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Thanks, SP9!!!

How incredibly cute is this package? I love bags, and this one is the absolute perfect size for a small project. Look at the little notions bag! Cute.

Even cuter? The yarn cutter. I’ve always wanted one of these and it’s adorable. And the row counter bracelet? Love it! I need one of these badly. (Note to self, hide from Little Man)

But there’s more! Sock yarn! And roving!! The colors are gorgeous; I absolutely love them both. The yarn is a type I’ve never seen before: Jojoland. It is so soft and practically irridescent.
And have you noticed all the cute little notes? This whole package made my day. Thank you so much, SP9!!!!

Hmmmm…..what on earth could this be? Chris, cover your eyes!!!

My three scarves for the GPA-MN craft sale are done and blocking and most of the donations are here. Show and tell coming soon!


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I’ve barely gotten anything done this week. I had my first “Down and Dirty Pattern Drafting” class at the Textile Center and managed to make myself a basic skirt pattern. Next week we make a bodice and the final week we do fittings and tweak the patterns. The teacher is great and it’s nice to have a whole three hours of worktime. The only bummer is that there is no actual sewing done in the class, that’s all homework. I really have no idea how to sew from a pattern. I’ve been making up my own stuff and just measuring. But I’ve gotten a couple of good basic books so I think I’ll be okay.

I was supposed to get together to spin last night with a friend, but Little Man changed those plans. He’s been really into cooking with me lately and is a pretty good helper, although he really wants to get to work at the stove, which has been my big no-no. Well, despite my many, many warnings of “that will burn your skin right off, don’t touch!!!” he decided to see for himself. He had his back to the sink and was working at the counter. I brought over a pot of boiled root veggies to drain, and before I could say “look out” he turns around and sticks his hand under the water as I’m pouring it out – on purpose!! I thought for sure we’d be off to the ER. The Skeptic got him under cold water and I consulted my trusty Dr. Sears while listening to my poor boy scream like I’ve never heard him. After sufficient monitoring we decided he didn’t need to go in. Amazingly he’s got nothing more than first degree burns. We gave him Tylenol and ran out for burn cream and this morning he was just about good as new, looking like his hand got a sunburn. Needless to say, no spinning was done last night! I’m hoping at least now he’s learned to believe Mommy, but oh, did my poor boy cry.

The donations for the Greyhound Pets of America-Minnesota craft fair have been arriving, and I need to get mine finished up tonight. I’m way behind as I totally forgot it’s the end of the semester and I have grades to do, all 300 students! I’m mostly done so I’m off to finish my scarves. Once I’m done and I’ve got everything ready to get picked up I’ll take pictures and get thanks out to the donators.

Then, maybe I’ll actually get my mittens done.


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Cabin fever

The last few days have been a huge blur and although I had pretty much planned this whole post out in my head while putting Knittybaby to sleep, I’ve completly forgot how it logically seemed to go together. I’ve had one of those evenings where Little Man was asleep by 7 and Knittybaby was asleep on my lap by 7:15. I thought I was home free, but as I was carrying him to bed he totally re-perked. This kid goes from sound asleep to wide awake in seconds. I spent the next two hours trying to get him back to sleep and finally gave him to the Skeptic at nine. At that point I had to break my “no housework after 9pm” rule and mop the floor (because the Skeptic doesn’t know how to clean up a serious mayo spill) and make more laundry detergent (yup, you read that right. I’ll tell you how to make it another day) and then get Knittybaby back to sleep once more. So now it’s 10:30 and I’m going to try to make sense of all these random thoughts.

First, thank you so much for all your de-lurking comments! I was happy to get to know who more of you are and read your blogs or just drop you an e-mail. I was also floored by the number of comments I’ve gotten on the needle roll. I did make up the pattern myself, thanks! I’m not organized enough to write up a complete tutorial right now, but basically I used Wonder-Under to fuse the two fabrics together, folded it up, sewed the slots and added a flap. I plan to make one more my for SP9’s last package (better get moving) another for just sock needles and another for my circulars. I’m also thinking about maybe putting a few up for swaps, maybe for hand dyed yarn or something like that. I really enjoyed making it and have so much lovely fabric to use up. We’ll see where the time is.

We’re already starting to need Spring to come. Little Man is not a “stay home all day” type of guy. I’ve been trying to keep him busy with pre-school, playgroup and playdates, but it still isn’t enough. This boy needs to get out to parks and long walks and bike rides to burn off some of his never ending energy. He’ll do the backyard for about 30 minutes but gets cold and wants to come in. We did have our first playdate with the Heathen Housewife and her crew last Thursday. I had a great time chatting with her; she’s a lovely person and I think Little Man and her three year old daughter had a pretty good time, with the exception of the “He’s smashing me!” episode and the time that Little Man decided to be a dinosaur. Oh, and his most major meltdown I’ve witnessed in months when it was time to go. But the Housewife was swell and helped us all get out of the door without me having a meltdown myself.

So how are we dealing with this cabin fever? Aside from getting out a lot, I’ve decided that organized messes are way better than “I think I’ll sneak up to mom’s closet” messes so we’ve been keeping busy:

Painting a cardboard container. You can get these at JoAnn’s for about $2.oo. Paint it and call it a “treasure box to keep things away from little brothers.”Entertainment time: 45 minutes.

Goop: 16 oz cornstarch + 1.5 cups water + food coloring. I was seriously short on cornstarch so I just gave him a bunch of extra flour and let him mix it all up. Entertainment time: 1 whole hour!!! (Do this before you need to wash your floor).

Little Man’s snack of choice while I’m putting Knittybaby down for a nap:

Yes, I need to hide things better. That was a giant size chocolate bar. And God knows how much sugar he ate.

So I was thinking, seeing how much I like swaps and seeing how many other moms are getting cabin fever with their kids right now, wouldn’t it be fun to do a knitters’ cabin fever swap? Yarn for mom and a craft activity for the kids? Hmmmmm, not saying I’ll commit just yet but it could be fun.

5:30 am will be here before I know it. Good night!


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Pleased to Meet You

So apparently it’s De-Lurking Week, and I’ve been excited to see so many readers commenting this week who haven’t commented before. It’s been so nice to visit your blogs and know who more of you are. I absolutely love this little knitting/crafting community we’ve got going here. I was thinking the other day that if it wasn’t for bloggers, I would most likely still be knitting garter stitch hats and scarves. Instead, I’ve branched out into areas of knitting I never thought possible when I first began knitting: socks, cables, sweaters, colorwork, teeny-tiny needles, lace, my gosh, even spinning and now sewing! I used to think all of these things were “too hard” and I would need to knit for 20 years before I tried it. But here you all are, showing off your work, explaining how you do it and suddenly I feel like I can do it too. And you know what? I’ve found I can.

I hope that my little blog does the same for you. I love all the comments that you leave, every single one of you. Thanks to all my regulars; it’s nice to have your ideas, encouragement and a good laugh. So if you’ve been too shy, or just trying to keep up with reading the many blogs you subscribe too (I know how that is) just take a second to say “hi!” in the comments. I’ll be glad to be able to visit your blog and be able to says “thanks!” Remember, I’ve got two comments sections right now. If you’d like an e-mail from me be sure to comment in Haloscan. (I promise to fix that. I’ve got BIG blog plans coming soon.)

Oh, and I promise to de-lurk a little more this week as well. And Mom? This means you too!


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Now I know why people love sewing.

It’s a little crooked. The thread’s a little blobby in some places.

Under three hours and this puppy was done. And I didn’t even know what I was doing.

I’ll still always be Knittymama first, but dang if that wasn’t a fast project!


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Making the Switch

Looks like I’m trying the switch. I’m currently at Blogger. Visit me there until I’m all set up!

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Keeping it Real

I was reading All Buttoned Up today and was inspired by her messiness and well, normalcy. I’ve been feeling in a funk lately about the perpetual state of mess in our house, torn between just wanting so say the hell with everyone else…no one plays, paints, knits, fixes, putters, or relaxes until this place is clean and organized, OR, realizing that I’m a mom with two little boys and while some semblance of order is necessary, there are more important things in life than living like Martha Stewart.

So, with the thought of keeping it real, here’s the mess that I try to create in:

This was actually a cleaner day today. It’s just me in my dining room, a small sea of toys and Knittybaby meandering in the background. Usually the sea of toys is much larger. Little Man and the Skeptic are downstairs in the Skeptic’s shop, fixing, puttering and other shop-like stuff. I know, you’re thinking, “The Skeptic gets a shop and you’re sewing in the dining room?!?” But our basement is an old basement, built when basements were not meant for sewing/knitting/spinning rooms. The Skeptic often tries to get me to knit down there while he’s working, but it’s not exactly cozy. So I’m happy with my yarn closet and whatever I piece together around my messy yet happy house.

What am I making? Curtains, for the playroom/craft room. I do share an upstairs room with the boys, but it’s mostly playroom with my craft stuff all hidden away in the closet and on shelves. I finished up the last two curtains today and will take pictures the next time we get a sunny day.

Today was a lovely day. The boys were in just the right mood. I got out to yoga class and stopped by the Textile Center to sign up for a sewing class and a full weekend spinning class. I’ve decided that I need some uninterrupted time out of the house to really focus on my sewing and spinning so I’m a bit more comfortable with both. Right now it’s a lot like when I started knitting: slow and careful. I want to get to the point where I don’t have to think so hard about it.

It’s late and I want to get back to my mittens. I started casting on the second last night and don’t want to lose my momentum. Thanks for all the kind comments!


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