The Rest

And I give you the Estes fiber:

Naturally dyed roving from Handspun by Stephania:

Natural Dyes from Handspun by Stephania

My messed up spindle plying is with their fiber too. It’s actually untangled and done but I forgot to take a photo.

Merino roving, silk hankie and baggie of Buttercup’s lovely angora from Leadville Ladies (no URL):
Leadville Ladies

Batts from an unknown sheep and unknown saleslady:
Unkown batts

Romney. I wasn’t going to buy this but the seller (same as the bats above) had the audacity to spin it right in front of me. What could I do?

That’s it from Estes. Who bought more, me or Chris??

Finally, I should prove to you that I really do knit. My WIP updates have been pitiful. So I give you a mess of socks:
mess of socks

And my Leaf Cardigan from Knitty:

Finally, last night the Urban Farmgirls got together for a Christmas in July meeting. I had the idea to take an old felted sweater and make a coat for Little Man. Since he’s a big dragon fan I decided to try some free form needle felting and make a dragon on the back. I expected a mess of green that really didn’t look like anything. Instead I managed to make this:
needle felted dragon

Sometimes I surprise myself. I’m more proud of this than anything I’ve made in awhile.



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21 responses to “The Rest

  1. That dragon is seriously cute! Wow.

    Hee hee – since my Estes purchases are all mixed in with my total vacation purchases, it’s pretty hard to tell…

  2. The dragon is amazing!! You should all have seen her while she was doing it too – she really was surprised with herself and in love with it! Way to go Needle-Felting Woman!!

  3. Nice dragon.
    How did you manage to sew up the jacket? I’m assuming that the felted sweater did not shrink to perfectly fit LM.

  4. Love, love love the dragon!!! Nice job!

    And all that pretty fiber is just so inspiring…I’m breaking the wheel out right now.

  5. The dragon is mighty and fierce!!!
    That primrose batt is so very sweet.
    I think Chris may have won.
    Your Leaf cardi is coming along beautifully – it’s in my list, as you may know, I may be casting that on sooner rather than later.

  6. OMG I love the dragon!! I’ve never needle felted, so your skills are especially amazing to me!

  7. That’s one nice dragon. Little Man has a talented Momma. I think Chris bought more at Estes, but all hers was already in yarn form. You’ll have more work with yours.

  8. The dragon is fantastic! That sort of detail is really difficult. Well done!

  9. Love your colorful socks and I want to pet your roving…color me green with envy, like that cute dragon.

  10. Gretchen

    That dragon is great! What a neat idea for your Little Man.

    I’m not a spinner, but that roving is beautiful! I could just pet it for hours!

  11. I love the primrose roving! Great job on the dragon. I’m sure Little Man will look very handsome in the jacket.

  12. Gorgeous fiber, and I love the dragon. 🙂

  13. Wow, I am very impressed with the dragon! Very cool. I bet he’s going to *flip* over it!

  14. Needle felting is one of my favorite past times and your dragon is wonderful! The primrose roving is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see how it spins up.

  15. Little Man will LOVE that dragon jacket, says the mother of 2 all-growed-up-now boys. Very cool.

  16. Awwwwww…what a cute dragon!

  17. Love the dragon!!! Little Man is gonna lurrrve it!

  18. What a great dragon! I’m very impressed. I tried needlefelting, but everything I made pretty much did look like a blob. Good job!!

  19. Oh what a great batch of socks you haev on the go!!!

    Great dragon too!!!

  20. that dragon TOTALLY rocks!

  21. What a wonderful dragon! I’m sure your little boy loves it.

    The socks look lovely and all that fleece – gorgeous colours. Can’t wait to see what it all turns into …

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