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Cool thing of the day: I got to darn some mittens for a friend of mine that were knit by her great- grandfather. Not just any mittens either, a fair isle intarsia mix, with her great-grandmother’s name on them. You’ll all want to kick me now, because I forgot to take pictures. I’ll get a snapshot one of these days. You’ll love these mittens, seriously. Why didn’t my great-grandfather knit?

And now, the boys are asleep and I have a date with my spinning wheel and of course, Eastenders. Our local PBS station upped it to three episodes a week now so we may actually be somewhat caught up one of these days. I swear, we must be ten years behind the BBC.



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Because there is so much I could say…

I’m probably not going to say much of anything at all tonight. There is just too much on my mind, and as I was doing the dishes I wrote about ten different blog posts in my head: destroyer boys and Destroyer boys, the first little kicks of Baby Three, reminding Baby Three every day to please be The Gentle Child, trying to decide where on earth to even give birth to Baby Three and be happy with my decision, indecisive two year olds who won’t stay asleep, birthday money to spend (and what on?), crummy weather, and oh yes, what I’m spinning and what I’m knitting. (I’m more on the mama and less on the knitty lately, I guess)

Yeah, I said it’s a lot. And I do want to knit tonight, so I’m going to keep it simple, light, and stick with yarn. Yarn you may have noticed on my Flickr badge:

random 008

It’s Knitpick’s merino fingering weight, and it’s my first random experiment at dyeing my yarn.

Little Man helped with the photography…

I decided that I’ve been too worried about dyeing my own yarn, and dove in when the chance came up.

We dyed Easter eggs with natural dyes in playgroup last month, and had a bunch of dye left over, mostly turmeric and onion skins. I brought the dye home, did about 5 minutes on online research about mordants and soaked my yarn. I threw it on the pot, poured turmeric on half and onion skins on the other half and brought it to just about a simmer. I left it on low for about 30 minutes, let cool, and rinsed away. This is what I got:
random 011

Pretty, huh?

It got the tiniest bit felted, but it wound off okay and I think it looks pretty darn good for 11:30 at night and not trying too hard.

random 017

I cast on last night for a Baby Surprise, my first one ever. As soon as I have enough knit up I’ll show you how it looks OTN. But I must say, I’m pretty pleased with this yarn.


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The winner is….

Ellen, over at Lazy Daisy Knits!!!! The Randomizer chose #44, so Ellen gets the prize! Ellen, drop me an e-mail and let me know which prize you’d like!

Thanks so much to everyone who played and wished us all a happy birthday. You all left me such excellent links and I’ve really enjoyed checking them all out, as well as visiting the blogs of so many new visitors. I’ll be needing to update my Bloglines now!

Speaking of contests, I was lucky enough to win one last week as well. Amy over at Knit Think held a fun one and I was the winner. So not only do I get to send out a fun prize, I’ll be getting one as well:-) Thanks Amy!!


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Last Chance!!!

My dear Skeptic has his birthday tomorrow, the last of the marathon birthday season in our household. Thank goodness this next baby will be born in September, as I am burnt out on birthdays. The Skeptic, bless his heart, is happy to have a pie rather than a cake. He is also the type of guy who will not mind that his birthday gift is about the first ten rounds of a new black spring tam, which I will promise to finish up before it is too warm to wear it.

His birthday, of course, means that the 15th is the last day of the contest (see sidebar). I’ve really enjoyed all the wonderful links everyone has been sending, both old and new friends.  I’m sorry I haven’t had the time to reply to all of you, but I promise I am reading them all as well as your blogs.  It’s always fun to have new visitors!  I hope you’ve also enjoyed stopping in and I certainly hope you’ll visit again.

The contest officially ends at midnight, USA Central time, on April 15th. I’ll pick a winner at random and announce by the 17th. The winner will then get a chance to pick their prize, either a needle roll or a small project bag, sewn in your choice of colors and fabrics (and I’ve got quite a fabric stash!). Have fun and keep those great links coming!


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Down to the Wire

Saturday: Cast on for the Hello Yarn Top Down Bonnet for friend’s blessingway on Thursday.  Knit about 20 rows.

Sunday: Begin decreases. Realize that something is drastically wrong. Realize that even though you have knit this pattern before you have no idea why you can’t knit it now.

Monday: Boycott hat due to inability to figure out problem. Convince yourself you have plenty of time. Knit on a sock instead.

Tuesday: Decide you just need to rip out and start over. Realize that the entire problem was that you needed to cast on 36, figure 8 style. Instead of casting on 36, you wrapped the yarn 36 times, giving you twice as many stitches than needed. Wonder if you can possibly be any dumber than that, remind yourself you’re pregnant and chalk it up to wonky hormones. Start your taxes.

Wednesday: Knit, do taxes, knit, do taxes, knit, do taxes. Be pleased you are getting money back. Be unpleased at your lack of progress on the bonnet. Remind yourself you have all day Thursday.

Thursday: 9:30am:Get to preschool late, leaving you with less knitting time. Once home, have wired Knittykid insist on climbing all over you, making knitting nearly impossible.

11:30am:Run errand and pick up Little Man. Get Knittykid down for a nap and settle down for 2 solid hours of knitting.

1:30pm: Have Knittykid wake up after 30 minutes, crying that he needed “that!!!!” God only know what “that” is.  Take 20 minutes to figure out “that” is a Thomas the Train Leapad cartridge. Take Knittykid to rocker with cartridge and get stuck for an hour with a half asleep boy. Notice you need to be at the blessingway in three hours. Curse the snow.

3:30: Crazy fast knitting. Be thankful boys are actually hanging out quietly.

4:00: Make it to the I-cord. Realize you still have to make a pasta dish to take along and you need to leave at 5:15.

4:10: Break up first real fight between boys over a Jr. Scrabble game. Have a hard time not cheering  Knittykid on when he finally decides to retaliate from being pushed over by punching Little Man and pulling his hair. Decide to intervene when Little Man attempts to sit on Knittykid’s head. Wonder what it will be like when they are in middle school.

4:20: Bind off final i-cord, weave in ends.

4:30: Steam block hat, throw together world’s fasted and yummiest pasta dish. Manage to do dishes and put on clean clothes.

5:30: Run out door, amazed that everything is finished and the hat actually looks good.

6:30: Help to host beautiful blessingway, have a great time and know friend will have a beautiful birth. Friend loved hat and knows you well enough to take a blog photo with a promise to e-mail it to you.

11:15: Realize this is a really long post and wonder who, aside from your mother, will actually read the entire thing. Decide enough is enough and go to bed.

Contest reminder!!!! 44 entries in already, yay! I’m loving all the links:-) Remember you have until April 15th to get your entry in!!!


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Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

It was five years ago today that this dark-haired, beautiful little boy emerged into this world.


It seems like just yesterday that he was a tiny two year old. A few of my friends’ children turned five that summer and I remember thinking what a huge turning point that was. Five meant kindergarten, that first real step out into the world, and it seemed so far away at the time. Now here I am with another two year old and my oldest is turning five. He’s not so little anymore…


I am constantly amazed by my firstborn. His joy, curiosity and enthusiasm are contagious. His amazing stories, observations, wonderings and constant chatter mean I never have a moment to not have something to think about. Just now, as he’s sitting next to me on the floor putting his legos together, he blurted out to me, “Mom? Isn’t it funny how some people think it’s morning time, when it’s really night time?” This is what I love about five, because I know there is a story in there somewhere that will come out any minute. I wish I was better at remembering to write them down.

So today I wish the happiest birthday to my own dear Little Man. Thank you for five amazing and happy years. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings to you!


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  • Thanks for all the kind words about the baby! We are pretty thrilled around here, and it’s fun to finally get to share the news with all of you. Baby knits update to start soon. Anyone got a favorite?
  • Knittybaby is hereby promoted to Knittykid. You all had such great suggestions; I really loved them all. I was tempted a lot by Knittytot, but I figured Knittykid would last longer. And who knows what other version may reappear with our little Three?
  • I hosted my first ever kid birthday party today for Little Man. (His real birthday is not for a few more days). I kept it seriously low key, a few friends, a few games, cake and just hanging out. All in all it was a fun morning and it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be. A few moments: “No, this is a party…you can’t kick most of your friends out of the room. I think you can all build legos together…”But otherwise it was all good. And this cake? Seriously, wow, wow, wow….
  • My Qiviuk Webs Tam (not made in qiviuk) made the pattern page on Ravelry (third one down). I feel like such a knitter.
  • I’m obsessing over all the blankets at January One. Specifically how on earth anyone can afford to make that many blankets in STR. I looked up how much it would cost me and decided I should probably plan on sending my kids to college instead. At least the first semester, since that’s what one blanket would cost me. (Yeah, I know, I’m delusional about tuition).
  • This sweater looks innocent enough:

random 019
It’s not:
random 024

Great contest entries so far, keep ’em coming! Remember, you get to pick the fabric, and I’ve got a lot to choose from! Link is on the sidebar…


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