Mark Your Calendars!!

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the second round of the Knitters’ Coffee Swap. I’m happy to announce that it will open for sign-ups on April 16th. You can find all the info here.

Our birthday extravaganza contest is coming to an end this weekend on the Skeptic’s birthday. Be sure to get your entry in by this Sunday the 15th. I’ll pick three winners randomly on the 16th and prizes will be sent out later in the week. If you win a needle roll, you’ll get to pick your favorite colors and I’ll sew it up for you.

I promised a finished object and here it is, Knittybaby’s latest soaker, in Project Spectrum colors for February/March:

Pattern: free soaker pattern from Curlypurly.

Yarn: Little Turtle Knits handpainted.

Needles: size 8

Guage: Knittybaby is asleep in his soaker as we speak, so needless to say I’m not checking. We’ll just say it matched the pattern’s requirements.

Notes: I love this pattern! No elastic or ties to mess with. Fits snugly and not too bulky. If you’ve read the Harlot’s latest book you’ll notice she sadly calls soakers an endangered species of knitting. So I’m trying to share a little soaker/cloth diaper love here. In my little bubble here in Minneapolis most of my friends cloth diaper and many of them use soakers, but I forget that a lot of people are not that familiar with it. I could write forever about it, but I’m tired so I’ll give you a link to here and here if you want to learn more.

Okay…I will say just one quick thing. We originally decided to cloth diaper for environmental and financial reasons; we just couldn’t see wasting all that money and producing all the garbage. We thought it would be a hassel and something that we’d begrudgingly do because we should, but….I can actually say now that we love our cloth diapers. They are really the easiest loads of laundry to do and they really do seem more comfortable for the boys. Plus, they are so, so cute. I really encourage people to give it a try!

Lastly, the excitement of the day: Knittybaby is walking! I absolutely love those first shaky, hesitant steps and the pride on his face when he realizes what he is doing.



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13 responses to “Mark Your Calendars!!

  1. Cute!! Yay, Knittybaby – go go go go!

  2. Go, Knittybaby, Go! Such cool news. And what an adorable little bum!

  3. ooh, nice action shot!

    and thanks so much for the links re: cloth & soakers — am passing them on to lots of folks.

  4. Deb

    Saggy biggish buts are really cute on little ones.

  5. Awwwww…what a sweet hiney! I am on my second Curly Purly soaker right now. I am right with you on the CDing…we started out doing it for cost, but even though I HATE folding laundry in general, I actually like folding diapers.

  6. I just want to squoosh that little baby bum! How cute.

  7. Oh that’s cute. I love the first steps too…their always so wobbly.

  8. I love that little knitted bum!!!

    Ah those first steps….the best!!!!

  9. Sarah

    I love the New Walker stage. My daughter looked like FrankenBaby as she staggered along with her arms held up. It was only a couple of months ago, but it seems like ancient history.

    When you made the Curly Pruly soakers, did you opt for the short rows or did you make them without? How do you think it affected the fit of the soakers? Would you do it the same way again?

    Also, I’ve done cloth diapers for both of my kids as have a number of my friends for theirs. It can be quite addictive, as you know. When my good friend had her first baby we could sit and chat about diapers for hours. Our husbands would flee the room because how could anyone spend so much time talking about DIAPERS?

  10. Walking??? Good heavens! It seems like the little guy was just born. I think I may be getting old. Time is moving at a disturbingly rapid pace.

    The soaker is just adorable. It was almost a full year of reading about them before I figured out what they were. Good thing I didn’t try to knit one for myself!

  11. Go Knittybaby! I can’t believe he’s walking – that’s just crazy!

    That’s a great soaker! I assume you’re having better luck with the CP waistband than I have – it never seemed to stay up when I used it.

  12. B

    Isn’t it funny how babies turn 1 and then suddenly decide they’re going to start walking?
    I use cloth diapers, too. None of my friends do, though. I knit soakers like some people knit socks. I haven’t tried this pattern yet. Probably next. The best part of the YH thing about soakers is that you have to wash them occasionally. 🙂

  13. missscarlett

    Way to go KnittyBaby! What a milestone.
    I think Soakers are adorable.

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