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The Rest

And I give you the Estes fiber:

Naturally dyed roving from Handspun by Stephania:

Natural Dyes from Handspun by Stephania

My messed up spindle plying is with their fiber too. It’s actually untangled and done but I forgot to take a photo.

Merino roving, silk hankie and baggie of Buttercup’s lovely angora from Leadville Ladies (no URL):
Leadville Ladies

Batts from an unknown sheep and unknown saleslady:
Unkown batts

Romney. I wasn’t going to buy this but the seller (same as the bats above) had the audacity to spin it right in front of me. What could I do?

That’s it from Estes. Who bought more, me or Chris??

Finally, I should prove to you that I really do knit. My WIP updates have been pitiful. So I give you a mess of socks:
mess of socks

And my Leaf Cardigan from Knitty:

Finally, last night the Urban Farmgirls got together for a Christmas in July meeting. I had the idea to take an old felted sweater and make a coat for Little Man. Since he’s a big dragon fan I decided to try some free form needle felting and make a dragon on the back. I expected a mess of green that really didn’t look like anything. Instead I managed to make this:
needle felted dragon

Sometimes I surprise myself. I’m more proud of this than anything I’ve made in awhile.



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