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An End in Sight

Today brought the sunshine here in Minnesota, and as much as I loved the cold, crispy 20F walk to the bus stop this morning, it was nice to enjoy the sunny, warm and very melty walk to the bus stop this afternoon. The end of winter is in sight, and although it is one of my favorite seasons all this snow in the city means it’s a pain to get around. I’m tired of climbing mountains and trying to squeeze small people into the min-van in between piles of snow. I’m also ready to be done with the “where is my mitten??!!! (shriek loudly, repeat, repeat, repeat) saga we seem to go through with at least one boy a day. I’m also ready to be done fighting with Spinner about the fact that yes, you do need to wear a coat outside when it is below freezing, and then even a little above freezing. So and end to winter? Yes, I think I’m ready for it.

I’m also ready for the end of this:

This beautiful, 100% alpaca pile of stockinette and ribbing is destined to be Jared Flood’s Redhook. Did I even mention I cast on for this? Probably not. I think I started it in October? I know I started it at a visit to my parents. Either way, it’s been long enough. But add a button band and I’m DONE.

This item is more painful. Destined to be Xeriscope in Madelinetosh DK, color Mare. Except I do not pay attention to details, apparently, and think that 225 yards is the same as 250. So my scarf is a foot from being done, I am out of yarn, and not a skein of Mare is to be found. And I’m not even sure I want to spend another $20 anyway. Plus it’s not as drapey as I’d like; I think I should go up a needle size. So I might need to frog this one and begin over with a different yarn. Sigh. And another sigh.


You would do……?



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That’s Better

Too big…


Too small….


Just right…


Just please stop taking pictures, Mama….

I learned a lot on this project:
-If I set my mind to it I can actually get through a project rather quickly.
-I am a good enough knitter that I can rip down a cable section and re-knit it back up again, all 12 rows, without having to rip out the entire project.
-Always buy an extra skein. I actually cast off the sleeves in a different orange than the Rowan Cork because I was out and the Cork is no more. I seamed up in the contrasting orange and managed to build the tassel from the trimmings of the Cork.
-If I was more mindful of my knitting, maybe I wouldn’t mess it up so much.
-Same goes with knitting while tired.

-Cables really, really should have charts.

-I need to always have two projects to rotate between, just to get a break.

-I’m ready for a sewing binge.

Details at Ravelry.

The boys were very disappointed to discover my medals were only virtual. I’m still quite pleased!


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Made it!

I had to cut up the scraps of leftover yarn to make the tassle, the arms and hood could use maybe one more inch but this baby is DONE in time for Olympic Knitting glory!!!

I even have the late night ugly flash picture to prove it:

Much nicer photography to commence once blocking is done and the sun is out.

I need to go to bed.


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All bets are on….


I suffered interference of the worst kind this weekend. If I had a referee present Spinner would have spent the time in the penalty box.

Despite being one sleeve behind schedule all is not lost! You see before you one back, a left and a right front and the first 3 inches of a nine inch sleeve. If  people around here would go to sleep at a decent time I might just make it. The giant size hood and the seaming might be my only downfall!


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Robin Hood Jacket

1. I am actually two more repeats past this, since I took this picture on Monday.
2. Yes, I messed up the cables in the second repeat. I messed them up on the third too. I’m not ripping them out, don’t even suggest it.
3. I think I’m going to run out of the Rowan (discontinued!!) Cork.
4. I can’t seem to stay awake long enough to get very far.
5. My plan was to have the back finished tonight. I have eight inches to go and it’s 8:45. Not gonna happen.
6. Saturday, I’m not doing jack. Just knitting and watching the Olympics!


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I do knit a sweater from time to time…

Two, in fact.

Not that I just pulled these off in a few weeks. Both have been patiently waiting for quite awhile.

First up, Diminishing Ribs is done:

Lessons learned form this sweater:

1. Being afraid of a sweater being too small will result in a sweater that is too big.

2. Knitting to get the gauge you want doesn’t necessarily result in the desired drape. (I should have gone down a needle size.)

3. Knitting and blocking a gauge swatch will not always result in a perfectly fitted sweater. Knowledge of your yarn is a must as well. In this case, 100% wool and I would have been fine. But this combo of alpaca, silk and merino resulted in a heavier sweater with less memory. Hence the growth in blocking and wearing, and a sweater that is too big.

4. I’m not as cleaver as I think I am. Adding two stitches to each front edge as to have enough room to add buttons onto something that already has plenty of stretch just results in a sweater that overlaps too much. Duh.

5. Taking a photo at this angle is just a bad idea, especially after having three babies, since I seem to look somewhat inflated.

6. A shawl pin can fix a lot.

7. Despite the one size too bigness of this sweater, I am still about 85% happy with it.

Secondly, the Child’s Tibetan Jacket is finally done! (Those cheeks!!)

Poor Knittykid. This was meant to be his sweater. But summer came and I stuck it in the closet. Imagine my surprise when I pulled it out this fall (two years later!), nearly completed and just the right size for Spinner. He’s been living in it now that it’s finished.

Lessons learned from this sweater:

1. I really don’t like intarsia. Especially this much intarsia.
2. Putting a sweater away in the closet for while is not necessarily a bad thing.

Other excitement…mostly for the locals.

My part of Minneapolis has tended to be a bit of a void when it comes to fiber and textile supplies. I did always have a quilting shop close by, but that was it. I had a 15-20 minute drive for everything else. Then The Fiber Studio came, a mere five minute drive from my house. (She’s got Pigeon Roof now, BTW…)  I had quilting fabric and fiber at quick access, but that was it.

Now two more shops have opened up. Sewtropolis, a fabric and sewing studio that focuses more on clothing side of sewing,  and Steven Be, owned by the same guy who owns The Yarn Garage. Now I’ve got more fabric ten minutes from home and a huge yarn store just five minutes from my house. Yes, five minutes. I can walk there. Shocking, absolutely shocking.

So, for my local friends, two more places to check out when you’ve got the time. If you head to Steven Be’s, be sure to know that the entrance is around the back…it feels a little like a yarn speakeasy. I felt like I should have to say a password to get in. But once you go inside you’ll be welcomed and completely floored, it is probably one of the more beautiful yarn stores I’ve been in. Over at Sewtropolis, Nikol is warm and helpful. She’s got a great class list; I just signed up for the A-line skirt class yesterday.

Now, everyone wish me luck as I try to figure out my new toy this weekend!


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Errata: On the body of the sweater, reverse the order of the last two rows for tubular BO set up to maintain the 1 x 1 rib alignment with the 3 x 1 section above.

Note to self: remember to always check the pattern for errata on Ravelry before beginning pattern. Especially when binding off a sweater in a total PITA manner such as the tubular bind off. Especially when you begin setting up for the bind off and you think “hmm, this is weird” after knitting about ten stitches. Do not, under any circumstances continue to knit the next two rows of 300 some stitches each.  Because you will be wrong and it will totally mess up your night because now you will never get the sweater bound off before you fall asleep on the couch.

Back to tinking….


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I Cast On


Thank you, Marsha, for wondering why I had all that sweater yarn in my stash when I was not knitting sweaters. This will now be sweater number two for 2009, Diminishing Ribs Cardigan. That’s Knitpicks Andean Silk.

As for the quilt, I went with a mix of the warm and cool, thanks to a Quilt-Along member over on Flickr who clipped them and moved them around….Now I need to press and cut!


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Quickie update

I present my Ubernatural, WIP:

You’re seeing the use of all my bulky scraps, from top to bottom:
Cascade Lana Grande
Rowan Bulky
Colinette Shimmer 5
Wool Ease Thick and Quick

Quite a mix, huh? I realized I’ve got heaps of bulky yarn, and Ubernatural is perfect to use it up with. Don’t attempt to knit w/out reading these notes over on Ravelry. There are mistakes in the pattern/

The only changes from the pattern would be adding the stripes, and I’m doing K1P1 rather than K2P2, only because I didn’t have the pattern and couldn’t remember which it was. This is the second time I’ve knit a top down raglan, and find that both times I’ve had trouble deciding if I like the fit under the arms. I’m starting to think that the next time I knit top down I’ll knit to the arms, knit a few rows on the body, then go back and knit the arms a ways to see if I like the fit. The last sweater I knit top down still sits in the closet because I knit the entire body (thinking the fir under the arms was okay) only to go back and start the arms and find them too tight. Any tricks for preventing this?

Oh, and Radiant Knits was AWESOME!! I wish I had the $$ to plop down for a sweater kit. I got to meet Ellen of Lazy Daisy Knits. It’s always fun to meet a blogger you’ve “known” for awhile face to face. And I now feel like I’ve got a good grasp pf the whole Bohus “thing.” Before this weekend I pretty much knew they were lovely sweaters with Swedish roots. Now I am in the know and wishing I could knit one.


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Halloween recap and a sweater

Happy Election Day everyone!!!!

So Halloween was fun if not a bit frantic, in a busy sort of way. We always carve pumpkins on Halloween, but this along with the excitement of trick-or-treating makes for some serious craziness.
We did get the pumpkins carved:
Sept-Nov 2008 002

I completed my worst sewing project ever:
Sept-Nov 2008 054
(I think this is the worst picture I’ve ever taken too.)

My mastitis came back this week so my plans for a super-cool Robin hood hat turned into this:
1. Wrap green felt around Little Man’s head and trim.
2. Blanket stitch around top.
3. Run out of thread, oh well, it’s close enough.
4. Give to five year old who still thinks it’s the best hat ever.

We carved, had pizza and trick-or-treated down the block. I realized we are the stingiest candy givers on the block. My neighbors literally give handfuls out!! Which means that even though they only went to seven houses the boys had a huge pile of sugar, yikes!!

I finally had a nice sunny morning to take pictures of Spinner in his gorgeous sweater made by my friend Joyce from my knitting group.
Sept-Nov 2008 016
Look at that chin!!

Sept-Nov 2008 015

Sept-Nov 2008 008

Sept-Nov 2008 007

Hopefully he’ll be in a good enough mood to finally go to knitting tonight so she can see him wear it in person. I really want to get there too, I’ll need to chill out a bit before an evening of election results. I can’t believe how nervous I am about this one. I just hope I can stay up late enough to know the results.

Go Barack, go!!!!


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