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Quickie update

I present my Ubernatural, WIP:

You’re seeing the use of all my bulky scraps, from top to bottom:
Cascade Lana Grande
Rowan Bulky
Colinette Shimmer 5
Wool Ease Thick and Quick

Quite a mix, huh? I realized I’ve got heaps of bulky yarn, and Ubernatural is perfect to use it up with. Don’t attempt to knit w/out reading these notes over on Ravelry. There are mistakes in the pattern/

The only changes from the pattern would be adding the stripes, and I’m doing K1P1 rather than K2P2, only because I didn’t have the pattern and couldn’t remember which it was. This is the second time I’ve knit a top down raglan, and find that both times I’ve had trouble deciding if I like the fit under the arms. I’m starting to think that the next time I knit top down I’ll knit to the arms, knit a few rows on the body, then go back and knit the arms a ways to see if I like the fit. The last sweater I knit top down still sits in the closet because I knit the entire body (thinking the fir under the arms was okay) only to go back and start the arms and find them too tight. Any tricks for preventing this?

Oh, and Radiant Knits was AWESOME!! I wish I had the $$ to plop down for a sweater kit. I got to meet Ellen of Lazy Daisy Knits. It’s always fun to meet a blogger you’ve “known” for awhile face to face. And I now feel like I’ve got a good grasp pf the whole Bohus “thing.” Before this weekend I pretty much knew they were lovely sweaters with Swedish roots. Now I am in the know and wishing I could knit one.



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