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I’ve got the blogging and crafting blehs…My ankle socks are nearly done but due to the fact that my crafting room is one without an air conditioner I am just not motivated to make much else. Add to that Knittybaby’s marathon 90 minute bedtimes and Little Man just being SO Little Man lately and I’m wiped out.

My evening blogging time has also been replaced lately with my obsession with Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. I can’t stop reading it and re-reading it because WOW, all of a sudden my children make sense to me. I don’t write too much about this issue because when my kids read this blog 20 years from now I don’t want it be all negative; I tend to stick to the funnier troubles or the postive stuff my kids do, with maybe a little complaining now and then. All in all my kids rock and I want that to be the vibe around here. That said,  as great as my kids are, they are not what one would call easy (yeah, I know, no kid is easy but there is a definite spectrum) and I’ve been feeling more and more frustrated lately.

In a nutshell, Kurcinka talks about temperment: intensity, perceptiveness, sensitivity, adaptation, persistence, energy (there are a few more). Everyone has these but a spirited kid has it to the next level. As she says, they are simply “more.” This explains why Knittybaby has the sleep issues he does and why Little Man can have a day where he meltsdown every twenty minutes all day long. I could write for pages but I won’t; we have a new bagel place to go check out this morning. But I’ll say again: WOW. Even if your kid is pretty even tempered I really think every parent, grandparent, teacher etc. should read this book.



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I’m a Sock Machine

Okay, not really a machine as nothing here is really that impressive, but nonetheless I have WIP’s and FO’s to report.

I put this all in on Ravelry this morning too. I’m loving that site but I have to say that the process of uploading my pics, putting them on Flickr, adding to Ravely and then my blog post is time consuming!

First, we have not a sock but rather a finished scarf:
terra scarf

Simple lace pattern of K2 tog and YO, then knit the even rows.
Yarn is Terra from the Fibre Company, alpaca merino and silk….nice! Took one skein only.

On to the socks.

First up, the Mystery Socks:

Mystery socks

Why a mystery? I won this yarn at The Weaving Inn but she wasn’t sure what it was. Bummer as I love this yarn. These will make nice warm socks this winter as they are quite thick. See the ear on the toe? I still get them now and again and can’t figure out why. Tricks, please??

Next up, my Spunkly Eclectic sock yarn of the month in Strawberry Fields. (Great club, by the way).

Spunky strawberry socks

On to WIP’s. The first Copycat sock is done:

Copycat socks

This is the sock I’m copying from a pair of store bought socks my SIL was wearing last Thanksgiving. I’m using Sandy’s Palette.

Next, I started Embossed Leaves Socks from Interweave Winter 2005, in Lotus Toes Sport by Zen String.

Embossed Leaves

Lastly, some plain old anklets in Regia Bamboo:


Oh, and I finished a bib too!


This went to a friend. Okay, actually it went to her baby. The weird squiggle? Hiding a weird loop that happened on the edge of the neck. I wanted to do more squiggles but finished this a half hour before the shower, so no such luck.


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Have you had your serving of dairy???

Thanks for all the dragon love. I’m excited to finish up the jacket but I have so many projects going on at once now. Now that the hard part is done, I’ll try to put on a little bit of trim here and there so it is done by Christmas.

I actually have a bunch of FO’s to show you, but I’ve got toe issues and I just don’t feel like modeling socks for you right now. I stubbed it last week, which just left it a bit sore for a couple of days. Then, Little Man stepped on that same toe while I was making breakfast last Thursday twice, rather hard, and ever since then the toe pain has been awful. It’s a little swollen and kind of purple on top and hurts like hell, especially when I’m on my feet. Could it be broken? Would a doctor do much if it was? I’m debatig if I want to squeeze in a doctor trip tomorrow. In the meantime I’ll just keep my feet up tonight.

I also have new WIP’s to show off. Two more pairs of socks went OTN this weekend. We went down around Madison for a huge family reunion. It was really a great time and I had the chance to reconnect with cousins I haven’t seen in over twenty years; I really hope we can keep this new connection going. The boys had a blast, but it was a bit odd realizing that now I’m the mom with little ones running around the farm. I used to be that kid!

The trip meant a lot of driving time, so I finished up one pair of socks, cast on for a new pair of bamboo/wool anklets and also meant to work on another pair of socks. But I brought the wrong issue of Interweave with the wrong pattern. So I cast on for the Embossed Leaves socks instead. (Lucky I always bring plenty of sock yarn.)

My knitting time on the way home was not that pleasant however. The boys were exhausted; in fact I’ve never seem Little Man so tired. Four nights of being up until ten or eleven plus his incredibly picky eating habits left the poor kid a total wreck. On Sunday he only ate two pancakes, two snow cones and a few bites of potato salad. At supper it was a couple bites of his sub and a little milk. We were desperate for him to get something in his system so we let him keep his milk with him in the backseat. Bad choice.

I don’t know what exactly set him off but the kid hit a mental wall. He spilled a little bit of milk on the back seat and as I turned around to try to clean it up he threw his entire bottle of open milk at us in the front seat. Milk everywhere: all over both of us, the dashboard, the stick shift, the stereo, my knitting….I’ve never seen my poor boy so tired and upset in as long time. Little Man yelling “Mom, you’re a bad lady!” while Knittybaby is crying and milk is dripping…and all the Skeptic and I could do was laugh because what else can you do in a situation like that???? It’s not really his fault. We’re the dummies who kept him up that late four nights in a row and fed him nothing but party and road food. Wouldn’t you throw your milk too?

Miracously we did make it home, all in one piece, but you can all understand now, with the toe and the milk and the general fatigue why there was no knitting photo shoot today. But in order to give you at least something good to look at I’ll give you some Little Man art. He suddenly went from the typical random four year old scribbles to faces and people. I’m pretty excited for him:


Lastly, to quote Knittybaby who is officially babbling his real first words now:

“All done.”


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The Rest

And I give you the Estes fiber:

Naturally dyed roving from Handspun by Stephania:

Natural Dyes from Handspun by Stephania

My messed up spindle plying is with their fiber too. It’s actually untangled and done but I forgot to take a photo.

Merino roving, silk hankie and baggie of Buttercup’s lovely angora from Leadville Ladies (no URL):
Leadville Ladies

Batts from an unknown sheep and unknown saleslady:
Unkown batts

Romney. I wasn’t going to buy this but the seller (same as the bats above) had the audacity to spin it right in front of me. What could I do?

That’s it from Estes. Who bought more, me or Chris??

Finally, I should prove to you that I really do knit. My WIP updates have been pitiful. So I give you a mess of socks:
mess of socks

And my Leaf Cardigan from Knitty:

Finally, last night the Urban Farmgirls got together for a Christmas in July meeting. I had the idea to take an old felted sweater and make a coat for Little Man. Since he’s a big dragon fan I decided to try some free form needle felting and make a dragon on the back. I expected a mess of green that really didn’t look like anything. Instead I managed to make this:
needle felted dragon

Sometimes I surprise myself. I’m more proud of this than anything I’ve made in awhile.


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You all thought I was done with the yarn, didn’t you? Nope, there’s more coming as I have yet to show you all the fiber I collected while at Estes. But before I do that I have another type of catching up to do!

When I got back from vacation, my Bloglines said I had nearly 1300 blog posts to read. (I know, I need to stop hitting that “subscribe” button but there are just too many funny, talented knitters and crafters out there. I can’t stop.) Anyway, I was finally getting to my “knitting” folder today when I saw that my incredibly wonderful SP10 spoiler, Marsha, named me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger!! rockingirlbuttonthumbnail.jpg

I’m thrilled she picked me, and now I have the tough job of nominating five of you. Not an easy task as I think you all rock, but off the top of my head here we go….

Pamela : Love her attitude, plus her Marigold socks are fab; if I only could finish the five other pairs of socks OTN so I could start her pattern.

Guinifer: Because she is the ultimate yarn-pusher and manages to knit a sock in five minutes.

Redoing this as WordPress just cut off my last three when I published, grrrr…

Catherine: She’s practically my neighbor, knits up a storm and is a total sweetheart.

Jennifer: She does patchwork in her sleep and has twin girls. Impressive!!!

Kittymommy: Perfect blend of knitting and parenting, plus she has all the best parenting links on her sidebar that I always mean to add.

There we go! I’d cheat too and add more but I’ve got to get dinner done and I hear Knittybaby up to something in the kitchen.


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Let’s see how far I get

Trying to blog, answer e-mail or basically do anything lately has been a nightmare lately, thanks to two constantly overtired boys who both refuse bedtime and are taking about two hours to go to sleep every evening (I still curse daylight savings for this). This means my evening blogging/knitting/spinning/sewing time is cut drastically. So rather than do one big Estes post, we’ll just see how much I get done before the Skeptic gets off the phone for our movie night or one of the boys wakes up again.

Before I get to the fiber and yarn, I need to send out a very belated and wonderful thank you to my swap partner for the Spring into Summer Dishcloth swap, Erica. She has even better pictures on her blog, so be sure to pay her a visit. Everything was wonderful; I was especially excited about the beautiful stitch markers and the flower cloth. I’ve knit a few before but never for myself and I’ve always wanted one.

Dishcloth swap

Pretty, huh?
So on to Wool Market at Estes…

I’m going to start with the yarn since it’s all on one picture. The yarn selection was great and it was fun to get a chance to see some new stuff. It was a little overwhelming and I pretty much wandered around for three hours trying to figure out what to buy. I controlled myself pretty well with the yarn:

Yarn goodies

From left to right starting on top:

1. Textiles A Mano Shanghai 50/50 silk wool blend. My favorite.

2. I am so bummed I can’t find the receipt for this. It is angora and nylon and it is dyed by a woman who based all her colorways on her husbands Wyoming photograpy. Her stuff was beautiful and I was hoping to order more someday. Anyone know who she is? The tag just has a picture of the photograph it is based on with the yarn info.

3. Brooks Farm Solana, 100% wool. Their booth was overwhelming and I spent so much time there, couldn’t handle it and grabbed this. I love it but wish I had more as they had a Clapotis in it that was so snuggle and squishy. I might have to e-mail them to see if they have any left. Their yarns are amazing and I wish I has gotten a few more skeins of their stuff.

4. Plain and Fancy Sheep and Wool Company, two skeins sportweight. Noticing a weird new color trend for me here? No web site for these guys.

5. The springiest, sproingiest (is that a word? It has to be for this yarn) fingering weight ever. 100% Cormo by Elsa Sheep and Wool Company. I need more of this.

6. Lastly, this was not at the Market but at The Stitchin’ Den in Estes Park.  It’s Lonesome Stone Yarn, 100% merino superwash in Fruit Salad.

And with that, I’ll call it a night.


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I had wanted to show you all this:


But instead I have to deal with this:


Never ever, EVER, no matter how sweetly he asks you, never let your four year old help you ply.

I’m going to cry some more and continue the hours of untangling.


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