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You would think….

…that the tornado hit inside our house!


This is the state of my crafting these days. A mess of yarn, fiber and fabric. Some of this is from a few little boys who decided to play in my workroom, some is from an over stressed mama who’s just throwing her things everywhere. So not much is being done other than knitting on my Diminishing Ribs cardigan, since that is safe and accessible in it’s own bag.


Things are kind of coming together around here. We are waiting to hear back from our insurance company as to what will be covered. The obvious outside stuff should be fine, but we’re worried about the inside. The tornado basically gave our house a big shove and there are probably 20-30 major cracks in the plaster around our house as well as a lot of cracks in the stucco outside. Since we own a  home that is almost 85 years old, there is a good chance they might try to blow it off as “pre-existing.” So, keep your fingers crossed for us.

I’m having trouble adjusting. It’s funny, I’m usually a major problem solving, a get-to-it kind of person. But since the tornado happened I’m having a hard time. I feel like I keep wandering all over the house, not really sure what to do. Even making oatmeal this morning seems too complicated. Considering the kind of year we’ve had I suppose that’s pretty normal, but I just want to get back to normal. Which is why this is so hard, I guess. We had thought that maybe all our drama was finally behind us. And then, after the year we’ve had, we get hit by a tornado! Reality TV would love this family, it’s almost too much.

I hate to complain though. I keep thinking of the toddler who died here last year in a tornado, and the 200 lb log that hit our house about two feet above where Spinner was sleeping and it just makes me sick to my stomach. So, push on, Knittyfamily….we’ve gotten through everything else, right??

I’ll be canning tomatoes today, and tomorrow visiting my entries in the MN state fair. If you’re a local and you go, the brown and red longies and the brown and white marled yarn are mine! That will be fun to see.

Almost forgot, one last tornado item to share and then this knitter is DONE with tornadoes. The Skeptic shot this picture in the alley, a piece of wood impaled in the side of the electrical pole:



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Around our house, around the neighborhood.


More on Flickr.


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2009 hates us


Yes, that tornado in Minneapolis did hit our house. You’re looking at a tree branch through our bedroom window, which scattered glass allover Spinner and Knittykid while they were napping. Amazingly they don’t have a scratch.

We were lucky. Some of our neighbors had their garage pushed completely into the alley or the entire corner of their house smashed in. We lost two trees, or new roofing job needs to be fixed up, our electrical box was ripped off the house, the gutters and a bunch of wood were ripped off…it’s a mess.
I think I had 500 people walk by my house today and take a picture. It’s surreal… news helicopters flying overheard, police everywhere, an army of trucks, gawkers walking all over the place. I’m just glad we’re all okay.


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Lazy blogger, that’s me….

I am very unmotivated these days. For some reason the very idea of actually getting the camera (finding it, that is), taking and downloading a picture and then writing about it seems like an incredible amount of work. Plus I’m recuperating from Spinner’s baptism and all preparation that went into it. (I made quilted curtains that I can’t wait to show you!)

So today I’m introducing you to my friend Patty’s blog. She is a naturalist and early childhood science educator extraordinaire. You’ll want to add her to your Bloglines for certain! Enjoy!!


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Soakermania, round two

Spinner is growing fast, and can you believe it, WALKING!! Not a lot, he goes about three feet and then sits back down. It’s funny, when the big boys learned to walk (about 14 months) they were so excited it’s all they wanted to do. Spinner’s not even 11 months yet and he’s very ho-hum about it. Not that exciting yet, I guess. But very exciting for us!

A growing boy, of course means a growing bottom. So more soakers are in order!


This is the Picky Pants pattern again, my favorite. The wool is Blackberry Ridge merino.

The details I crocheted on, and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.


Although my snail does look mad.

I have another pair OTN that are nearly done. But I also have quilted curtains to finish sewing (didn’t know I was up to that, did you?) and a stairwell to paint. Spinner is getting baptized next weekend and we have family coming who haven’t been here for a few years, so I’m feeling the pressure to spruce things up. Wish me luck since I haven’t even started sewing Spinner’s baptism outfit yet. Yikes!!


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