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All bets are on….


I suffered interference of the worst kind this weekend. If I had a referee present Spinner would have spent the time in the penalty box.

Despite being one sleeve behind schedule all is not lost! You see before you one back, a left and a right front and the first 3 inches of a nine inch sleeve. If  people around here would go to sleep at a decent time I might just make it. The giant size hood and the seaming might be my only downfall!



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Robin Hood Jacket

1. I am actually two more repeats past this, since I took this picture on Monday.
2. Yes, I messed up the cables in the second repeat. I messed them up on the third too. I’m not ripping them out, don’t even suggest it.
3. I think I’m going to run out of the Rowan (discontinued!!) Cork.
4. I can’t seem to stay awake long enough to get very far.
5. My plan was to have the back finished tonight. I have eight inches to go and it’s 8:45. Not gonna happen.
6. Saturday, I’m not doing jack. Just knitting and watching the Olympics!


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I’m Ready

Are you??


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People often ask me, “So are you guys going to try for a fourth? You know, maybe you’ll have a girl!” My first reply is usually that a fourth child just might put me hiding under the dining room table with a bottle of something-or-other. But my real reply is that I’ve got nothing against girls (since I am one and all) but I really, really like having a house full of boys.

I like brotherly ice cream thievery.

I love boyish forts, including imaginary bear hunting and some sort of “lost kids living in the woods in the Civil War” game they had going on.


I love grubby little faces full of milk and cereal.


And I love making things for my boys. Enter my second Pebble Vest:



This vest was knit on size 10.5 needles using a handspun yarn I finished a couple of year ago. I was a wee bit short and used some leftover Lamb’s Pride in gray to finish it up. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this pattern.

I did have a realization this weekend about my knitting. Everything I knit these days is for Spinner, who rapidly grows out of it. Time to knit for the big boys so I can get more wear out of them. Enter the Robin Hood Jacket, which will be my Knitting Olympics project. I’m casting on Friday night during the opening ceremonies. Yes, I’m going to try to do this while all three boys are awake and jostling me on the couch for space. Anyone want to place bets on whether or not I even manage to cast on all the stitches? Maybe if Spinner falls asleep early….


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How did I miss this??

With three boys?? February is Celebrate the Boy Month!! This month is made for me.

And I have something boyish to show off tomorrow…


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Five minutes or less

That’s how long I have to write this post. Can I do it?? I just wanted to point you to my new favorite thing, or tab, at the top right of this page. The “Inspirations” tab.

I’m tired of seeing great things I’d like to try to do then forgetting about them. I can bookmark, sure, but they just get lost amongst the other bookmarks. So now, when I see something I love I can just add it to this list. Then when I need inspiration, there it is.

I’m guess I’ll limit this to non-knitting items, since I just cue those up on Ravelry. So consider this my queue of non Raveled items.

I’m also publicly declaring that it’s not just my own sock kits I’m going to make up this year (like the Harlot), I’m going for general knitting kits as well. I’m telling you all so I’ll have to get it done. If I don’t report back on this in a week, ask me. And go visit Ellen if you need some kit inspiration in the meantime. She’s got a mean sock line-up.

No go click that new tab, and have a great day!!


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