Halloween recap and a sweater

Happy Election Day everyone!!!!

So Halloween was fun if not a bit frantic, in a busy sort of way. We always carve pumpkins on Halloween, but this along with the excitement of trick-or-treating makes for some serious craziness.
We did get the pumpkins carved:
Sept-Nov 2008 002

I completed my worst sewing project ever:
Sept-Nov 2008 054
(I think this is the worst picture I’ve ever taken too.)

My mastitis came back this week so my plans for a super-cool Robin hood hat turned into this:
1. Wrap green felt around Little Man’s head and trim.
2. Blanket stitch around top.
3. Run out of thread, oh well, it’s close enough.
4. Give to five year old who still thinks it’s the best hat ever.

We carved, had pizza and trick-or-treated down the block. I realized we are the stingiest candy givers on the block. My neighbors literally give handfuls out!! Which means that even though they only went to seven houses the boys had a huge pile of sugar, yikes!!

I finally had a nice sunny morning to take pictures of Spinner in his gorgeous sweater made by my friend Joyce from my knitting group.
Sept-Nov 2008 016
Look at that chin!!

Sept-Nov 2008 015

Sept-Nov 2008 008

Sept-Nov 2008 007

Hopefully he’ll be in a good enough mood to finally go to knitting tonight so she can see him wear it in person. I really want to get there too, I’ll need to chill out a bit before an evening of election results. I can’t believe how nervous I am about this one. I just hope I can stay up late enough to know the results.

Go Barack, go!!!!



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10 responses to “Halloween recap and a sweater

  1. *fingers crossed for the election*

    That sweater is adorable!

    Hope the mastitis goes away soon and stays away…

  2. *ouch* my boobs started aching and stayed that way all morning thinking of mastitis… ouchies!

    The sweater is adorable…..and little Spinner wears it well!

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    also hall-o-ween in my favorite holiday:)

  4. The hat is awesome. 🙂 Hope you made it to knitting tonight!

  5. Guinifer

    Girl, sounds to me like you need a serious break. Your immune system is going to blow a gasket!

  6. Guinifer

    PS – That hat is AWESOME!

  7. The pumpkins look great, sorry to hear about you mastitis being back, it is hard (impossible) to rest with 3 kids. (I’ve been there). Hope your feeling better soon.

  8. That is a Chin and a half! So, congrats on the Spinner sucking it down and hope the “girls” feel better soon.

  9. Cute swester 🙂 Hope you are feeling better now.

  10. Oh Joyce did good. What a beautiful sweater, and I love the little chub chub chin peeking out in the photos!

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