-school to 5th grade. This is a MAJOR mental switch from 8 years of middle school and high school band. I’m freaking, just a bit. OK, a lot!!!

4. I’m sewing:

That is, in fact, his Robot-Boy cape. Little Man discovered it also makes a great dancing skirt. I’ve got lots more squares all wonder-undered and ready to applique to some more shirts for both boys.

5. Knittybaby’s cardiologist appt on Friday, short version:Heart defect is no worse, he’s developing perfectly, don’t even have to go back for five months, could even be a couple years until surgery. Yay!!!! Now if he’d only nap more than 20 minutes…

6. I’m tagged: (from Catherine:-)

1. Grab the nearest book. Don’t think, just the nearest book…
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog (Please include the book and author) along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag three people.

Okay, the nearest book is “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket” by Dr. Seuss, and it has no page 123. Next nearest (because Little Man threw it the other day…..something about how I’m mean because he can’t have gum for breakfast) is Anne Lamott’s “Blue Shoe.”

She went to Smith. I don’t even think Yvonne went to junior college. She’s Why Abby ran away.

Anne Lamott rocks, by the way. I still haven’t read this one though. Since I’m being quick, I’ll tag the first three people who would like to be tagged! Yeah, I know, easy way, heh heh heh.

Phew, I think that’s everything. Oh, I’m now one side-panel from a completed baby shawl. Only 28 days until the baptism. Will I make it?



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A Dilemma

So the Harlot is coming. Coming, but not close enough to make it easy. She is coming to Eau Claire, WI, about an hour and a half from the Cities. Easy if I didn’t have a five month old baby. But, Knittybaby has just begun to stay home with Daddy and Little Man, and is hasn’t been going well. You see, with Little Man, I began to pump and do weekly bottle introductions diligently when he was 6 weeks old (the recommended time by breastfeeding experts). I was lazy with Knittybaby, and only started pumping a couple of weeks ago; he’s five months already so I’m way behind. While the pumping is going fine, he’s not digging the bottle and holds out for the real deal (frankly, I don’t blame him). But that means I can be gone a little bit, but not that long. Definitely not long enough to go to Eau Claire and back. So the dilemma is, do I just say “bummer” and not go, hoping she’ll come around here again for the next book or do I take Knittybaby with me? If I take him the worst that can happen is that he gets crabby or loud during her talk, and I have to go to the lobby and thenI drive all that way and miss it. But then part of me is wondering if I really want to drive all that way by myself with a five month old for a book talk/signing. I’m a huge fan of hers….I’m just trying to decide if it is worth the effort, you know? Right now I’m leaning towards not going. but who knows, maybe I’ll feel adventurous!

This is only a half finished post…that’s what kind of week it’s been, but I figured I’d post it now so you all know I haven’t fallen off the planet. More soon (I hope!)


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As if it wasn’t too baggy already….

My purple sock, the one that was a wee bit big? Good thing wool has some memory. This morning I was trying to get caught up with my blog reading, when I hear Hubby:

“So what’s so great about these things anyway?”

He’s wearing my purple sock on his big ol’ size 10 1/2 feet. Which I guess really isn’t that big, but big enough compared to mine. That sad thing is it’s just a wee bit small for him, the sadder thing is he still doesn’t “get” the wonderfulness of handknit socks, even after he put one on. I think I need to quit being a selfish knitter, and make him his own really nice pair out of merino that are a perfect fit, that don’t fall down (he’s very worried about them falling down).

Speaking of Hubby, he was just reading over my shoulder and said, “I really wish you wouldn’t call me Hubby.”

“What should I call you?”

“Your Better Half.”

I giggled at that. Now I need to search for a new nickname. He may be sorry….

Thanks for all the great bind off suggestions, I had no idea I had so many options! Now to experiment.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, sequins, glued to my floor:

Little Man was so incredibly proud of the beauty of his creation, I didn’t have the heart to be mad about it. That’s why washable glue was invented anyway.

Anyone need a decorator?


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One down…..

Toes down:
This one’s a little big. I made the mistake of measuring a month after Knittybaby was born when I still had my chubby post-pregnancy legs. Says hubby: “Looks like they’ll fall down to me.” But he says that for every sock. This time, he may be right. So now do I:

a. frog it? (yeah, right, this took me three months)
b. make the same size and give it away? (I’m too selfish. I like this sock.)
c. make the same size and just be a wee bit baggy?
d. make another smaller one and just have one bee a wee bit baggy?

Toes up:

I need a good bind of for this one. Suggestions? (Ugh, look at my scratched up floor!)

Problems? Look at my toes. Not smooth. I usually do a good kitchener stitch, but I used reinforcing thread the first time and that made it a challenge. I should have cut it off before the kitchener. I don’t know what’s up with the bump on the toe up toe.


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I’m in love….

…with my new Huskystar!

It’s a beginner’s machine from Husqvarna. I’ve been researching a new machine since I’ve decided that my alley-found machine is unfortunately a dud. I wasn’t planning on buying it today, but it was only $199 and the boys were being so good I decided to get it while I had the chance. We had La Leche League tonight so I haven’t even had the time to get it out of the box yet, but I’m pretty excited to get started.

I’ve also received a box of books from Crafter’s Choice. I joined up with them, and I feel guilty about it. I really try to support my LYS and local book stores, but sometimes there are so many books I’d like to pick up but don’t have the cash. Their introductory offer of four books for a dollar each is hard to pass up. So I got:

The Happy Hooker (yup, Grandma Tillie, I’m gonna crochet!)
Sensational Knitted Socks
The Knitting Answer Book
Inspired Cable Knits
Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics

all for $25, with one more book to buy.

I am so close to finishing the toe on my Jang cotton/wool sock. Maybe tonight, if Knittybaby decides he’ll sleep for me.

Glad you all enjoyed my bat drama. Rabies was one of the things that freaked me out as a rabid bat was found in a nearby park a few years ago. I actually managed to coax Basil upstairs so I could make her hide out in the bedroom with Arthur. She was not thrilled when she realized she’d left the bat downstairs!


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What’s with the animals?

Kate has had a mouse problem lately. We’ve had mice a couple of times, but Arthur is a great mouser. He, shall we say, “took care of them” and they’ve been afraid to come in ever since. While I really don’t want a mouse in the house, I can deal. I got used to them while teaching at my old middle school, which had a serious mouse problem (no food outside the cafeteria, kids!) and I got used to them running around my classroom and causing all sorts of mayhem. Knowing I’ve got Arthur in the house, I can stay pretty calm under a mouse invasion.

While reading Kate’s comments, I noticed that Renee said she had a bat in her house the other night. I thought to myself, “Now THAT would suck. How do you even get a bat out? Eeesh!” This was around 10:00, and Little Man was asleep, Knittybaby was on his way to being asleep, and Hubby was out at the Pizza Luce Block Party. I was looking forward to listening to the Creative Mom Podcast and doing some knitting.

I put Knittybaby down to sleep, let Gracie in from her evening romp and made it through two rows of my sock and suddenly, WHOOSH, something was flying at my head. Yes my dears, I was lucky enough to get a bat in my house. You know what I did? I freaked, completely and totally freaked. Arthur was also freaked (so much for my great hunter) Basil was thrilled, and Gracie could care less. I grabbed Knittybaby, ran upstairs, closed the bedroom doors and called Hubby. Meanwhile I can hear Basil leaping at the bat downstairs, but since she weighs about 6 pounds and was declawed before we got her, there was little hope for her help.

Well, Hubby came home and chased the bat out the back door while I hid upstairs in the playroom. I can’t believe what a wimp I was. I actually love bats, and even wanted a bat house for the backyard. I was a Girl Scout camp counselor for two years. I can be tough, I can deal with wildlife, but for some reason I could not deal with this bat. So thanks Hubby, for rushing home and not being on a gig and not thinking I’m a total weirdo when I wouldn’t come downstairs and help you chase him. If you had been working, my brother would have gotten a call instead.

So anyway, I did not finish my sock. I didn’t even get to the toe decreases, which was my goal.
I might try to work on it when we drive out to the Lake Elmo airport this morning (fly-in and pancake breakfast!) but to be honest, I like my Knitpicks doublepoints, but they are the first time I have ever felt some knitting danger in the car. Those suckers are sharp!

Anyway, no sock, so I’ll show you finger painting instead:

Enjoy your Sunday!!!


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Finally, my SP8 photos:
Isn’t the Handmaiden lovely? The sheen to the blues is so nice, I wish I could have taken better pictures. I can’t wait until it’s cool enough to get Knitybaby in his socks! Notice the chocolate is missing. Goodies like that don’t last long around me!

Here’s a close-up of the buttons:
I love these, and they will be perfect for the sweater I want to make for Little Man this fall. He loves airplanes, so he’s pretty psyched about them.

I forgot to mention in my last post about the Washington County Fair we stumbled onto last weekend. We took the boys around to see the animals and met a woman who’s llama had a lot more personality than she did. Little Man kept asking her questions and she totally blew him off. I get so angry when that happens. He was being very polite and sweet (he wanted to know if llamas like ice cream) and she acted like she couldn’t wait for us to leave. Luckily I think my feelings were more hurt about it than his, but really, is it that much work to be nice to a little kid?

We came across the knitting entries and these were my favorites:

I wish I had a better shot of the sweater but I couldn’t avoid the glare. The hat is handspun, very nice colors.

As for knitting, I may be nuts, but I signed up for Knittin’ Mom’s Sock-a-Month KAL. I doubt I’ll finish a pair a month, but it’s still a good incentive! I’m also on the homestretch for the heirloom baby shawl, which needs to be done by Knittybaby’s baptism in 6 weeks. I’ve also got his heart blanket design close to being worked up.


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I have the best SP8 ever!!!!

I know, you all think your is the best ever, but really, I am a lucky girl because you know what I got in the mail today? Seasilk!!! I have been dying to try this yarn out! It is the most beautiful shade of blue and so, so soft. Just lovely, thank you SP8!!! I was also gifted with some more adorable socks for Knittybaby (I’m loving these litte socks), some very cute wooden airplane buttons, and dark chocolate with toffee (one of the finest combinations I say). Thank you so very much!!!

I’d post pictures but I’m having more computer issues and working right now on my vintage iMac. Not cool, plus Knittybaby is ready for bed. More later!


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And you thought the baby would model…

Why, when we have such a willing hound here?

“I know I look so pretty.”

“I’ll do anything for food.”

“See how this bib keeps my lovely fur so clean while I eat?”

I think Chaos could learn a thing or two from me!”


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