Oh my, Maggie, my coffee swap partner, has totally blown me away with a wonderful package!!! I was so, so thrilled!

Roving from High Prairie Fibers. I wish my picture did it justice; the flecks of color throughout are just beautiful:

Some sweet alpaca/merino sock wool dyed with natural fibers from The Natural Dye Studio. It is so incredibly soft and I love the colors!

Delicious treats and Peace Coffee. I love Peace Coffee, and guess what? Maggie sent me the Twin Cities blend and I had never seen that one before. Plus homeade jam and muffin mix and chocolate. Where do I even start? Breakfast tomorrow? Chocolate and coffee tonight? Hmmmm….


And there’s more! Yummy stuff from Maggie’s own shop, Prairie Land Herbs. I wish you could smell this stuff. It’s amazing. The facial care kit is from her company and the lavendar cream soap from Heart of Iowa Soapworks. Plus a super cute card!

Maggie, thank you so, so very much!!!! What an absolutely lovely package. I adore everything and you really brightened my day!

On another note, Guinifer finally got to me. I consider her to be the number one yarn enabler on the planet, and I couldn’t resist. You see, I’ve been searching for an elusive red and blue colorway in a sock yarn. I kept seeing it in my head but never actually found any. Until she posted about Cider Moon. I clicked, and there it was: Superman Flurry (plus samples!). My last yarn purchase until….look up. Notice anything new on the blog?




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15 responses to “Goodies!!

  1. Oh there are some very fun goodies in those packages! I suddenly want to spin some more and drink a nice cup of coffee. I may just do that…

  2. I saw that Superman colorway and was intrigued. Can’t wait to see how it knits up. That’s a fabulous swap package!

  3. Lovely goodies! I like the idea of the 10 project challenge, but I don’t know if I could keep up with it. I’m weak… so weak… Let me think on it, and I may join you!

    PS, did you get the fiberflix survey I emailed you? Let me know if it never got to your email, and I’ll send it again.

  4. What an awesome package!

  5. Love that Cider Moon colorway! Good luck with the 10 Project Challenge…

  6. Nice stuff! I especially like the roving (shocker) – it has great colors and looks like it’ll be nice to spin. Have fun!

    Does the challenge extend to spinning fiber too? Like if you spin up a batch of roving, does that count as an FO, or do you have to knit up the yarn, too? Or is the spinning stash a completely different animal, so to speak?

  7. I can totally see that Superman on a little boy too!

  8. Hmm, interesting challenge. Must think about it. 🙂 Great yarn!! And wow, your swap partner knows how to treat you right.

  9. Looks like a wonderful package to receive! I love your new blue and red yarn.

  10. SO glad you liked the goodies. Hmm, I figured you would have had the Twin Cities blend – I was worried i was being too cliche! guess not! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  11. What great goodies. I love the colors in the wool.

  12. What a nice package your swap pal made for you! LOVE that superman yarn too! Good luck on the 10 project challenge. At the rate I’m purchasing sock yarn and actually knitting them (I’m still working on my very first pair!), I may need to impose a moratorium on sock yarn :/

  13. Lia

    Hahaha! You silly, that’s the blend you sent me last round! It’s very tasty.

  14. What a fantastic package!
    And in addition to the coffee envy & fiber lust…I am totally coveting the Elvis muffins! uh huh, uh huh!

  15. What a furry monster, super cute!

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