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Every boy in Minnesota…

…needs one of these:

It’s a balaclava, officially the Gusseted Helmet Pattern by Ellen M. Silva. The only mod I made was to knit the head one inch shorter before the decreases. If knitting it again I’d make the neck an inch or so shorter; you can see it’s curling up on him.

I finished this in early October when we were having a bit of  a fall heat wave. He loved so much he wore it to school, even though it was 75F by the afternoon. It’s in his favorite colors, John Deere colors of course. Not only is it very practical for these harsh winters, but it doubles as spy gear, which is extremely important when you are seven. He would not let me get a full on view on the whole project (“I am a spy, mom”) but he did want to show off his second favorite thing, which is the fact that he’s flying through these Harry Potter novels faster than I devoured Little House when I was the same age.  He’s actually on book seven now, and I’m trying to catch up to him with book six (my plans after this post). All I know, is I’m just dying about those brown eyes looking out at me…..

Now if only it would snow. We’re so ready.



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Well, well….

I actually had a post planned, pictures ready, and something at least halfway interesting to say. However, the one person who apparently knows where is camera cord is is upstairs asleep, so much for that idea! So just to show that I’m still here let’s just play a little linkity-link tonight:

  • Sorry for the Feedly confusion a couple of posts ago. I haven’t moved, I just discovered Feedly when Bloglines closed and I’m in love. It’s a reader service that is hooked up to Google Reader, it just organizes everything you read into a very usable format. You get nice little digests of the blogs you read, and it’s easier to skim through them to find the good stuff. It’s especially helpful for me on the more professional blogs that are busier and have a lot of posts.
  • I just got some of this in the mail. Colorway Black Onyx.
  • I’m going to use it to knit this shawl to wear in my brother’s wedding in December.
  • I just noticed there are a lot of versions of this on Ravelry, many thanks to Barbara Walker I’d say.
  • I think I might be crazy to think that I will have it done by December 18th.
  • I also have to do something with  a pile of fabric from Fabricworm by December as well.
  • I”m dying to show you but certain people might read this and ruin all my fun, so you’ll have to wait.
  • I’ll give you a hint, it’s from this issue.
  • I’d better stop with the bullets for now, or this could go on all night!


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