More WIP

I’m so annoyed that I have no batteries. We always have batteries in this house and I can’t find any right now. I will be sure to pick up some this weekend so I can finally show you photos of Jennifer’s awesome Fiber Flix swap package. I am loving it and having a hard time not casting on and adding to the 4 pairs of socks I have on the needles. Thank you so, so much Jennifer for all the cool stuff! I promise I will show it off to everyone soon!

I also sent off six packages today. Jennifer’s for Fiber Flix, the Summer Dishcloth Swap, SP10, squares for Warming Grace, and more prizes from the Knitter’s Coffee Swap.

In the meantime, I’ve got another surprise WIP for you. It’s the Silk Lace Scarf from the Stitch and Bitch page a day calendar in Lisa Souza silk. You see, I have actually been knitting!
Lace Silk Scarf

This will be a gift for the doula who attended both boy’s births. (say that five times fast). I’m halfway done.

Other excitement:

I got my Ravelry invite. Because I need more to do. (That place is awesome. It is also a major time sucker. That’s why my Bloglines says I have 536,896 updates to read.)

In one week we will be at Estes!



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8 responses to “More WIP

  1. Would you like me to loan you Hysterical Mind for a day? She is adamant about battery purchases and will not let us pass a display without buying them. She is the same way with light bulbs…

    That scarf is yummy! Such a lucky doula!

  2. Oh, pretty scarf! Hee hee – sounds like me going to the post office last Monday! See ya in Estes!

  3. Have fun in Estes. Consider me extremely jealous.

  4. Rechargeable batteries, man! I got a package of 8AA and 2AAA plus a charger for $25 or so, possibly at the evil W store… rechargeables are getting much cheaper and there’s not so much worry about getting them to the hazardous waste disposal or recycling place.

    Love the scarf! And I hope you have a great time at Estes!

  5. Gotta get those last minute swaps taken care of, yea? Estes? Nice.

  6. Your SP10 *LOVED* her packages!! Check your secret email for my mobile number so we can meet up at Estes and I can thank you in person!

  7. You just reminded me that I forgot to get batteries yeasterday. Love the scarf

  8. Have a great trip, your scarf looks awesome!

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