Three years…

Three years ago tonight I was trying to decide whether or not I was in labor. Knittykid arrived quickly, so fast that out of all three births his is the biggest blur…going to bed, thinking that maybe something was up, the Skeptic getting home from work, a call to our doula, a drive to the hospital. Just enough time to check in and then he was there, beautiful blue eyes, little bald head, nuzzled up on my chest while the oh-so-kind nurse just let us be for a long while, no weighing, no bath, just cuddling up with our wee boy, amazed that just like that, he was here.

And now it’s been three years of blessings, sweetness and smiles.

The Skeptic is working away in the basement. He took charge of making Knittykid’s gift this year, (a roundhouse for his trains) and just like us knitter’s he’ll be burning the midnight oil to get it finished up in time.

I’ve got it easy. I’m heading up to my workroom to make a felt birthday crown for him. Although tomorrow I’ve got it tough as I attempt to make this. The soccer bear is his choice.

I’m terrified, as I can barely frost a cupcake, so it should be interesting, and I promise to post the results. Wish me luck!!



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10 responses to “Three years…

  1. Luck! To you and the Skeptic, and a very happy birthday to KnittyKid!

  2. Happy Birthday Knittykid!!! Seems like not so long ago that we all called you KnittyBABY and now look at you! All grown up and a big brother to boot. Have fun with the trains!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, KnittyKid. Hope the whole family has a wonderful day.

  4. Kris

    Happy Birthday Knittykid. And good luck with the cake!

  5. Amy

    Good luck and happy birthday to Knittykid!

  6. Here’s some luck! I have a two year old b-day cake to make next week. I’m glad she’s not making requests yet.

  7. Guinifer

    Happy day to the big guy! (I’m sure he won’t care how it looks – as long as it tastes yummy!)

  8. Happy Birthday to your Knittykid! And much luck to you with the cake-making. I’m gonna bake cupcakes tonight for Juliet’s party tomorrow – this year I’m taking the easy way out! heehee. Have a great weekend, all of you!

  9. Little kid bdays are the best – no expectations. And while I made very basic cupcakes with a swirl of icing for Mr. J’s bday party yesterday, the kids liked the cupcake toppers made from paperstock and toothpicks even better. Good luck!

  10. They grow up so fast!!
    You’re gonna show us the finished roundhouse, too, right?

    Happy birthday to your little one, and happy knitting to you-

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