Errata: On the body of the sweater, reverse the order of the last two rows for tubular BO set up to maintain the 1 x 1 rib alignment with the 3 x 1 section above.

Note to self: remember to always check the pattern for errata on Ravelry before beginning pattern. Especially when binding off a sweater in a total PITA manner such as the tubular bind off. Especially when you begin setting up for the bind off and you think “hmm, this is weird” after knitting about ten stitches. Do not, under any circumstances continue to knit the next two rows of 300 some stitches each.  Because you will be wrong and it will totally mess up your night because now you will never get the sweater bound off before you fall asleep on the couch.

Back to tinking….



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9 responses to “!@#$%

  1. Gwyneth

    Oh dear, frakin’ patternz!

  2. I swear there are some patterns that come up with like four errata updates and it drives me crazy… There are some designers I have completely sworn off because of their pattern writing style and the crazy errata… good luck!

  3. Guinifer

    Huh. Either I did it wrong, or I read the directions wrong and did it right. Either way, it’s a long time off the needles!

  4. I once called Andy from the Salt Lake City airport to check on errata for me. There were so many in that pattern I had to switch projects.

  5. Hey Becca,

    I have decided to learn how to spin and I was wondering if you knew where I could go to learn? I wasn’t able to find much online except the Spinning Guild. Is there anyone local who could teach me?


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