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(There is yarn content in here, I promise!!!)

I’m going to admit that my online attention has been elsewhere. I’ve barely read more than a handful of blogs in the last two weeks and rarely left a comment. And for what? My latest obsession, not yarn or fiber (although that’s always an obsession), but diapers.

A few of you will be in the know about this, but most of you will be thinking, “diapers?” How much time can a girl spend obsessing about diapers? Let me tell you, LOTS of time.

Because there is a lovely place called Hyenacart. Sort of like Etsy, but aimed more at families/natural living. There are gorgeous, gorgeous cloth diapers here. And while the Fuzzi Bunz and prefolds have served me well for the boys, they are old and worn and it’s time to step it up. This kid is getting handmade fitteds, such as my cute red monkey diaper I found this weekend.

The thing is, diaper shopping is as much work as yarn shopping when it comes to small, indie sellers. You basically need to stalk the sites and grab them when you have the chance. Plus, I’m trying to stick to some sort of budget. After all, cloth diapers are supposed to be saving me money, not break the bank. So I’ve been looking for a few nice splurges as well as the more budget friendly sellers as well. But wow, there is so much to choose from¬† (if I can only get to them first!)

And of course, this is not just a post about buying diapers. This is a blog about making things, and that includes diapers. So I’m also obsessing about sewing diapers and of course, knitting soakers. (See, there is knitting in here!!) But I’ve never sewn a diaper, and it’s been two years since I’ve made a soaker, so I’m out of the loop. There are patterns to look at and yarn to obsess about. Amazingly, my stash is not very full of good soaker yarn, and this is the best part I have to share with all of YOU knitters out there.

You see, I thought I was pretty up on my internet yarn sources. I’ve haunted Etsy and most of the smaller yarn sellers online, so I was sure I’d seen it all.¬† Nope. Because in all my soaker research/Hyenacart shopping, I’ve made a discovery. There is more yarn out there. Yarn I’ve never even heard of, dyers I’ve never run across, all that seem to lurk within the cloth diaper circuit. And this is nice stuff, beautiful colors, interesting yarns. A lot of very specific wools out there that would be nice for more than soakers. Lots of BFL, targhee, organic, rambouillet, handspun….a lot of beautiful yarn.

Want a peak? Go here. And here. Also here. And to see all of it, here. And don’t forget Spot’s Corner, where you can see who is selling off their stash (and you could sell yours!).

So hopefully, in exchange for some new yarn shopping for all of you, you’ll forgive my little blog-reading hiatus here. I promise I’ll be lurking around again soon, as soon as I’ve spent all my money:-)



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So no critters in the grass box (yet!). So far the table has also become a desk for his research. I’m digging having this little Scientist in the family.

Speaking of Little Man….. (I kind of like the Scientist, hmmm…..he’s been growing out of his nickname lately too since he’s so darn big!) Anyway, I was putting Knittykid down for his nap yesterday when all of a sudden I hear Little Man screaming at the top of his lungs, “Hey you, stop that!!! You stop that right now! STOOOOPP ITTTT!!!!”

Now this is a kid who’s known to freak out at construction workers for making too much noise, or yell at the landscapers next door because they were cutting down the vines, so I wasn’t too worried. But I did hightail it to the window to see what the offense was.

The offender? Some poor woman spraying weed killer all over the neighbors lawn. As I looked out she was nervously placing the Do not walk on the grass or you and you loved ones will suffer from all sorts of nasty diseases sign (yeah, I’m biased. I hate that junk, especially when it’s being sprayed ten feet from my kid). Apparently I’ve over educated Little Man on the evils of all non-organic lawn care. We had to have a little talk about it, explaining that yes, weed killer is bad for people, bad for the planet, but screaming at strangers will not help solve the problem and is generally considered bad manners.

So in Little Man’s honor, here is a link to our favorite organic lawn care stuff, just in case you are now wondering a bit more about it: Gardens Alive. Which reminds me, I need to place an order!

Since Fridays are technically supposed to be for spinning around here, I’ll show off my Spinner’s Web Rosa for you today. It’s closer to a bulky weight this time, but so lovely. I didn’t realize the pictures were so blurry when I took them, but you can still see the lovely oranges and purples blended in with the pink. I finished it up last week.
Spinner's Web "Rosa"


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Difference of Opinion

Little Man has been dragging his nature box around with him the last two weeks. This box is filled with all of his treasures he finds outside, from pinecones to dead cicadas. It also includes his magnifying glass, flower press, nature journal, all sorts of good stuff that he loves. I’ve been reading The Creative Family by the lovely Soulemama and was inspired by her family’s gorgeous nature table. So yesterday, Little Man and I got to it and set one up.

Our visions were a bit different.

Mine included covering the table with some pretty fabric, adding some nice plants, getting some sweet dishes and jars for all his stuff and setting it all up. Nice, right?

His plan was no plants unless he was growing them himself, no pretty fabric (no pretty anything!), cardboard boxes and cans.

Guess who won?
Difference of Opinion

Not the most attractive nature table, is it?

Since he was the only one of us who felt the need to burst into tears at every suggestion, I figured I’d better let him win on this one. I’m just thankful he did not remember the beaver skeleton that he and the Skeptic found last summer, which is hidden in the basement. I’m sure he’d want that on display too. The dead cicada is there, but I hid the jar behind his radish plant. At least we agreed on keeping all his supplies on the second shelf under the table, so at the top is just for display and collecting. I’m hoping it will evolve a bit over the summer and maybe when he’s not so tired (or feeling so very five) that we can rearrange a bit. I really would like it to be for the whole family, but for now he has claimed it as his. (Could I get him to go for felted bowls?)

Little Man is a constant teacher in letting go. So many times I have an idea for a project and his idea turns out to be very different from mine. It’s so hard for me to realize that the whole point is for him to get to create, that I might have a suggestion or idea but really it’s all about him. I have plenty of chances to do my own thing, and he certainly doesn’t tell me how to spin or knit.

Knittykid is getting into the creative picture around here too now, so I’ll be spending my summer making sure that both boys have their chance to try their own ideas, keeping mine to gentle reminders or suggestions if they need it.

looking out


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Super Fast Shepherd’s Harvest

I need to be quick about this post tonight, so I’ll get right to the info!

As usual, Shepherd Harvest was a blast. The guys always take me there for Mother’s Day; you can’t beat that! The day was sunny but the wind was so cold, and for some reason it made me in a hurry to get through everything. A cold day I can handle, but a cold wind? Brrrrrr…..

I hit the Spinner’s Web booth:
Spinner's web yellows
Spinner's Web browns
Spinner's Web greens

Handspun by Stephania:
Handspun by Stephania
Handspun by Stephania

River’s Edge Weaving Studio:
River's Edge Weaving studio

Hidden Valley Farm
Hidden Valley Farm

And of , a vendor I forgot. Do you recognize this fiber? (She had a bunch of huge bins, lots of stuff with handspun samples of each one.)
Mystery Vendor

And, Little Man making friends with a lamb. (Knittykid was hanging out in the backpack). This shepherd seemed to be the only friendly one in the barn. How is it that the vendors are so nice, but you head out to the animals and their people are so darn grumpy? Is it just me?
Little Man and the lamb

I didn’t buy any yarn this year…a first, I think. I was fiber focused!!!


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Quick spinning update

I’m impressed with how much I’ve stuck with the spinning so far this year. I’m really feeling like I’m getting it down now and can spin a decent and usable yarn. The latest?

Merino/tencel blend from The Fiber Studio.

Merino/Tencel 50/50

I found this a bit tougher to spin. It drafted so smoothly that I’d lose it every now and then, or end up with a clump here or there. But boy is it soft and lovely! I think I’d prefer a 75/25 blend rather than a 50/50.

My latest obsession is the pink fluff. I was putting this one off as I thought it would be hard to spin, being nothing but a big bag of fluff and all but no, it is pure heaven to work with. I need more of this and I really hope the vendor is at Shepherd’s Harvest again this year.

Spinner's Web, "Rosa" fluff

I wish you could see the colors better…pink with purples, whites, orange and a bit of sparkle. Icelandic, alpaca, mohair, tussah silk. Lovely….you can’t beat Spinner’s Web. Sorry, no link!
Spinner's Web, "Rosa" 2


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WIP’s and a thank you

The Honeycomb Bag is knitted up and ready for finishing. I have to say, the bag is cute but the yarn is a major PITA. Why anyone would want to knit an entire sweater in it (although it is soft) is beyond me. Don’t try to tink anything and if you lose a stitch, too bad for you…

I have to pick a lining for the bag. To be honest, I love both my fabric options but I’m not sure I love either with the bag. Would you choose

Option #1

Honeycomb Bag 1

or Option #2?

Honeycomb bag #2

Or would you head to the fabric shop?

I promised a picture of how the Baby Surprise is looking with my first ever hand dyed yarn. It’s the only thing making this miserable Minnesota spring tolerable.

Baby Surprise #1

Last but not least, a big thank you goes to Amy over at Knit Think! Look at the wonderful contest prize she sent me!


I can’t wait to knit this up; I’m in love with orange lately. And eat it with the chocolates and tea and use the cute stitch markers. I’m all set. Thanks Amy!!!!


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