That’s Better

Too big…


Too small….


Just right…


Just please stop taking pictures, Mama….

I learned a lot on this project:
-If I set my mind to it I can actually get through a project rather quickly.
-I am a good enough knitter that I can rip down a cable section and re-knit it back up again, all 12 rows, without having to rip out the entire project.
-Always buy an extra skein. I actually cast off the sleeves in a different orange than the Rowan Cork because I was out and the Cork is no more. I seamed up in the contrasting orange and managed to build the tassel from the trimmings of the Cork.
-If I was more mindful of my knitting, maybe I wouldn’t mess it up so much.
-Same goes with knitting while tired.

-Cables really, really should have charts.

-I need to always have two projects to rotate between, just to get a break.

-I’m ready for a sewing binge.

Details at Ravelry.

The boys were very disappointed to discover my medals were only virtual. I’m still quite pleased!



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11 responses to “That’s Better

  1. Nice job! There’s a whole lotta love put into that hoodie!

  2. It looks great! And I just love the color–perfect for a kid (or a grownup who wants to feel like a kid once in a while!).

  3. Guinifer

    The cute is almost hurting my eyes. Please stop.

  4. That’s such a cute sweater!! I LOVE that last picture.

    You know you’ve developed as a knitter when you do a drop & fix on that first cable, don’t you? The rush! 🙂

  5. And I like the hood even more this time ’round!

  6. Mayor

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! WOW! You got mad skillz!

  7. Feng-Yi

    That’s so cute. Wow…

  8. Beautiful! And you didn’t run out of yarn, either!

  9. This orange jacket is fabulous! I want one for ME!

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