Have you had your serving of dairy???

Thanks for all the dragon love. I’m excited to finish up the jacket but I have so many projects going on at once now. Now that the hard part is done, I’ll try to put on a little bit of trim here and there so it is done by Christmas.

I actually have a bunch of FO’s to show you, but I’ve got toe issues and I just don’t feel like modeling socks for you right now. I stubbed it last week, which just left it a bit sore for a couple of days. Then, Little Man stepped on that same toe while I was making breakfast last Thursday twice, rather hard, and ever since then the toe pain has been awful. It’s a little swollen and kind of purple on top and hurts like hell, especially when I’m on my feet. Could it be broken? Would a doctor do much if it was? I’m debatig if I want to squeeze in a doctor trip tomorrow. In the meantime I’ll just keep my feet up tonight.

I also have new WIP’s to show off. Two more pairs of socks went OTN this weekend. We went down around Madison for a huge family reunion. It was really a great time and I had the chance to reconnect with cousins I haven’t seen in over twenty years; I really hope we can keep this new connection going. The boys had a blast, but it was a bit odd realizing that now I’m the mom with little ones running around the farm. I used to be that kid!

The trip meant a lot of driving time, so I finished up one pair of socks, cast on for a new pair of bamboo/wool anklets and also meant to work on another pair of socks. But I brought the wrong issue of Interweave with the wrong pattern. So I cast on for the Embossed Leaves socks instead. (Lucky I always bring plenty of sock yarn.)

My knitting time on the way home was not that pleasant however. The boys were exhausted; in fact I’ve never seem Little Man so tired. Four nights of being up until ten or eleven plus his incredibly picky eating habits left the poor kid a total wreck. On Sunday he only ate two pancakes, two snow cones and a few bites of potato salad. At supper it was a couple bites of his sub and a little milk. We were desperate for him to get something in his system so we let him keep his milk with him in the backseat. Bad choice.

I don’t know what exactly set him off but the kid hit a mental wall. He spilled a little bit of milk on the back seat and as I turned around to try to clean it up he threw his entire bottle of open milk at us in the front seat. Milk everywhere: all over both of us, the dashboard, the stick shift, the stereo, my knitting….I’ve never seen my poor boy so tired and upset in as long time. Little Man yelling “Mom, you’re a bad lady!” while Knittybaby is crying and milk is dripping…and all the Skeptic and I could do was laugh because what else can you do in a situation like that???? It’s not really his fault. We’re the dummies who kept him up that late four nights in a row and fed him nothing but party and road food. Wouldn’t you throw your milk too?

Miracously we did make it home, all in one piece, but you can all understand now, with the toe and the milk and the general fatigue why there was no knitting photo shoot today. But in order to give you at least something good to look at I’ll give you some Little Man art. He suddenly went from the typical random four year old scribbles to faces and people. I’m pretty excited for him:


Lastly, to quote Knittybaby who is officially babbling his real first words now:

“All done.”



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15 responses to “Have you had your serving of dairy???

  1. Gretchen

    Aw, sorry about the too-tired Little Man. You were in my neck of the woods- cool! I’d have laughed about the milk as well- sometimes there’s nothing else to do when the milk hits the windshield.

    Your stairs look very much like mine- neat-o!

  2. Wow. I can totally relate. Amazingly enough, I could have written the toe woes myself. I dropped a small plate on my foot last winter. I’m pretty sure I broke a toe (maybe 2) they were swollen and bruised. Yesterday I was cleaning up and stubbed the same toes on the vacuum and then again on the table within 10 minutes(not exactly graceful). Then Andrew ran over them with a toy this morning. Once again – swollen and a little bruised. I won’t be going to the dr. though. They still move, and I don’t think they can do much other than tape them.

    I hope your toe is feeling better soon and things get a little less crazy.

  3. wow…. what a drama I almost needed a cuppa to read that one…hehe… you poor thing…. we had a very similar trip last month so I COMPLETELY understand. fantastic artwork …..
    luv Abby

  4. What a lovely face picture! Worthy of a photo indeed. Oh, I so sympathise with the overtired grumpies – we are 3 days from the end of the school year here and I have a little one who really, really needs some downtime.

    Sorry to hear about your toe – even if it is broken I doubt they’d do much. I’m pretty sure I broke mine last year – stubbed it hard, fell on the floor weeping, it went purple and swollen and stayed like that for a couple of weeks – but the nurses on our NHS hotline said that as long as I could stand there wasn’t much the hospital would do, so just to rest it. It’s still a slightly odd shape. But then, your health care system may well be a bit more sympathetic than ours!

  5. Yup. You get a “pass” on the sock modeling and such. In fact, you get chocolate, ice cream and anything else you want. I looked it up. It’s in the rule book. Moms with sore toes and who are washing milk out of their hair get stuff like that.

  6. Mmmm – nothing like a little spilled milk and summer heat to make the car smell really bad really fast!

    Your toe – they’d more likely just tape it to the toe next to it (immobilize it? support it?), and then tell you to stay off your feet (hahahahah – right?).

  7. I hope your toe feels better and that everyone recuperates from the trip quickly!

  8. Oh my. I hope your toe feels better soon. Poor Little Man. Yes, I totally would have thrown my milk too! (We did the same thing to Jackson on our family reunion vacation a couple of weeks ago…kept him up too late, bad food choices…I totally know what you mean!!)

  9. Yikes! I hope your toe feels better. Come knitting tonight if you can.

  10. Your poor toe! I hope it’s just badly bruised and not broken.

    When my kids get overtired, watch out! I always feel bad about it too. He’ll probably get lots of rest for the next day or so, and be right as rain.

  11. Now that is tired. Hopefully Little Man has had some sleep, and some good food since and is recovering nicely. You are right about the toe…I don’t think there is much hat can be done. Hopefully that will be feeling better soon as well.

  12. knittymama's mama

    Wow, what a trip home! poor little tikes, and poor mom/dad. I can actually picture Little Man doing that. Laughter is the only thing a mom & dad can do sometimes! Hope your toe is doing better today AND, your handmade items are beautifully done

  13. knittymama's mama

    P.S. Luv Little Man’s artwork, a smily face is always a good sign

  14. I feel like that at work sometimes! I hope you got all the milk out of the car… And I hope your toe starts feeling better!

  15. What good parents (late nights and junk food aside; we’ve all done that) to laugh and understand instead of coming down on the poor kid. He’s probably all better by now. Hope your toe is, too.

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