You all thought I was done with the yarn, didn’t you? Nope, there’s more coming as I have yet to show you all the fiber I collected while at Estes. But before I do that I have another type of catching up to do!

When I got back from vacation, my Bloglines said I had nearly 1300 blog posts to read. (I know, I need to stop hitting that “subscribe” button but there are just too many funny, talented knitters and crafters out there. I can’t stop.) Anyway, I was finally getting to my “knitting” folder today when I saw that my incredibly wonderful SP10 spoiler, Marsha, named me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger!! rockingirlbuttonthumbnail.jpg

I’m thrilled she picked me, and now I have the tough job of nominating five of you. Not an easy task as I think you all rock, but off the top of my head here we go….

Pamela : Love her attitude, plus her Marigold socks are fab; if I only could finish the five other pairs of socks OTN so I could start her pattern.

Guinifer: Because she is the ultimate yarn-pusher and manages to knit a sock in five minutes.

Redoing this as WordPress just cut off my last three when I published, grrrr…

Catherine: She’s practically my neighbor, knits up a storm and is a total sweetheart.

Jennifer: She does patchwork in her sleep and has twin girls. Impressive!!!

Kittymommy: Perfect blend of knitting and parenting, plus she has all the best parenting links on her sidebar that I always mean to add.

There we go! I’d cheat too and add more but I’ve got to get dinner done and I hear Knittybaby up to something in the kitchen.



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6 responses to “Blush…

  1. Congrats! Hee hee – I hope you bought more than I did, because I sure got a lot of crap when I posted the spoils. 🙂

  2. “Blush” indeed! And now I’ve added five more blogs to my bloglines!

  3. Thanks neighbor! Blush, blush, blush. You’re one rockin’ needle-felter too. Awesome work at the coffeehouse tonight!!

  4. Aw, thanks!! Blush, indeed! xo

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