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Swap Madness

Well, it’s Coffeeswap time again. The swap is closed but I’m buried in swap business right now, so things will be a bit quiet here until I get the partners all matched up and sent out.

I’ll have lots to share as soon as I’m caught up with the swap. Here’s a teaser:

Sweet Baby Hat

Any guesses?


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I will open up Knitters’ Coffee Swap Three at 12:01am Central Time.

I’ll also announce our three Sow the Seeds winners tomorrow night! Thanks again for all the donations! You guys really do rock…

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The Final Stretch

So this is the final week for the Sow the Seeds fundraising contest, and have I got a treat for you!!

Jess has very generously offered up a couple of more prizes to the choices. Look what we have here!!!

The first is a skein of her very own handspun, the second is Cherry Tree Hill. Add that to the choice of either Spunky Eclectic or Fleece Artist that I originally offered and now we’ll have three winners!!!

Remember, all the contest info is over on the sidebar. I’m hoping we can get to at least $300 to help out our farmers. The final day to donate and enter is September 29th. Every dollar makes a difference and gets you an entry for some lovely yarn. And don’t forget to spread the word!

In other news, Knitters’ Coffeeswap Three will be opening up on October first. I’m off to set up the new blog after this post, so I’ll put up the link once it’s ready. I’ve decided to have some hostess help this time. The last swap was just too overwhelming and a lot of work, but I know how much people have enjoyed it so I’d like to keep it going. Keep your eyes open and be ready to sign up. I expect that between the five of us we’ll take about 120 swap members, and those spots will go fast!

I’m so bummed, I had a great sock/hat photoshoot this weekend with Knittybaby and my camera connector is nowhere to be seen, so until I figure out which certain small person has taken it I can’t show you my now completed Embossed Leaves socks.

Did I mention that I picked up this book? Wrap Style and Lace Style didn’t jump out at me as much as Folk Style has. I think it’s the colors; they are just amazing and so beautifully put together. There is also a lot of interesting colorwork, embroidery and embellishments.

As for the patterns, I love the Urban Hand Warmers and the Grand Tour Waistcoat. There are some great kids knits: some very cute mukluks and a couple of nice sweaters, and are you ready for this? A baby sling!

I’m smitten with the idea of a knit baby sling, although I’m not sure how practical it is. If you were going to knit a baby carrier, I think a pouch would be much more practical than a sling. In order for a sling to work smoothly you need the fabric to slip easily through the rings so you can tighten and loosen it up. Plus, they should have used a model that actually knows how to carry a baby in a sling. She’s just sort of holding the baby in the sling rather than letting the sling do the work, so you can’t tell how well it holds. I don’t know…anyone ever knit a baby carrier?


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More goodies

Finally, I’ve got some batteries and can show off my Fiberflix swap package from Jennifer. This is such a fun box of goodies!


Look at all the great stuff! The movie, “Brick” is a thriller I’ve been hoping to see and of course it has a bad girl in it, hence the kickin’ bad girl themed package. I totally love all this stuff: The yarn is “bad girl” from the Lavender Sheep; I can’t wait to knit this up! I also got soem yummy truffles, the chili pepper project bag, fun jelly bracelets, skin spread from Clever Girl, and a journal.

Thank you so much Jennifer for being such a great swap partner!!! I totally love this package:-).

Two more days until we leave for Estes and a million things to do. Any good suggestions on traveling 14 hours with two small boys??


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More WIP

I’m so annoyed that I have no batteries. We always have batteries in this house and I can’t find any right now. I will be sure to pick up some this weekend so I can finally show you photos of Jennifer’s awesome Fiber Flix swap package. I am loving it and having a hard time not casting on and adding to the 4 pairs of socks I have on the needles. Thank you so, so much Jennifer for all the cool stuff! I promise I will show it off to everyone soon!

I also sent off six packages today. Jennifer’s for Fiber Flix, the Summer Dishcloth Swap, SP10, squares for Warming Grace, and more prizes from the Knitter’s Coffee Swap.

In the meantime, I’ve got another surprise WIP for you. It’s the Silk Lace Scarf from the Stitch and Bitch page a day calendar in Lisa Souza silk. You see, I have actually been knitting!
Lace Silk Scarf

This will be a gift for the doula who attended both boy’s births. (say that five times fast). I’m halfway done.

Other excitement:

I got my Ravelry invite. Because I need more to do. (That place is awesome. It is also a major time sucker. That’s why my Bloglines says I have 536,896 updates to read.)

In one week we will be at Estes!


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SP10 Strikes Again!!!

Honestly, my SP10 kicks some serious arse. Once again, she’s gifted me with an absolutely unbelievable package. Everything was individually wrapped, numbered with a little explanation about each one. So much fun to open, that I forgot to take pictures until my table was covered in tissue paper. Check out these amazing goods:


Two bars of soap, lavender cuticle cream, honey and tea, “The Twister Sisters Sock Workbook,” a Denise Schmitt stationary set (I love her fabrics and quilts!), a vase, a candle, some super fun socks (can’t wait to wear these!) and some Knitpicks and kool-aid to dye with. (Little Man and I have big plans for this!!:-) She also sent me a vegetarian cook book. (I love getting cookbooks, this one looks fun!)

And look! She even knit for me!! A lovely bag, perfect for summer trips to the farmers market. I was so thrilled to find this in there! dsc03097.jpg

Thank you SP10 for such a thoughtful package! (Can you tell by my bazillion !!!!!! that I really, really liked it:-)!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to find out who she is. We have a lot in common and it’s really been fun getting to know her this swap.


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Oh my, Maggie, my coffee swap partner, has totally blown me away with a wonderful package!!! I was so, so thrilled!

Roving from High Prairie Fibers. I wish my picture did it justice; the flecks of color throughout are just beautiful:

Some sweet alpaca/merino sock wool dyed with natural fibers from The Natural Dye Studio. It is so incredibly soft and I love the colors!

Delicious treats and Peace Coffee. I love Peace Coffee, and guess what? Maggie sent me the Twin Cities blend and I had never seen that one before. Plus homeade jam and muffin mix and chocolate. Where do I even start? Breakfast tomorrow? Chocolate and coffee tonight? Hmmmm….


And there’s more! Yummy stuff from Maggie’s own shop, Prairie Land Herbs. I wish you could smell this stuff. It’s amazing. The facial care kit is from her company and the lavendar cream soap from Heart of Iowa Soapworks. Plus a super cute card!

Maggie, thank you so, so very much!!!! What an absolutely lovely package. I adore everything and you really brightened my day!

On another note, Guinifer finally got to me. I consider her to be the number one yarn enabler on the planet, and I couldn’t resist. You see, I’ve been searching for an elusive red and blue colorway in a sock yarn. I kept seeing it in my head but never actually found any. Until she posted about Cider Moon. I clicked, and there it was: Superman Flurry (plus samples!). My last yarn purchase until….look up. Notice anything new on the blog?



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