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Post A Week?

So obviously I forgot about my Post-A-Week goal. I have been sidelined by:

1. The end of the school year kicking my butt.

2. No one going to bed until 10pm.

3. An odd revulsion to my computer. (I think I’m just on information overload, I can’t read it all therefore I will not read anything).

4. A renewed obsession with reading actual books rather than lots of random internet crafty stuff.

5. My extreme tiredness and feeling like I ran a marathon at the end of each day, so much that even clicking on things or holding a knitting needle is too hard. All I can do is drag myself into bed with a book until I fall asleep. (My favorite rant these days: “Have you seen me sit down today? Have you? Have you? NO. So, don’t complain to me that your life is miserable and I’m a big poop head meany because I asked you to put down whatever is so important and take out the stinky compost pail. Am I knitting? Am I reading? Am I relaxing? Noooooo! Because I am working to make you food and supply clean underwear and keep your Pokemon cards away from your little brother!” This rant usually happens on my not-so-great days. Amazingly, it usually works.

6. My obesssion with Dr. Who Season Six. Did you see the last episode? Did you? Because oh my, I nearly fell off my chair. It’s even more fun this year because Math Boy is old enough to watch some of them with me. But not the Silence. They scare ME.

7. Gardening. Lots and lots of gardening.


OK, enough excuses for now. I do have knitting to share, but no pictures yet.  And I bought YARN!! New yarn. It’s been ages since I did that but I sold off the piles of size 2T clothing we had and got a handful of cash for it. So, yarn for me. We’ll see if I can get to the camera to share…..


Hope your summer is off to a fab start. Despite my rant and tiredness, we’re having a blast!



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