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No Coast Craft-O-Rama Highlights

Well, I managed to make it through all of No Coast, although it took me two days and two visits to do so. As usual, there was an amazing group of crafters there this year. I’m on a serious budget this month so I didn’t buy too much, but I make note of quite a few favorites that I will be shopping from later. Here is a handful to help you out with your holiday shopping!

Lemonade Bags: Okay, I admit I’m totally biased on this on as the seller is my dear friend Annik. But, she is also incredibly talented and I’ve actually hinted to the Skeptic many times that I really want one of her totes for Christmas. They are a great all purpose bag but they also would make an exceptionally good knitting bag as they have extra pockets on the inside and are much sturdier than most of the bags I’ve seen around. Plus her designs are adorable. (Annik’s also started blogging, so be sure to check in and give her a hello!)

Rectangle: Screenprinted clothing, but with more original cuts than I’ve seen around. No plain old t-shirts here! This is one seller I’m going to have to save up for. Gorgeous scarves.

Tillylula: Adorable fabric and paper earrings. I actually wanted to buy a pair and I forgot to go back, and I could kick myself for it.

Cosmo’s Collars: Cutest dog collars ever.

Biggs and Featherbelle: Lovely soaps and body products.

Green Apple Yarn: Lovely handspun. Her Etsy shop is empty right now but I’d guess she’ll have it back up now that Craftorama is over.

Aisha Celia Designs: More handspun, plus hand dyed yarns. She also had some great dye it yourself kits for sale. I bought from her last year and she really has some high quality stuff. Her hand dyed merino was amazing.

Harrilu: Oh, how I loved Harrilu. I need a shirt for both myself and the boys, and I had to really control myself to not break out the credit card for these.

Pumpkin Girl Cards: So cute. Can’t say what I bought since they are gifts, but all her stuff was just the cutest. She has lots more than cards.

Sinister Bags: I got one of these last year as a gift and it is still one of my favorite bags ever. I get compliments every time use it.

Wild Oats Diaperz: Another local mom I know; if you’re into cloth diapering this is a site for you. I bought the cutest robot diaper for Knittybaby and some boxers for Little Man. She’s also got baby shoes and some costumes.

I could seriously go on all night, but I’d better stop there. If you want more ideas go to the No Coast Craft-o-rama site and check out their list of vendors.

In the meantime, I’ll be gearing up for the Handmaiden’s Craftsmas Indie art and Craft show on the 9th in Minneapolis. Lots more good stuff!!!

Lastly, if you’re in town and you’re looking for something to do with the family, stop by the Textile Center on Sunday (the 2nd) from 12-4. It’s family day and I’ll be heading up the pre-school activity. Parents get to shop in the gallery while the kiddos make something fibery. Hope to see you there!



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