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I’ve got the blogging and crafting blehs…My ankle socks are nearly done but due to the fact that my crafting room is one without an air conditioner I am just not motivated to make much else. Add to that Knittybaby’s marathon 90 minute bedtimes and Little Man just being SO Little Man lately and I’m wiped out.

My evening blogging time has also been replaced lately with my obsession with Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. I can’t stop reading it and re-reading it because WOW, all of a sudden my children make sense to me. I don’t write too much about this issue because when my kids read this blog 20 years from now I don’t want it be all negative; I tend to stick to the funnier troubles or the postive stuff my kids do, with maybe a little complaining now and then. All in all my kids rock and I want that to be the vibe around here. That said,  as great as my kids are, they are not what one would call easy (yeah, I know, no kid is easy but there is a definite spectrum) and I’ve been feeling more and more frustrated lately.

In a nutshell, Kurcinka talks about temperment: intensity, perceptiveness, sensitivity, adaptation, persistence, energy (there are a few more). Everyone has these but a spirited kid has it to the next level. As she says, they are simply “more.” This explains why Knittybaby has the sleep issues he does and why Little Man can have a day where he meltsdown every twenty minutes all day long. I could write for pages but I won’t; we have a new bagel place to go check out this morning. But I’ll say again: WOW. Even if your kid is pretty even tempered I really think every parent, grandparent, teacher etc. should read this book.



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