I’m a Sock Machine

Okay, not really a machine as nothing here is really that impressive, but nonetheless I have WIP’s and FO’s to report.

I put this all in on Ravelry this morning too. I’m loving that site but I have to say that the process of uploading my pics, putting them on Flickr, adding to Ravely and then my blog post is time consuming!

First, we have not a sock but rather a finished scarf:
terra scarf

Simple lace pattern of K2 tog and YO, then knit the even rows.
Yarn is Terra from the Fibre Company, alpaca merino and silk….nice! Took one skein only.

On to the socks.

First up, the Mystery Socks:

Mystery socks

Why a mystery? I won this yarn at The Weaving Inn but she wasn’t sure what it was. Bummer as I love this yarn. These will make nice warm socks this winter as they are quite thick. See the ear on the toe? I still get them now and again and can’t figure out why. Tricks, please??

Next up, my Spunkly Eclectic sock yarn of the month in Strawberry Fields. (Great club, by the way).

Spunky strawberry socks

On to WIP’s. The first Copycat sock is done:

Copycat socks

This is the sock I’m copying from a pair of store bought socks my SIL was wearing last Thanksgiving. I’m using Sandy’s Palette.

Next, I started Embossed Leaves Socks from Interweave Winter 2005, in Lotus Toes Sport by Zen String.

Embossed Leaves

Lastly, some plain old anklets in Regia Bamboo:


Oh, and I finished a bib too!


This went to a friend. Okay, actually it went to her baby. The weird squiggle? Hiding a weird loop that happened on the edge of the neck. I wanted to do more squiggles but finished this a half hour before the shower, so no such luck.



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11 responses to “I’m a Sock Machine

  1. OMG how awesome are you…. I love all the colours and your knitting is sublime… WELL DONE
    luv Abby

  2. Ooooo…lookee all the pretty sockies! My socks always seem to go so slow, but then again, I keep the WIP sock in my purse and only work on it during odd out and about moments, which don’t add up very quickly at all!

    As for the little ear? Is it at the end of the toe grafting? I get those pretty regularly and I’m not sure how to prevent, but I have had good luck hiding them by turning the ear inside out and catching it when I weave in the end.

  3. Oh, fabulous socks! Dang. And I really like the ones your knitting in Zen String.

    Heh, that’s why I’m not doing much with Ravelry right now. 🙂 Supposedly there will be more photo options after they’re out of beta – I don’t want to bother with flickr.

  4. I love the bib–very modern looking. He’ll be a very hip baby indeed.

  5. Wow! Your baby bibs are getting FANCY! And all those socks! The Mystery socks are great. I still get ears every once in awhile, so I’m no help.

  6. Wow mama, that’s a lot of socks! I love the spunky club ones.

  7. What lovely projects! I love all the socks.

  8. Wow. That is a lot of socks. And they all look great!

  9. I am in awe of all the beautiful stuff you come up with so quickly!! I need some of your speed!! Great work!!!

  10. Wow, I would definately say machine!

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