And now what you’ve all been waiting for, the contest!

We’ve got a month of birthdays here to celebrate. Knittybaby turns one tomorrow. I’ve got a birthday the following week. Then comes Little Man, and the Skeptic finishes it all up on April 15th. So the contest will run from now until midnight, April 15th.

What do you need to do? Pretty simple. Leave a comment on this post telling me about your most memorable birthday ever. Whether it was fun, silly, sad, crazy, exciting, whatever. As long as it was one to remember. What if every single birthday you’ve ever had has just been dull and you really can’t remember anything other than turning a year older? Well, then just wish us all a happy birthday and we’ll call that an entry too!

Of course, there will be prizes. Three of them actually. I’ll give away two handmade needle rolls, either a regular double point needle roll or a mini sock needle roll, your choice. I’ll also give away two skeins of yarn. I’m hoping to get to Gale Woods this weekend to pick some up, as I’d like the yarn to be something local.

So that’s it. Get your entries in and have fun!

Speaking of birthdays, here is the status of Knittybaby’s amigurumi.


I ran out of the blue yarn last night. So I’m cramming tonight: two ears, two arms, two legs and the back of a head. I’m a little concerned, as I will feel like a total loser mom if his first birthday present isn’t done in time.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the new blog. I was glad to see some comments about the header. I love that picture and was trying to find a way to make it work. Any suggestions?Β  I’d like to get some more color on the blog yet and maybe tweak the header a little bit.

I asked the Skeptic what he thought last night. His reply: “Nice, but it’s a little beige. What happened to all the color?”

Gotta work on that.



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63 responses to “Contest!!!

  1. Cool new blog! Love it, love it!

    My most memorable birthday was year 29 (four years ago now!) when darling hubby – then darling boyfriend – whisked me away to a cabin in the woods near Lake Itasca for a weekend. He snuck in a box filled with all of the ingredients for making gluhwein, a delightfully intoxicating blend of spiced red wine in the German tradition. Also in this little box of surprises was a beeswax candle, a frozen pizza (my favorite!) and a handmade box of matches for the candle and the fireplace. I think he threw other things in too, but I’m still floored over the box of matches!

    We were married at Gale Woods Farm in ’04! It’s lovely yarn, everyone…truly lovely yarn.


  2. Lia

    My 28th was one of my most memorable birthdays. Three days before, my oldest friend (who had been my 8th grade sweetie) and I had finally made the jump to more than friends. I was giddy, feeling the usual new relationship glow combined with a few doubts about risking such a long friendship. My mom, my aunt, and my two cousins got tickets for all of us to see Cher and Cyndi Lauper. We had drinks, dinner, walked and rode the train, had a fabulous time at the concert. All the while I was fielding questions and rolling my eyes at my mom’s “about time” comments. I laughed and blushed all night. My phone went dead in my purse, so I didn’t get to talk to my new/old fling/friend until morning. It was the first time in 12 years that we had missed talking on our birthdays, but it was also the most connected we’d been.

    Three months later he proposed, and we got married 2 weeks after my 29th birthday.

  3. One of my best birthdays was when I turned 40. My husband arranged for my nieces and nephews to come and surprise me. The whole family met me at our house. We drove out to Scarborough Fair (Renaissance Festival) Through out the day several of our friends gave me a rose, before the end of the day I had over a dozen roses. My nephew cooked a fantastic meal; the nieces brought the cake in. There was much joy and laughter. And for months I had confetti that I was finding in my underwear drawer. I was forever putting it in cards I sent them and this was their way of getting back at me.

  4. My most memorable birthday was 30 years ago! I went to OBGYN and was told that I would probably have my precious baby girl that day..on my birthday!! Of course she had a mind of her own (even and decided to come two days after my birthday….which just happened to be on my Dad’s AND my mother-in-law’s birthday. It’s ok…she was still the best birthday gift I ever got!

  5. My most memorable birthday to date was my 25th. We had all of our friends and family over for a big party, and it was so much fun. One of Chris’s friends stayed late and we all (him, my mom, my sister, and Chris and I) stayed up till the wee hours of the morning talking. And then a couple weeks later I found out I was pregnant with Grace, which was the best belated birthday present I could’ve asked for!

  6. Toni

    Ooo. It’s my birthday next week too!! the Big 3-UhOh.

    My most memorable birthday, unfortunately, was not so pleasant.

    27. No one was planing anything for me, so I decided to take the reins. Called & emailed everyone I knew. Got RSVPs. Reserved a table for 15 at 9 pm on a Saturday night at a very swanky restaurant.

    At 9, the friend who was driving me and I arrived. No one was there. 20 minutes later, a former coworker arrived. Until 10:30, we were the only ones there.

    The waiter, expecting 15 people eating dessert, appetizers, and lots of drinks, was very p.o.’d to only have 3 girls there. I think he was about ready to ask us to leave. When people finally started showing up (only 5 more people came), they ordered only water or diet coke, no food, no alcohol.

    Then the tab came. My former coworker had left already, paying only for her drink. The friends and family that all arrived late only felt obligated to pay for their own as well. No one was around when I had my meal, drinks or cake, so none of them felt the need to chip in. So, my one friend and I were stuck with the entire bill (over $100), plus a hefty tip to make up for taking up the waiter’s entire section on a Saturday night. All the money that I had received as gifts went to the tab, plus some.

    At this point, it was after 11, so everyone else just wanted to go home.

    Pretty sucky, huh? I’m definitely NOT planning anything for this birthday!

  7. My most memorable birthday was my 29th. Work sent me to a conference in LA that happened coincide with my January birthday. A co-worker and I ditched the conference that day and went to DisneyLand. I wore shorts. I was warm. It was great.

  8. Hmm, I don’t make a big deal out of my birthday but the year my DH came to visit from across the seas and we went to a drag queen restaurant called Lips in NY. It was a wonderful time with friends!

  9. When I turned 30 I found out I was pregnant ( after 2 miscarrages) so I was thrilled but the doctor kinda put a damper on it by sayin” women YOUR age are high risk..” Yeah, whatever….I went on to have 3 more so, I guess I was high risk to have alot more! Happy Day to all your family!

  10. Sarah

    I don’t really have a particularly memorable birthday, I’m afraid. But a happy birthday to all of you!

  11. The legal age to drink in WI, used to be 18. At midnight on my 18th b-day my twin brother and I hit the bar with my older sister!! She bought us many drinks and boy did I get drunk and VERY sick!!! When I woke up it was terrible, so needless to say, I spent most of my 18th birthday in bed with a terrible hangover!!! I have never repeated that celebration!!

  12. Your new home is lookin’ good.

    I think my best birthday was my 18th birthday….all my family and hubby’s family chipped in and bought me a serger….sewing was never the same again. I loved my homemade cake from hubby’s Gran (she recently passed away so thinking of this makes me smile) It had mauve icing. She always made chocolate cakes and they where layer cakes and in the middle she’d put cherry pie filling. They were the best cakes. Not all fancy and perfect like a store bought cake but just so perfect in so many other ways.

  13. Found your blog thur the Midwest Knitters ring and I am trying to become a better commentor, not mention the whole contest thing helps as well. Favorite birthday for me would have been when I turned 15 and our family was living in Iceland. My father was stationed on the NATO base there as he was in the Navy. I was allowed to have my two best friends stay over for the night and we had a shaving cream fight/wrestle in the yard outside!! We had planned to do this from a teen magazine article we were reading at the time. It was in September, so it was not frightfully cold out yet. Our family moved the following spring and I have to say that I have not been able to replace those two as best friends since. I lost touch with them as the years went on, but recently reconnected with them thur the Classmates dot com website, and those two are still a riot!

  14. hmmm, as a rule I don’t care for my own birthdays. This year I’ll turn 40 and I’m just a little freaked out at the thought that my life is now statistically more than half over. But I simply adore other peoples’ birthdays. One of my favorite memories was when I simply baked a cake for a co-worker and brought it to her house after work. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but she started crying and then she told me that never in her life had she had a birthday party, cake, presents, or anything. She had lived with an abusive, alcoholic mother and she’d left home when she was only 15. That really struck home with me about how sometimes just the smallest gesture can have the biggest meaning to someone else. Until that point I’d never met anybody who had truly gone without. I lost contact with her over the years, but somebody told me that she herself is now an alcoholic with lots of problems and that she has just kind of dissappeared. I wonder if she ever remembers that birthday.

  15. Gretchen

    Happy Birthdays to all! June is our birthday month- my twins on the 4th, my son on the 9th, my sis on the 4th, mom on the 6th, and dad on the 24th- not to mention my anniversary in the 1st- so I can relate!

    I have a few memorable birthdays- when I turned 6, my parents took us to the county fair- it was rainy, and they gave me a Strawberry Shortcake watch- I was thrilled!

    My 19th birthday was the day after my brother was in a terrible rappelling accident, in which he broke his back. Not a great birthday, one filled with worry and uncertainty. (He’s fine now, BTW!)

    My 20th birthday was much better- my aforementioned brother threw me a surprise party at a park, complete with food, friends, and gag gifts- it was a blast!

    And finally, my 27th birthday. I celebrated by going to the state fair with our week-old baby girl, forever changed by becoming a mom for the first time. Hard to believe my baby (though she’s the oldest) will be 7 in August- times flies!

    Fun contest, and love the new blog! Happy Birthday Knittybaby! Hope that cake (and cocoa powder) was yummy!

  16. Amy

    Birthdays…hmmm…I’ve actually had lots of great birthdays. For my fortieth, we took some close friends out to dinner at a local restaurant that has now, unfortunately, closed; we had the chef’s table in the kitchen; we ate, drank, and were merry; and returned to our home where we commenced a Bohemian Rhapsody sing-along. With more wine. Ah, the good old days…

    happy birthday, Knittybaby!

  17. Love the new site. Happy Birthday to all, including the new blog!

    I’d have to say that my most memorable birthday was last year’s. I turned 41 (not really significant) but I was still recovering from pneumonia. I never thought I’d want to celebrate those birthdays that begin with a 4 in the tens place, but I was so very grateful to see that one. It almost wasn’t. It really made me see why I’d made all those changes in my diet and lifestyle over the past couple of years. Getting older stinks…but it beats the alternative! πŸ˜‰

  18. Suz

    Best Birthday Ever:
    39th…DD #1 had a bone graft the day before my birthday to correct a crushed growth plate in her wrist. It was a very rare and highly successful surgery, so we came home from the hospital on my birthday SOOOOOO grateful! Talk about blessings. DH made my favorite cake “Madame Toulouse L’Autrec’s Flourless Chocolate Cake” and we had a quiet celebration at home. DD#1 turned 14 3 days later…

    My next best birthday—this year’s–I’ll be 45 in July and every year gets better and better. Getting older is GREAT! Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

  19. My best birthday, I was 7 or 8 years old, had tons of friends over for a sleepover, and we danced and played till we passed out. Oh, to be that carefree again!

    Congratulations on your new blog!

  20. Happy Birthday to all and congratualations on your new digs! Pretty snazzy!

    My most memorable birthday was probably my 20th. I had moved back home for a year and was going to be helping my parents relocate after my dad took early retirement. The sale of their house fell through the day before my birthday, so everyone was preoccupied by that and feeling like I was missing out on my birthday just made me feel like a big, selfish schmuck.

    My best birthdays are happening every year now that I have little dudes and dudettes to say “Happy Birthday Mommy” and give me hugs and kisses! Plus, I have trained DH to give yarn gift certificates for gifts.

  21. One birthday when I was in junior high…I think it was in 1982, so I was turning 13…anyway I was going to ask if I could have a few friends over for a sleepover. This was maybe a month before my birthday…maybe two. I told my best friend that I was thinking of that and she asked who I would invite. I listed off her and a couple other girls. She said, “what about G” and I said “Well, G is supposed to be moving the first week of January, and my birthday is two weeks later so she wont be here and I doubt her dad would drive her all the way here (1000 miles roughly) just for a sleepover.” Well, my friend decided to tell G that I was going to have a party and not invite her; that I was having it after she left.

    So, G got mad at me and told a few other people about this and I had like at least half a dozen kids at school mad at me and they wouldn’t talk to me.

    After about a week, G and my so called best friend started talking to me again and I told my best friend that I told her I said that it was for my birthday and that my birthday was after G was leaving. She claimed that she didn’t hear me say that, when in reality I told her that twice…and there was no noise so that she couldn’t hear.

    Anyway, G decided to have her own little party and invite everyone except me. My “best” friend was invited and she saw me outside on her way over (they both lived close to my house). The next Monday at school (her party had been on Saturday) G told me she had called but my mom said I was outside…I mean come on, I was on the front step…my mom would have come and got me. Basically she lied, and I know she did that because of what my best friend had said/done.

    There…that’s a memorable birthday, even though it’s not a good memory.

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  23. How did I miss this?! Ack. Anyway. My most memorable birthday… I was turning 20. It was a snowy evening – the first snow of the season. I was supposed to meet 3 other people to study – one R, with whom I’d had an ongoing flirtation, and two other friends. I got to Perkins and no one was there. A few minutes later, R arrived with roses – he’d arranged that our other friends not be there. We ended up driving around through the gorgeous snow and talking most of the night – and our flirtation moved on to something else. πŸ™‚

    I also got to turn of legal drinking age twice – first turning 19 in Minnesota back in the day, then going to Army Advanced Training in Texas where the drinking age was 21, no grandfather clause, I turned of age a second time.

    Happy Birthday, KnittyFamily!! πŸ™‚

  24. Happy Birthdays to ALL!

    Great contest. My most memoriable birthday was my 21st. My husband asked my dad if he could marry me that day. My dad didn’t really answer!!!!! We took it as a yes and all our friends new anyhow. We’ve been married 25 years today. He’s the best

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  26. Happy new blog πŸ™‚
    My most memorable birthday is when I was about 7 I suppose and my party was going to a farm to see all the animals and feed the babies. All the kids had their wellies on. Its the only bday I can really remember and I think its been a vital part of my love for farm animals and wanting a farm myself.

  27. My most memorable birthday – around 7 or 8. I had a pretty unmemorable birthday party, but that night as I was taking a bath, I saw little red spots all over me. I had chicken pox; I ended up with only a mild case, but both my brother and best friend contracted really nasty cases from me:-)

  28. Hey – much happiness for the KnittyMama Tribe!

    My most memorable birthday was my most recent one (February) in which I broke my ankle and had surgery – details here on my blog –

    Happy reading…

  29. My most memorable birthday was my 28th – Hubbo and I went to London! My birthday also new year’s eve – so we went to Big Ben for the new year’s celebration… it was fabulous. Champange corks popped everywhere at midnight and we danced in the street with all the Brits. We had a ball!

    Happy birthday to you!!

  30. Happy, Happy Birthday to you all!

    So on my 16th, no one in my family said a word to me. I thought for sure they’d all forgotten. Until my parents handed me keys to a car. =)

  31. moraie

    On my 12th birthday, I had a huge pile of friends and we got tons of Chinese food.
    On my 21st birthday, I played chess and drank half a bottle of champagne.
    On my 23rd birthday, I got my first full time job.
    On my 31st birthday, I was in Atlanta at the mathematics meetings. Since a lot of my friends from my husband’s graduate school days are mathematicians, they were actually around on my birthay. It was the first time in a long time, so that was pretty great.

    I think my 23rd birthday stands out as my favorite. Getting your first job for a birthday present is awesome.

  32. Nicole

    I’ve had some very nice birthday celebrations, but, perhaps because I sometimes celebrate more than once in a year (I can spread my celebrations out over a month or so), I don’t find it easy to remember how old I was for each one.

    I hope you all have wonderful birthdays!

  33. I’ve had too many birthdays now, so I will just wish you and yours very Happy and Healthy Birthday!!!!

  34. Wow! That’s a lot of birthdays all in a row. May they all be very merry.

    My birthday’s coming up within the week, too. My favorite b-day memory? That’s a tough one. Here’s an example of bad b-day ideas that I come up with. I specifically chose to do a big project presentation for one of my upper-level Latin classes the day after my 21st birthday so that I wouldn’t go too hog-wild in my celebrations. ‘Nuf said.

  35. Happy Birthday to you all! My 40th was to remember, the whole spring was one misadventure after another, but then on mother’s day I got the kayak make up gift from dh for forgetting my 40th. Just celebrated 46. The week before mom says “you were an ugly kid”. “Gee mom, thanks a lot! I was an ugly KID (tell me, are any kids ugly) or an ugly baby?” “Oh! An ugly newborn, the forceps delivery and all, but then you turned into a beautiful baby” “oh, that’s better” “but your brother Paul was uglier!” In my mind I’m screaming WHAT THE SPOILED SPECIAL ONE??? So his birthday (HIS 40th) is just a few days after mine and I had to call him and say, in that lovely sibling sing song, “you were an uglier baby than me!”.

  36. Happy birthday!! May you have better birthdays than I did for my 24th–my then-boyfriend took me to a sleazy motel for my birthday. The kind with hourly rates and thin walls through which you could hear people transacting business next door. (He thought it would be funny.)

  37. When I turned 21, my two best college friends took me out to see the play Antony and Cleopatra at the California Shakespeare Festival. It was fabulous! It was also the first time we had ever seen topless actresses on stage before. I think one of my friends was a bit shocked.

  38. My birthdays are very rarely celebrated. I make sure that my girls have a blast though!
    For my youngest’s 6th birthday, we went to eat at her favorite restaurant- American Girl Place on 5th avenue and then I surprised her with floor seats to the Gwen Stefani concert at MSG that night. Needless to say she was very sleepy in school the next day!

  39. you DID say it was okay to leave a sad one… my darling husband of 25 years died on my 46th birthday. Nuff said.

  40. Happy Birthday!

    My birthday is coming up too (April 11) and I’m hoping to have one of my best birthdays this year since I’ll be at BMFA sock camp! YAY!

  41. Happy Birthday!

    Like you, most of our little family has birthdays in March and April.

    My most memorable birthday was my 31st. My dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer 2 months before but made it to celebrate my birthday. He passed away 10 days later and 9 days before my youngest and his namesake was born.

  42. My most memorable birthday was this past year…when several of my galpals threw me a surprise birthday party….and I truly WAS surprised!! Party included a blinking tiara, SLUTS T-Shirt (Southern Ladies Under Tremendous Stress), wine, etc. It was a fun time and wonderful knowing I have so many caring friends!!

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  44. Your SP10

    My friend Jen has a birthday three days before mine. A few years ago, her husband told me that he was planning a surprise birthday party for her the day before her actual birthday. My then-fiance-now-husband (and baker extraordinaire) created her cake by asking me what I thought “Jen would like.” Our group of friends was set to rendezvous at a local restaurant about half an hour before Jen was supposed to arrive. I walked through the door and saw them all assembled…and saw Jen…and saw a couple of people who were MY friends, not hers (including one who lived three hours away). I asked my out-of-town friend, “Um, what are YOU doing here?” Everyone started laughing…and it still took me about five minutes to figure out what was going on. They’d all manage to fool me and even enlisted my help in planning my own surprised birthday party! (The cake, by the way, was delicious–a lovely concoction of chocolate and raspberry and buttercream. Exactly what I would have asked for myself.)

  45. AJ

    Happy happy birthday to you and all of yours! How fun to celebrate them all so closely.

    My husband’s and mine are only five days apart and we always ring in the “new age” year together in some fun way.

    Several years ago he threw me my first surprise party!

    Six years ago on my birthday I found out baby #2 was going to be a boy!

    Good times.

  46. Happy Birthday to you all, April/May are busy for our family as well, my mom,dad,bro,fil & 2 oldest sons.

    My most memorable birthday was my eighteenth. It wasn’t the best time because we spent the day moving but I got my own room very important to an eighteen yr old girl!

  47. I spent my 18th birthday in Paris with a school trip. That was lovely. All the rest have been rather uneventful — this year I’ll be 30 and plan on having a big party.

    Happy Birthday to you!

  48. Iva

    My most memorable birthday was my 45th Birthday. My daughter was getting married and she and her fiance decided they wanted to get married on New Year’s eve which fell on a Sunday. My birthday is the 29th of Dec. which is the day we had the rehersal dinner. Her dad and I were separated and i had the whole wedding on my shoulders to accomplish. I have to say that friends, family and future inlaws pitched in and it was the most beautiful wedding that could have ever been. I did it on a shoe string and it made my birthday worth it and made me so happy as a mom, because not only did I get to give my daughter a wonderful memory, I got a son in the deal too! I love them both very much and they now how a wonderful son and my grandson is the light of my life. I learned that birthday, through all the adversity in life comes some wonderful things and that life is good, wonderful and full of love when you give of yourself. You really do receive when you give!

  49. My most memorable birthday ever . . . I’m hoping it’s yet to come. Don’t get me wrong – plenty of good ones. But I’m looking forward to more.

  50. Happy Birthday!

    Hmm. Most memorable birthday? My husband (he was the boyfriend back then!) flew down for my 21th birthday without telling me. He called me to wish me Happy Birthday and then the doorbell rang. I ignored the doorbell as I wanted to talk to the boyfriend. Finally, I dashed to the door and opened to find him on the phone!

  51. Happy Birthday to you all!

    Well I think I have had many great birthdays. But the absolute best birthday was my 27th because I was new mom. My daughter was born three weeks before my birthday. It was great to have her with me and she was/is the best gift I have ever gotten.

  52. Happy Birthday to everyone!

    My favorite birthdays would be from the summers of 1998 and 2000-2003 (I think.) I was working at a summer camp and discovered that another staffer and I had the same birthday – during the last week of camp. One of the camps traditions is that the birthday person has to run around the tables in the dining hall while everyone sings and claps a silly song, and then theres usually a dessert (depending on how much advance notice the kitchen got of the birthday, sometimes it was actual cake, other times it was cookies or whatever we could find.) by our last summer, the two of us had been thru the birthday thing about 5 times, and we had a good core group of staff that returned year after year so it was always a lot of fun.

  53. myhobbyisyarn

    My most memorable birthday was my 22nd. I started a new job–the one I’m at now–on that day, because I had forgotten it was my birthday. The job I had before was so awful, that a new job was better than celebrating anyway. My sister was also supposed to come up that day to go bridesmaid dress shopping, but there was a major snowstorm, so she didn’t come up. We ended up getting a foot of snow, and then it got really sunny out and melted. I remember that birthday much better than any of the other ones I ever had.
    Happy birthday to all of you!

  54. Dawn ;)

    ~Happy Birthday~

    I’ll join in the fun too. My most memorable birthday was my 38th which was almost 2yrs ago, though my 39th is a close second. My dh celebrated my birthday for 12 days. Each day I received a little gift from him until the day when he’d present me with the big present he’d been saving up for all year. You can read more here ~ Last year was just as wonderful, more here ~ and the kiddos and I even gave him a 7 days til his birthday because it was so much fun.

    Thx for the opportunity to share. Have an awesome day!

  55. Happy birthday to you all! I can’t say that I’ve typically had particularly memorable birthdays, although the celebration that I had with my friends when I turned 40 was GREAT! The most memorable birthday that I have lived through has to be my older son’s first birthday. (I REALLY hope that Knittybaby’s was much better!) His birthday is the end of January, so we had arranged a family birthday party for the following Saturday. All was ready, except the weather… Due to a snow storm, we re-scheduled to the next weekend, which was just as well because all three of us (husband, baby and myself) came down with stomach flu. If that wasn’t bad enough, the septic system broke… Fast foward to the following Saturday. We had the party and much fun was had by all, however, apparently baby boy was still contagious… Not exactly the sort of party favour that most people enjoy.

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  58. What a fun blog! I’m so happy I came across it. I too have two little ones, 1 and 4, and knit soakers and longies for their cloth diapers as well (it’s actually why I started knitting!).

    I have lots of birthday memories. Every year on my birthday, my aunt tells me about how on the day my mom went into labor with me, the rest of the family was at my uncle’s high school graduation ceremony. They kept calling the hospital to see if I was born and it was a very special celebration because I was the first grandchild.

    My grandmother and I were wonderfully close my entire life. The day before my 33rd birthday, I shared with her my suspicions of being pregnant, and I still so vividly remember her clapping with glee. She passed away the next day, and I am sure that she chose my birthday because that day was so special to her. She never got to meet my kids and I miss her every day.

    Oh great now I am crying. Happy to be here though!

  59. I’m going to give you a recent memorable birthday story . . .
    A couple of years ago, my DH asked where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner. I said “I want to drive to Delta for donuts.” (This is a scenic 1.5-2 hour drive from Fairbanks where I live, and yes, the donuts are good.) I spent the drive knitting myself a scarf from some yummy stash yarn and enjoying the scenery – both ways. When we got home I had donuts and a new scarf. (Yes, I did share the donuts with my DH.)

  60. My most memorable birthday was probably one when I was about 10. My birthday is October 24th, which is close to halloween, so on that special day, I was begging my mom to take me halloween costume shopping. At the time, we didn’t have a lot of extra money, so mom took me down to Goodwill so we could see if we could find something to make a costume up. When we came home, I was terribly out of sorts, because I HATED shopping there, hated looking for things, and HATED that we couldn’t go into WalMart and get one of the terrible plastic halloween costumes like everyone else LOL. My mom made me lie down, and said we’d head out again to see what we could find when I woke up – instead, though, I woke up to about 8 or so of my girlfriends who’d been invited over for a surprise party. It was really great, and it was a good way for my mom to remind me to think of the important things – even when I was just 10.

  61. I really can’t think of anything memorable. I do hope you all had very happy birthdays!!

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