More goodies

Finally, I’ve got some batteries and can show off my Fiberflix swap package from Jennifer. This is such a fun box of goodies!


Look at all the great stuff! The movie, “Brick” is a thriller I’ve been hoping to see and of course it has a bad girl in it, hence the kickin’ bad girl themed package. I totally love all this stuff: The yarn is “bad girl” from the Lavender Sheep; I can’t wait to knit this up! I also got soem yummy truffles, the chili pepper project bag, fun jelly bracelets, skin spread from Clever Girl, and a journal.

Thank you so much Jennifer for being such a great swap partner!!! I totally love this package:-).

Two more days until we leave for Estes and a million things to do. Any good suggestions on traveling 14 hours with two small boys??



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8 responses to “More goodies

  1. Chris

    My kids are 10 and 12 now, but when they were little, we kept an eye out for McDonald’s or Burger Kings with a play center (they rarely ate, we just got something to drink). Also stopped at every rest stop to explore the park. Amazing what some climbing and jumping does to sooth their little souls. Slow and steady wins the race! Lots of books on tape and picture books from the library as well.

  2. Oooo Estes! I want to come! Have a great trip.

    Glad you enjoy the package. 🙂

  3. Well, we did the drive to Yellowstone three summers ago (ages 7 and 12) – my approach is probably a little different then yours. We had Harry Potter on tape and CD, we also had a laptop along with DVDs of some of the kids’ movies. Also, my youngest learned to read playing Pokemon – so we had some Gameboys along for the ride. Believe it or not, they actually get bored with the Gameboys as quickly as anything else. The older son was in charge of the map and the nature guides. We also had a National Monument Passport (available at National Park stores) so at any of the National Monuments you can get your Passport stamped. We’ve also done two summer driving trips to the South Dakota Black Hills area. My kids love the Black Hills and the Badlands in particular.

  4. 14 hours? Yikes! Say hi to Chris for me.

  5. Sarah

    We’ve got a trip planned in a couple of weeks to Estes YMCA camp, too! AND we’ve got an 18 month old and a 3.5 year old, too! I’ll be checking back to see what suggestions your commenters have left.

    We’ve got several “new” small toys, “new” books, and crayons and paper packed for the trip, as well as audiobooks loaded onto the ipod. We also included the Mary Poppins soundtrack (always a favorite). Even though we’re not big movie watchers, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting one of those portable DVD players and bringing Mary Poppins and Mister Rodgers along, too. I’m not sure how desperate I’m feeling. We’re also planning on making it a two-day trip and stopping at a hotel with a pool so we can make the long trip a little more bearable. I’m also planning a small cooler full of healthy snacks so we don’t have to burden our bodies with too much restaurant food (particularly the kind you get from a drive-thru).

  6. What a fabulous package!!! Enjoy!

    I hate to admit this, being an teacher and parenting educator and all…I probably should be advocating brain-building games. But, I have to admit, the portable dvd players are really a godsend on long trips.

  7. I think you guys have already left, but we just got back from 2000 miles in 3 days each way and it was portable DVD player that made it happen! And a 7″ dual screen was actually cheaper than spreading the travel over four days, which would have been two extra hotel stays.

  8. Sarah

    This has nothing to do with your post, but I was wondering how you’ve been liking your Curly Purly soakers that you’ve knit. I knit a couple pairs myself and I’ve been liking them a lot, though I’ve started seeing the value in having ties at the waist.

    Also, do you cloth diaper when you travel?

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