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Are you sick of soakers yet???

I’m so glad this baby is coming out relatively soon. Both boys were early, at 38 and 39 weeks. I’m trying not to assume that this one will be early too, but oh how I would appreciate it if baby shows up before week 40! I’m so wiped out with this one. Tired, swollen, and worn out! I feel like my feet are going to explode. I have a hopeful theory though:

Little Man: Super easy pregnancy, I bounced right through it. Little Man now? We’ll say he’s spirited, creative, spunky, but not easy! 🙂 As one friend at playgroup said today (after I told her the story of how he played a “joke” yesterday that involved a giant jar of raisins being thrown all over the room) “I’m not sure what I’d do if my boys did stuff like that all the time.” Heh…..yeah.

Knittykid: Kind of easy pregnancy. More tiring, a bit of bed rest, but not too bad. And now, for the most part? Kind of an easy kid. He’s definitely more laid back than his big brother, that’s for sure, although he’s got his moments, and he’s BUSY.

Baby #3: Wearing me out, and just 35 weeks! So I’m hoping, maybe that means super easy kid? The kid who likes to sit and color all afternoon long? Who likes to help Mama clean up? (Do these children exist?)

Of course, I’m assuming that we’re getting another spunky little boy to join this family (or maybe a spunky girl?) but it’s funny to think about the possibility of a quiet, easy going little kid. I’m not sure I’d know what to do. I’m pretty used to the chaos by now, and crazily I think I prefer it a bit!

Anyway, enough of that theory. I’m just about finished up with soakers for now. A couple more to finish up, but here’s the latest showcase:

Curly Purly in Classic Elite Tweed with Cascade 220 trim:
5.30 summer 2008 039

Culry Purly in Wool of the Andes and Cascade 220 trim:
5.30 summer 2008 035

Little Turtle Knits Picky Pants in Handpainted merino:
5.30 summer 2008 038

Little Turtle Knits Picky Pants in Blackberry Ridge Merino:
5.30 summer 2008 036

Little Turtle Knits Picky Pants in LTK farm yarn:
5.30 summer 2008 037



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Not just soakers

I do have some socks on the needles. I actually forgot about them until I started cleaning my workroom out, and guess what I found!!

Waving Lace socks on Lisa Souza:
5.30 summer 2008 026

Thelonius on Smooshy: (Like I’ll get these done anytime soon…)
5.30 summer 2008 017

Some plain old socks on Spunky Eclectic Yarn:
5.30 summer 2008 023

Now off to put up my swollen feet and enjoy a little Olympics and the early bedtime that both boys took tonight….


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Soaker, toddler style

The soaker love just doesn’t stop around here. I’ve never knit so many versions of the same two patterns.

Of course, Knittykid decided to grow out of his soakers this summer, so he got a new one too and has two more in the works. This one is also the Picky Pants (love this pattern!!) and is made up of various leftovers I’ve had around.

Here’s the modeling shot:
5.30 random 002

And the regular shot:
5.30 summer 2008 034

Knittykid is totally digging them, but with all the potty learning (or NOT learning) that’s going on these days the diapers don’t stay on too long. Of course, there has been zero actual success on the potty but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? He’s interested, he’s excited, he’s just totally making imaginary potty that he is quite proud of.

I’ve got more baby soakers to show off but it’s cleaning time before I go off for a blissful afternoon of prenatal yoga and my monthly spinning group. Can’t beat that! Then my mom and Grandma show up tonight to stay for a WEEK 🙂 of help so I can actually get ready for this baby. We’re on week 33 now, and the countdown is freaking me out a little bit. Between my lack of organization and the fact that our sunroom has no curtains (which is where the birth tub is going) I’ve got lots to do in the next few weeks!


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