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  • Thanks for all the kind words about the baby! We are pretty thrilled around here, and it’s fun to finally get to share the news with all of you. Baby knits update to start soon. Anyone got a favorite?
  • Knittybaby is hereby promoted to Knittykid. You all had such great suggestions; I really loved them all. I was tempted a lot by Knittytot, but I figured Knittykid would last longer. And who knows what other version may reappear with our little Three?
  • I hosted my first ever kid birthday party today for Little Man. (His real birthday is not for a few more days). I kept it seriously low key, a few friends, a few games, cake and just hanging out. All in all it was a fun morning and it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be. A few moments: “No, this is a party…you can’t kick most of your friends out of the room. I think you can all build legos together…”But otherwise it was all good. And this cake? Seriously, wow, wow, wow….
  • My Qiviuk Webs Tam (not made in qiviuk) made the pattern page on Ravelry (third one down). I feel like such a knitter.
  • I’m obsessing over all the blankets at January One. Specifically how on earth anyone can afford to make that many blankets in STR. I looked up how much it would cost me and decided I should probably plan on sending my kids to college instead. At least the first semester, since that’s what one blanket would cost me. (Yeah, I know, I’m delusional about tuition).
  • This sweater looks innocent enough:

random 019
It’s not:
random 024

Great contest entries so far, keep ’em coming! Remember, you get to pick the fabric, and I’ve got a lot to choose from! Link is on the sidebar…


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In case you were wondering….

Also titled: Why Not To Do a Photo Shoot Before Dinner

“I can’t believe it took me 6 months to get this sweater photographed. I really want a gorgeous picture of it. Hurry! We’ll have sun for about five minutes! Why don’t I live in a state that has sun?!?”

“You can’t take a picture of me in the scarf and the sweater. That will look dumb.”

“See? It looks dumb.”

“Stop! Hey! Get off your brother. Remember, when he screams it’s his way of saying doesn’t like that.”

“Take another one. Oh, crap, forget it…those two are killing each other over there.”

“Now it’s all wrinkly. I look all wrinkly.”



“Forget it. Good enough, let’s feed them before someone gets hurt.”


Pattern: Striped Raglan from Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Patterns. I love this book.

Yarn: Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks. Colors? Lost the lables, but the light green is avacado.

Needles: size 8

Started. Two years ago?
Finished: March 2007

Finally posted: today!!!

Verdict: Raglans rock. Perfect fit, although I goofed up the stripe sequence a bit, but it still works. Ann Budd, I love you!!!


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Off and Running

I was pleased to get so many nice e-mails from those of you who planned on stopping by your co-op or making an online donation to help our organic farmers out! Way to go to Kathryn for getting my  contest rolling with my first official entry.

The latest report from Harmony Valley reported a loss of $800,000 at their farm alone. The local news reported as of Friday that Sow the Seeds has raised about $10,000 so far for flood relief. It’s a great start but just a drop in the bucket towards what is needed. Take a few minutes to watch this video that I came across today. It sums it up pretty well. Then, take a few minutes to donate and enter here to win some yarn!

On the knitting front, I purchased this pattern today. But, I have still have my Leaf cardigan to contend with; it’s too tight in the armpits and now I’m stuck.


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Now where was I?

Oh yes, projects.

But first, I know I didn’t get a chance to say thanks to all of you who left me such nice get well messages. I went from feeling a little better Monday night, to even better Tuesday, to thinking I was surely going to die of a head explosion yesterday. I did absolutely no knitting for the last two days and went to bed early. Very rare for a busy body like me. Usually I’m more of this variety: I feel like my head is going to expolode and this pain is unbearable. I need to go to bed. But first I have to wash the floor, do the dishes, and knit twenty more rows on my sock. Which is probably why I’m so sick in the first place. But today was good, and while I did wash the floor I took it easy most of the day.

So anyway, before I gave in to the sinus infection of death, there was a dragon at my spinning wheel.

He’s been making frequent apperances lately, which should make his grandmother very happy that money for the dragon costume has been well spent. The dragon, along with his assistant, the tiny Wool-Eater, had been helping me to spin this:

Into this:

Which now looks like this:

Still pretty uneven. My spinning is still in the “woo-hoo, I’m SPINNING!!!” stage which means I just keep spinning away, oblivious to being even slightly even. But it’s still beautiful, and really, how even can you get with a dragon and baby who eats wool as your assistants?

Next, the pincushion:

Nothing too fancy. My first attempt at piecing anything together. But hey, it’s cute and does the trick.

This is my favorite:

Another one? Yes, but not just any old needle roll. A sock needle roll. A tiny roll for tiny needles.

See those little six inch size zeros in there? Yes folks, no more needles sliding around in a too-big needle roll that was meant for seven inch size eights. This is for teeny-tiny sock needles only! And with interfacing…no more poking holes in the bottom. I’m very excited about this, and guess what? There will be more coming!

The only thing I’m a little dissappointed with is that the inside panel was supposed to be off-center on purpose, but I didn’t off center it enough so it just looks like I can’t measure. Other than that I’m pleased with the roll as well as my sewing skills. All those hearts made this a breeze.

Finally, the Ann Budd Raglan of Interweave Knitts, Spring 2004. It’s been hiding in my closet for two years. It used to be my lunch project, and I lost interest while pregnant since it would be no fun to finish it and not get to wear it. But now it’s back, and I’m decreasing.

Little Man’s suggestion? “Take is apart. It’s yucky.” (Someone didn’t think taking pictures of Mama’s stuff was a fun afternoon activity. I can’t understand why.)

I also have started some socks for the Skeptic but no pictures yet, as my picture taking mission had to come to a close. I’m sure you all understand why.

Now, off to another early bedtime.


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