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The birthday season

It’s that time of year again….Knittykid is seven, Math Boy has hit the amazing double digits year of TEN!! Poor Spinner is confused as to why he is not having a birthday, and more importantly why he does not have gift cards for the Lego store…


I know you are all wondering about the cakes. The flower cake was Math Boy’s cake….layers of brownie and ice cream thrown together at random by me, strawberry flowers added at the last minute. Math Boy is easy-going, and as long as he has ice cream he is a happy guy!

Knittykid has ideas….he has a lot of ideas. Elaborate and complicated ideas. Therefore when he requested a tiger cake I called upon an amazing and talented uncle in the family to create this tiger masterpiece. Yes, it hurt me to cut this cake and eat it. Isn’t it beautiful???


I am amazed and blessed by these incredible boys of ours. They are so very different, but the one thing they do have in common is that they both are strong-hearted young boys who fill my own heart daily. Thank you boys, for all the love and delight you put into the world. We love you both!!



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Right now I am….


  • The 10 inches of snow we received in Minneapolis this weekend.
  • Watching my neighbors get their snow legs back .(People! Little taps folks. Never rev your tires as you will most   certainly get stuck and need to recruit people to push you out.)
  • The four people I saw biking in the city this morning, including the Skeptic and Spinner. My man obviously enjoys a challenge.
  • My parents, who officially reached full retired parent status today by calling me to give me the road report in Burnsville. They crack me up and I am lucky to have them. 🙂









Decorating and celebrating….

  • Our free range Christmas tree, which looks a cross between A Charlie Brown tree and something you might see in a hundred year old Christmas scene. This tree has soul and I love it!
  • We are using The Truth is in The Tinsel for Advent this year and we really enjoy the simplicity and ease of the projects.
  • We are also trying a Jesse Tree this year. I love the ornaments and the message that come with this PDF.
  • By the time I am on my third kid I should know better than to leave a four year old alone with glitter.










  • Christmas gifts that I wish I could share with you
  • Too many Christmas gifts. Not sure I will make it this year!
  • Baby girl items because I have a brand new beautiful niece who is one week old today!





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As much winter as I’ll get…

Winter this year in MN is downright depressing.

Not because of the cold and grey, which I admit will chase away many a person, but because of the lack of cold and snow. We’ve barely gotten enough to scrape into meager snow forts in the backyard. It’s so warm the boys walk around in their hoodies and nothing else. We haven’t gone ice skating because it just doesn’t feel like we should be able to ice skate…I mean, there is MUD in my yard. In February. Not okay.

But we did get a good dose of finger numbing, toe freezing winter las weekend at the Art Shanties out on Medicine Lake, just outside of Minneapolis.

What is an art shanty? From their website:

Art Shanty Projects is a four-week exhibition that is part sculpture park, part artist residency and part social experiment, inspired by traditional ice fishing houses that dot the state’s lakes in winter. It is an artist driven temporary community exploring the ways in which the relatively unregulated public space of the frozen lake can be used as a new and challenging artistic environment to expand notions of what art can be.

I just call it pure winter in Minnesota awesomeness.

Enjoy the pictures, and be sure to catch the moving robot shanty video at the end. The music is from the white shanty to the right, which was a dance club on ice. That robot was being pushed all ove the place!

See where the Skeptic is pulling them? There should be a foot+ of snow here, not two inches!



Some sort of sun camera…Math Boy never did tell me what was in there.

Ice Basketball!!

Troll bridge. We spent a lot of time here.





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And Now…Three

That’s right, my long lost friends, Spinner is three!!


My beautiful, joyful little boy. Full of sunshine, full of smiles. With a really strong punch. Still the baby of the family, although if you say that his reply will be “”No, I big boy!”


As much as he wants to grow up, I’m desperately wanting to hold on to this littleness….


It’s been a beautiful summer. Busy. Hectic. But great nonetheless. We took it easy, no camps, no running all over the city.  We wrapped it up by celebrating Spinner’s birthday, then camping the following weekend. A new school year has started. Third grade for Math Boy, the big kindergarten for Knittykid and Spinner started preschool. This is a whole new era, it seems. With everyone in school now  I can feel things changing. As much as I will be missing the baby years, there are new adventures now. Going out for dinner and actually sitting there with all three kids, talking and laughing is fabulous. Seeing all three boys play together, read together, laugh together (and for the sake of reality, beat the bejeebers out of each other too) just makes me thankful for this amazing crew the Skeptic and I have been blessed with.

Hope your school year (or unschool year) is off to a good start. I’ll be back around the blogs again, and hopefully back here more often. I actually want to do some blogging about blogging. (Have you read this post over at Wise Craft?) And knitting. Sewing, spinning and of course, the boys! So anyway, say hello and let me know who’s still hanging around, I do hope you’re all still here! Plus, you know you want to wish Spinner a happy birthday 😉


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I’m not quite sure how these years went by so fast, but my Math Boy, my not-so-little anymore man turned eight this week.

I feel like this is the year that we’ve truly moved into new territory. I can look at him and start to see a vision of who he might be in five, ten years. I look into those beautiful brown eyes and see real glimpses of who he might become. It’s amazing to be at this point, to see where he might be headed, to watch his interests emerge, to watch him learn and grow in a way that is so different from watching him when he was younger. There is a young man emerging here.


And we love who we see….a little boy who feels things so deeply and imagines so much. A young man who one minute is deep into his Pokemon card collection and the next minute too engrossed in D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths to bother eating dinner. He’s my reader, my thinker, full of fire and ideas and spirit. And he teaches us something every single day.

We love you, my dear! Happy birthday!!



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Guess who’s two??

My goodness, I’ve been MIA so long WordPress forgot who I was. Sad, so sad. I want to keep this blog a priority but it keeps slipping down to the bottom.

But exciting news makes me post tonight, because we celebrated Spinner’s second birthday this weekend. So shocking that my baby is two, still my baby but such a little boy now.  My spunky little one, the boy who can hold his own with his two big brothers. The boy who doesn’t hold back one little bit, who tells us exactly what he thinks in whatever way he can. The little boy who is all smiles and laughter and love, who adores his mama and won’t let anyone else near her when he wants to be on her lap. My little one, who will happily swing all day long, who loves to stare at the full moon with me before going to bed. Such an amazing little person. He melts my heart every single day.


We had a beautiful birthday. The rest of us have Spring birthdays and are always stuck inside while Minnesota is buried under the spring meltdown. Such a treat to be able to celebrate outside! And such a happy day full of family and friends!

In final randomness:

  • The t-shirt contest is not forgotten. I’ll be going through them this weekend while the Skeptic is at work. Bwaahaha!!!
  • I’m seriously tweaked about Bloglines little announcement. Guess I’ll have to give Google some more control over my life. But I hate Google Reader.
  • I think this post at Shivaya Naturals was well put and sums up exactly how I feel, so I don’t have to write it.
  • I really still knit. And I have stuff to show you, I just need to take pictures. I am however, in recovery from some serious knitting ennui. Impossible, you say, but true!!
  • A nice article about looking towards simplicity.

Thanks for sticking around despite my absence!


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That Time of Year

It’s time again. Time to start that list. And this list. And the other list. Time to wonder what to make, who to make it for. Time to plan ahead and vow to enjoy these next few weeks, not get overwhelmed by them. Time to enjoy making things for the people I love and time to remember that I can’t make something for everyone. Time to start digging around at craft sales, gift shops and Etsy to find that just right something that someone else made. Time to remember that overall, it’s the time with my family that is important. Time to remember good enough. Time to just roll with it, laugh and count my blessings. Especially those three extra special little blessings who roll their eyes when Mama suggests making a gratitude tree or who take all the Thanksgiving decorations off the window and rip them to shreds. Time to shake my head and let it all be what it will, and just enjoy the moments for what they are. It’s all real, it’s all good. Time to remind myself of this everyday until January rolls around. Time to breathe, snuggle up and just enjoy it all…


Wishing all my American friends a blessed Thanksgiving. And wishing all of you a peaceful start to this holiday season. Take your time and enjoy it!

The little bird is from Last Minute Quilted Gifts. It’s mush easier to make than it looks. I’m predicting a flock of them this season!!


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Happy birthday Spinner!!!

One year ago right now, I was snuggled in the upstairs bedroom with my brand new baby boy. The midwives, doula and our “kid wrangler” had gone home. My mom was getting the big boys down to sleep and the Skeptic and I were enjoying all the newborn beauty.

Today I watched that baby walk across the room, throwing his tennis ball, picking it up and tossing it again. I saw him climb onto a bike (backwards) and try to ride it across the room. I heard him yelling what we’re considering his first word, “gou gou!!” (Go? good? look? ) I wandered around Pizza Luce with him, teaching him that eating chips off the floor just wasn’t an option. He turned down nursing and chose pizza and water from a sippy cup instead. But he did still nurse to sleep, and didn’t mind listening to Obama’s health care speech while going down for the night. He most surely will wake up one more time, as soon as the Skeptic and I sit down to watch an episode of Monarch of the Glenn with a bowl of ice cream. He is my beautiful, happy, joyful boy and a blessing in our life.





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Three years…

Three years ago tonight I was trying to decide whether or not I was in labor. Knittykid arrived quickly, so fast that out of all three births his is the biggest blur…going to bed, thinking that maybe something was up, the Skeptic getting home from work, a call to our doula, a drive to the hospital. Just enough time to check in and then he was there, beautiful blue eyes, little bald head, nuzzled up on my chest while the oh-so-kind nurse just let us be for a long while, no weighing, no bath, just cuddling up with our wee boy, amazed that just like that, he was here.

And now it’s been three years of blessings, sweetness and smiles.

The Skeptic is working away in the basement. He took charge of making Knittykid’s gift this year, (a roundhouse for his trains) and just like us knitter’s he’ll be burning the midnight oil to get it finished up in time.

I’ve got it easy. I’m heading up to my workroom to make a felt birthday crown for him. Although tomorrow I’ve got it tough as I attempt to make this. The soccer bear is his choice.

I’m terrified, as I can barely frost a cupcake, so it should be interesting, and I promise to post the results. Wish me luck!!


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