As much winter as I’ll get…

Winter this year in MN is downright depressing.

Not because of the cold and grey, which I admit will chase away many a person, but because of the lack of cold and snow. We’ve barely gotten enough to scrape into meager snow forts in the backyard. It’s so warm the boys walk around in their hoodies and nothing else. We haven’t gone ice skating because it just doesn’t feel like we should be able to ice skate…I mean, there is MUD in my yard. In February. Not okay.

But we did get a good dose of finger numbing, toe freezing winter las weekend at the Art Shanties out on Medicine Lake, just outside of Minneapolis.

What is an art shanty? From their website:

Art Shanty Projects is a four-week exhibition that is part sculpture park, part artist residency and part social experiment, inspired by traditional ice fishing houses that dot the state’s lakes in winter. It is an artist driven temporary community exploring the ways in which the relatively unregulated public space of the frozen lake can be used as a new and challenging artistic environment to expand notions of what art can be.

I just call it pure winter in Minnesota awesomeness.

Enjoy the pictures, and be sure to catch the moving robot shanty video at the end. The music is from the white shanty to the right, which was a dance club on ice. That robot was being pushed all ove the place!

See where the Skeptic is pulling them? There should be a foot+ of snow here, not two inches!



Some sort of sun camera…Math Boy never did tell me what was in there.

Ice Basketball!!

Troll bridge. We spent a lot of time here.






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2 responses to “As much winter as I’ll get…

  1. Those Art Shanties are pretty cool!

  2. Guinifer

    That is kind of all-out awesome!

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